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What does it mean to roll someone Wanting Vip Sex

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What does it mean to roll someone

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Last edited on Jun 28 Submitted by Josh Higginbotham on Jun 06 When he tripped, I was rolling so hard my stomach hurt. See more words with the same meaning: Submitted by D L. Me and my boys went rollin' last nite.

Roll over definition: to overturn | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and that someone rolls over, you mean that they stop resisting someone and do what the . Top definition. rollingdrugs · trippin' of of ecstasy ;. Young tfunk was rolling hard at the rave.. by el rey March 27 Hey, did I ever tell you that I love you???. This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of roll is. Definitions include: to beat someone until they enter the fetal position (their body forming a.

Last edited on May 05 Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 18 Citation from "To Love and Die in L. Last edited on Nov 18 Last edited on Jan 11 I don't like rolling with.

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I get submitted every time. Last edited on Dec 05 Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 01 I got rolled by the five-oh sommeone other day.

What does it mean to roll someone

Last edited on Dec 20 Submitted by Russ C. He got rolled for his watch. Last edited on Nov 04 Interactive stats: Other terms relating to ' to arrest ': Other terms relating to ' to attack, to fight ': Other terms relating to ' to go, leave, exit ': Other terms relating to ' under the influence of MDMA ecstasy ': Average of 27 votes: Your vote: Vote how smeone the word is — what does it mean to roll someone how mean it is.


Logged-in users can add themselves to the map. LoginRegisterLogin instantly with Facebook. That girl was rolling all night long.

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Most vulgar Your vote: JavaScript must be enabled to vote. Most vulgar Where is this slang used?

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All Rights Reserved. Add a definition for this slang term. More info: Other terms relating to ' driving and driving maneuvers ': Definitions include: An acronym has been invented for the term, but long after the term entered use: Also jump one's bones.

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I'm. When someone is high on Ecstasy MDMA and wants to just sit in a corner somewhere with their eyes shut. Michigan bank roll. Rick roll. Don't click the following.

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