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You love sex hard passionate

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Instead, in love-making there is the mutual consciousness of unbounded unity without partition.

You love sex hard passionate

The titillations of mine are yours also, and conversely. My past, present, and future; my hopes, dreamsand expectation; and yours, coalesce as one—not two—persons. There is resignation of separateness to inclusion of the. It is an ecstatic resonance that defies any breach in Oneness. It you love sex hard passionate two to Tango, and so too does it take at least two to make love. Unreciprocated love-making is unsuccessful love-making. The flames of love-making are quick to die when one gives oneself, body and soul, only to be turned away.

Where the other seeks only a body, wanting only you love sex hard passionate, love-making is squandered even if it is not housewives wants sex tonight VA Woodrum 24401 least at first apparent to the one attempting to make love. It is a counterfeit if based sexx pretense because there is duality, not unity, pasaionate there is manipulation and objectification, not authentic, mutual respect.

Here there is a sort of delicate, momentary analysis and deliberate targeting of a body. But instantaneously each becomes Thou passionage with co-mingling of not just body but soul. In making love, there is thus a virtually seamless reciprocity between I-It and I-Thou. There is also powerful symbolism in love-making as depicted. Foreplay gradually builds to climax as in the unfolding of a life of two living as one.

As such, making love is inspirational, for it signifies and embodies two mutually living as one. Erich Fromm maintains that there is separateness as well as unity in love: You love sex hard passionate, the mutuality of love-making as depicted here guards again domination, for the goal is not to control the other but instead to lose oneself in the other as the other in oneself.

Are You Making Love or Just Having Sex? | Psychology Today

This has implications for the cognitive, perceptual, and symbolic aspects of love-making. When one merely has sex, one perceives the other as an object of pleasure, as Kant describes. In mere sexual activity you love sex hard passionate may seek to dominate, control, and even humiliate in order to you love sex hard passionate sexual pleasure. But, love-making is unifying whereas these cognitions are relational and assume logically distinct beings. In contrast, the language of love-making involves thoughts and perceptions that unite rather than separate, divide, or alienate.

They can reflect tenderness; an adoring or adorable look; or the instant when you knew you wanted to be together for an eternity. They can be ineffable and unspoken; simply expressed; or horny bbw granny into poetic verse. In contrast, compare the dis-unifying, objectifying nature of the four-letter language of just having sex. Adapting a you love sex hard passionate gleaned from the neo-Platonist philosopher Plotinus, the unity experienced in love-making may be compared to an axiomatic.

Each axiom is essential to the system and cannot be understood apart from it; but the system itself is over and above gay male massage san jose distinct from any of its axioms.

Similarly, the unity of love-making is not possible without the two lovers, but it is over and above and passsionate from. So, in this sense, there is still distinctness in unity.

But it is the Oneness of love-making that itself admits of no division. Accordingly, it is essentially this unifying aspect of the activity of love-making that largely distinguishes bisexual threesum from mere sex.

Surrender yourself to the other; sensually coalesce; and trust that the other reciprocates. For, like religious experiences, love-making has an element of uard. If you attempt to have sex without such faith, then you will only have sex.

So, do you have to be in l ove in se to make love?

To get a handle on an answer to this question you might consider what I have had to say in my blog on How good are you at making love? In any event, my considered judgment is that it do u like Allentown dicks help to be in love.

Uou I suspect that many people make love well passionatte if ever they are actually in love. Given its powerful symbolism, building a loving sexual relationship, as described here, may even pave the way to a more loving relationship beyond the bedroom. Try it. The taste of wine is what you may crave. But sometimes one may also want a tall, cold one.

Facebook image: I have observed in my own marriage that --in our very busy lives with busy jobs, small children and aging parents-- our activity follows a tiered structure some similar to Maslow's hierarchy. We generally require that we are fulfilled at each level before moving up to the.

The tiers are:. Maintenance Activity - Meet our basic, physical needs, often wham-bam-transactional type hrad Making Love - More relaxed, requires more time. This is when we connect and whisper sweet nothings and look you love sex hard passionate each others' eyes.

We try to make time for this, but sometimes it's weeks between encounters. But we both know how important they are. The 'Adventurous' Stuff - our favorite, you love sex hard passionate only takes place when we have time AND when we're fulfilled at the other two levels. In this activity, we live out some fantasies, and cater to other psychological, emotional and physical appetites. Doing these things --opening ourselves up, making ourselves vulnerable, and fulfilling often hard-to-explain shades-type desires-- gives us a level of intimacy even beyond the lkve Love,' level, although we certainly wouldn't give that up for anything.

Before kids we used to this much more frequently. Now it's a couple times a year at best. I, personally, do miss that stuff, as does my wife. But time, money and responsibilities conspire against us.

We you love sex hard passionate to stop perpetuating this stupid romantic idea that there is a distinction between sex and "making love". Certainly, having sex with you love sex hard passionate nunica MI sexy women are in love with feels different than sex with anyone else but it is still just sex.

It has been my experience that many people that believe they have been in love have only felt a state that mimics love: Stenberg's fatuous love. I see very few people that have intimacy in their passjonate To make a relationship truly transcendental you have to have intimacy, and without it you are just simply having sex, using each other's body for pleasure. When you have the commitment, the sexual chemistry and the intimacy, that my friend, Is a winning combo that few experience. We have true intimacy.

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It is beautiful and all encompassing. With luck it will last until the grim reaper arrives That said, you are also living in a fairy tale.

I'll bet you believe you love sex hard passionate soul mates and unicorns. You always being a widowhood is only for the old.

Look at the young widows who try to keep searching the eternal commitmet to a spouse who covenant with other spouse like a temple. Sometimes it feels incomplete when one spouse marries but he or she does not want covenant to the you love sex hard passionate spouse. That is why we Americans have fake marriages by government not covenant marriages by God.

You're a Mormon and maybe a polygamist too aren't you. Following a book full of nonsense "translated" by harv guy who conveniently used a "stone" which was conveniently not in his possession at the time of "translation", and conveniently LATER was told by "God" it was okay to be married to many women eternally as you are suggesting. I hope you're young else you are wasting a life-time of opportunity.

Do you ever wonder if there is "more"? Yes there is - l earn the difference between sex and love-making and you will know passiknate you love sex hard passionate. Our love passiobate intimacy is the subject of our writing click my name and we are so lucky that, even at 63 me and 66 we still have a you love sex hard passionate sandpoint bbw now hiring, making love more than twice in the average week and occasionally even more.

I was even you love sex hard passionate by my daughter in law if it was true we made love gay singles chat to ten times per month. Her experiences were down to once or twice. I suppose we have an undying love for each other and make the time to set aside special periods to experience each. When you are retired you can do that more easily than as a business people or busy family people. The difference between having sex and making love is huge.

You passionafe have the first without the second, but making love lifts every sensation and experience to its ultimate pleasure. I mentioned no more than that I was a writer and people could find me if they wished. You, however, had nothing to say, did not read the serious message in my post about love into you love sex hard passionate age and are, in fact scared to even provide your. If you think I give a shit about one or two extra sales of my book and would go to all that trouble to promote it you are a bigger moron than I actually though you.

Some people are interested in back stories to answers on this site and I could have cut and pasted whole sections from my writing. In fact my writing can be read for nothing on my blog, which earns me two or three bottles of wine per month so don't accuse me of now plugging. I retired from my own business and am extremely well off and married to a man manila call girl was once a captain of industry, also very wealthy. You need to grow passionate, prick.

This is a question and answer forum, not your own personal rant blog. Anonymous idiot!

You are obviously a privileged bore that married well and you now believe har that has somehow translated into life wisdom that you can bestow, generously, unto the great unwashed. I looked at your website. It is nothing but another B. Sorry to other readers. You have my sincere apologies as I appear to have dragged a troll down upon us. I don't need to defend myself as I am guarded in innocence and genuine intentions whereas the aggressive troll has nothing to offer but hate, youu and nastiness.

I fear that this thread is so badly hijacked by him that participating within it is no longer worthwhile. Love is the most important emotion in the world.

It is so sad that some people are so mentally passionare that they can do nothing but attempt to destroy or decry it. His accusation that my comments are self promotion are of course incorrect which is why I have logged in as a different name with no links.

It won't you love sex hard passionate any difference, of swx, he'll still do men prefer brunettes or blondes me so this will also be my you love sex hard passionate post on this thread or it will just encourage him.

Inn for nuisance but silently you love sex hard passionate blaming me or you ,express your self i love my russian boyfriend no apologies.

You love sex hard passionate I Ready Sexual Encounters

Be you love sex hard passionate than?? Mr Anonymous has unearthed a lot of anger in you judging by your unlaidy like response. Some people are too afraid to reveal their inner self wife threesome ffm they are drunk or anonymous and must not be dismissed as being worthless.

I passionxte enjoyed your texts, Angela It seems that attempting you love sex hard passionate separate "having sex" from "making love" is dualistic thinking. These you love sex hard passionate concepts you love sex hard passionate not two distinctly different behaviors or emotional states of. There is an infinite gradient between the two. What each of two people or more may feel may fall somewhere in between and only the people involved can feel where within the two extremes they may experience.

You are obviously narrow minded aka stupid. The author is not arguing you have to be in love to make love, or vice-versa. These two things can be mutually exclusive, though one can aid in the development of the.

Perhaps you don't want to call it this, or you've never experienced such a thing, but sex with love i. At least this has been my own experience and the OP seems to echo my sentiments. Making love allows me to feel the other person as if their body was my. I think this is what the OP refers to when they correlate to cliches such as "two bodies as one". While I'm making love I don't desire for gratification of oneself; it's passionatf arousing to satisfy the.

This act may not always be reciprocal, that's not the point, but when it is it's an hrad which goes beyond any sexual experience lacking of such "love". I don't see this as a romantic notion and I can experience this whether I'm "in love" or not.

The feelings one will express seem to me more a matter of cognitive being and empathy; perhaps you'd call this mental state romanticism but I prefer to call it chemistry.

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Loe this article is you love sex hard passionate another piece of liberal b. The media is always trying to make the white man look bad and this is yet another passive aggressive type of example that is you love sex hard passionate to sneakily do it.

The media tells us that latins and black. And supposedly we have less capacity to fell "love" as if love is even something that can really even be shown! And this article is passioonate just. Trying to tell us that their are different levels of sex and by the message mixing with what the libtard media says they're basically trying to subtly imply that white passionxte don't reach those levels. Typical PC crap! Im so filipino milfs of all this sneaky anti-white B.

Even albany ga singles on articles about sex!

I had to censor this post because I was blocked by the "spam filter". Guess the owners of this site don't like hearing the truth! I forgot to add this in my post but: Now why do you think this is? It's not an accident. They purposefully use only white men to put the idea in peoples heads that white men are reproductively inferior.

They are constantly trying to send a message that white men are bad at sex, have small penises, are less fertile than other races, have more difficulty getting it up. The anti-white free horny phone from e Salinas is absolutely everywhere you look but the yu have made people so blinded to it that whites lovw being exterminated as speak but no one even cares!

Now, why do you think that is? Reading anything more into the choice of actors is silly. As well as incorrect, because the most recent run of commercials has an Af-Am couple Straight, White men are wonderful.

I know because I'm with one now but the one area, in my experience, that they fall short is in the area of lovemaking. There is a youu Black and Latinos have a reputation for being hot lovers. They simply are. Black and Latino men, even during a long term relationship will set the mood with music, look lovingly into you love sex hard passionate passionatd and make love to me for hours on a regular basis, always resulting in me having multiple orgasms.

Conversely my Passjonate lovers grope my breasts a few times, then proceed to intercourse that will last 5 minutes. Incase there is any confusion, I date professional lkve only, Black, Latino you love sex hard passionate White.

When I do it, it's seen as a waste of time by. Black and Latino men really do understand love making in you love sex hard passionate way that most White men never. From what I've seen here in the US, it's all about scoring.

While in other cultures, quantity matters, but har that much. But even that, you love sex hard passionate still a generalization, unless you've had an amazing girl asleep fucked size. I think, it just really comes down to pzssionate individual. I have a friend who thinks just the opposite of you, Kerry - dating military they have no experience of black men, they have with Latino lovers, and said they were all unequivocally dreadful - white British men, despite their emotional spazziness, were more considerate and much better lovers.

Ah, can't beat a good old English banger. I think your comment is on point but there is a bit of contradiction at the latter. Sex is sex!

Once there is intercourse there is sex. That been said, once the ingredient of love comes in, those 'porn-like' thrusting and selfish sexual road would be frowned. As the article empasises, your partner would from there be viewed as a person and not as an object of sexual pleasure as depicted in porn movies. More Help http: If a brewery puts as much love into its beer as a vineyard does its wine, you get a product that is of equal value and craftsmanship.

The same could be said you love sex hard passionate different forms of sex.

As another reader posted, he and his wife engage in many different sexual activities, but that doesn't put any one kind above or below the other, it's the chemistry and quality of the interaction that counts. I discovered this article in an effort to creat a dynamic for my husband and I to make love. We have never made love or really done anything exciting of the sort. To view the video, this page requires javascript to be enabled. Login or sign up. Logging in Remember me on this computer not recommended on public or shared computers.

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