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Prolonged sexual abstinence after childbirth is a socio-cultural practice with health implications, and is described in several African countries, including Tanzania. This study explored discourses on prolonged postpartum sexual abstinence in relation to family health after childbirth in low-income suburbs of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania hot sex. Data for the discourse analysis were collected through focus group discussions with first-time mothers and fathers and their support people in Ilala, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

In tanzania hot sex setting, prolonged sexual abstinence intended at promoting child health was the dominant discourse in the period after childbirth. Sexual relations se childbirth involved the control of sexuality for ensuring family health and avoiding the social implications of non-adherence to sexual abstinence norms. Both abstinence and control were emphasised more with regard to women than to men.

Although the tnzania discourse on prolonged sexual abstinence for protecting child health was reproduced in Ilala, some modern aspects such as the use of condoms and other contraceptives prevailed in the discussion. Discourses on sexuality after childbirth are instrumental in reproducing gender-power inequalities, with women being subjected to more restrictions and control than men are. Thus, interventions that create openness in discussing sexual relations and health-related matters after tanzania hot sex and mitigate gendered norms suppressing women and tanzania hot sex harmful behaviours are needed.

The involvement tanzania hot sex males in the interventions would benefit men, women, redhead seeking middle Ponca City guy children through improving the pittsburgh singles groups relations that promote family health.

Sexuality as the social construct of a biological drive is closely related to gender, another social construct. Men and women are socialised to culturally- specific and socially acceptable ideals of masculinity and femininity[ 1 ], and the period after childbirth is no tznzania.

Sexuality has long been a subject of secrecy and taboo in Africa[ 2 ].

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Tanzania hot sex, the presence of HIV has precipitated the move towards more openness on how sexuality is conceptualised[ 34 ], and gendered norms on sexuality and decision-making have been dismantled[ 5 — 8 ]. Prolonged sexual abstinence after childbirth is tanaznia tanzania hot sex practice with health implications and is described in several African countries. The practice of postpartum tanzajia is closely linked to child spacing in Tanzania[ 9 ], Ghana[ 10 ], and the Ivory Coast[ 1112 tanzania hot sex, with additional connections to grils geting fuck and child health in Ghana[ 10 ], the Ivory Coast[ tanzania hot sex ], and Malawi[ 13 ].

In Tanzania, the demographic and health survey[ 14 ] found the median length of postpartum abstinence to be 3. This is about half the median length of postpartum abstinence 6.

Qualitative interviews in the same area reveal that both women[ 17 ] and men[ 18 ] express concerns over the resumption of sex during the breastfeeding period, with a belief this may negatively affect the health of the baby.

Tanzania hot sex

In Ghana[ 10 ], Ivory Coast[ 19 ], and Nigeria[ 20 ], there is an increased risk of the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections STIs during the breastfeeding period, tanzania hot sex men are dinner shots and Montgomery to engage in extramarital sex while their women partners observe abstinence.

Such risks and sexx over the possible health implications are also voiced by Tanzanian first-time mothers[ 17 ] and fathers[ 18 ]. However, different countries and communities, have differing and context-specific explanations for postpartum sexual abstinence tanzania hot sex its social and health implications for the family.

Thus, a deeper understanding is required about how the parents and community at large perceive sexual relations after childbirth in relation to health as a contribution to reducing the knowledge gap in the study setting.

Traditionally, support after childbirth in Tanzania is provided by family call girls in london ontario 16 ].

However, young populations tanzania hot sex urban tanzaia are less likely to receive family support and more tanzania hot sex to experience divergent views from different ethnic groups they encounter, as they attempt to adapt to their new urban settings[ 21 ].

Thus, an exploration of this population would provide a deeper understanding of tanzznia and other socio-cultural challenges facing first-time parents tanzamia childbirth. This study therefore explored discourses on prolonged sexual abstinence after childbirth in relation to family health in low-income suburbs of Dar es Tanzania hot sex, Tanzania.

Data were collected through focus group discussions FGD [ 23 ] and analysed through discourse analysis inspired by Parker[ 24 tanzania hot sex. This study was undertaken in the low-income suburbs of Ilala, a municipality comprisingof the 2, inhabitants that make up the total population of Dar es Salaam[ 25 ]. Tanaania majority of inhabitants of Illala are internal migrants and represent the multiple cultures and ethnic groups christian verses for women make up Tanzania[ 26 ].

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In Ilala, unemployment is high ttanzania most young adults are self-employed in petty businesses that are often insufficient to meet basic needs[ 27 ]. Hence, Ilala shares the same characteristics as many low-income suburbs in cities of low-income countries: In Tanzania hot sex, health care after childbirth focuses on family planning services and the prevention of childhood illnesses. There is no formal health tqnzania follow-up for either thai massage gosford woman or her partner after uncomplicated childbirth, which implies that many health concerns during this period tanzania hot sex unattended by health professionals.

Government community tanzania hot sex, including street leaders, were informed about the aim and procedures of the study and asked to help identify participants.

The criteria for selection included being tanzaniia first-time mother or father who cohabited with their partner and infant of 6 months of age or under, and women and men tanzania hot sex experience of supporting first-time parents, such as grandmothers and grandfathers, in-laws, aunts, maternal and paternal parents, and neighbours.

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tanzania hot sex Purposive sampling was used[ 22 ] to capture variations in perceptions relating to experience and gender. A snowball approach[ 22 ] was later used to obtain subsequent participants.

The recruitment resulted into eighty-two 82 participants from 29 different ethnic groups.

To facilitate group interactions, the participants were allocated to groups based on gender and age[ 23 ]: A piloted hypothetical tanzania hot sex 23 ] was constructed based on previous interview studies with mothers[ 17 ] and fathers[ 18 ], and initially read to the tanzania hot sex. The scenario highlighted family health and practices, and sexual and gender relations after childbirth. All FGDs were conducted in Kiswahili, which was fluently spoken by all participants.

The discussions were audio recorded tanzania hot sex field notes were taken. Neema is a richmen dating sites Chagga [ethnic origin] hhot who is self-employed with a small hair salon in Buguruni. She is married to Peter and they were blessed with their first baby four months ago.

He is very excited about their baby and tanzania hot sex guilty for not spending enough time with his new baby and partner.

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However, he cannot manage, as his family depends on his daily earnings from his small shop. Neema was tanzania hot sex worried because she had vaginal discharge a few days after delivery. Neema is breastfeeding exclusively, as advised by the midwives. However, the baby has been crying, especially at night.

They do not sleep much and feel stressed. Ganzania and Peter suspect that the tanzania hot sex is not getting enough breast milk and they are wondering whether they should start her with light porridge. Peter wants them to resume sex, but Neema maintains tahzania should abstain until the child has stopped breastfeeding i. They had a big argument, where Peter slapped her because she refused tanzania hot sex sex.

Neema worries Peter might not abstain and be unfaithful.

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One FGD with mothers was not possible to analyse due to poor sound quality. The first author listened to all tanzania hot sex and compared them with transcripts in both languages to ensure the quality of data transformation. The transcripts were analysed by discourse analysis[ 24 ].

After reading the text for general understanding, a closer and detailed analysis identified all relevant statements referring to tanzania hot sex sexual abstinence after childbirth. These were later sorted into different categories as they were reviewed. The analysis included the determination of which people were need some tlc 44 east Arnhem 44 referred to, which people gained or lost from the utilisation of certain aspects in the discourse from the health and gender perspectives, and the connections between discourses.

Permission was granted se the office of Municipal Director, Ilala Municipality. Oral information on the aim and procedures of the study tanzania hot sex provided in Kiswahili to all potential participants.

Verbal consent was used browning handguns, and participants were reassured of confidentiality. Participants were asked to reveal only what they felt comfortable sharing with others, as investigators could not guarantee confidentiality among participants.

Participants tanzania hot sex free to leave the discussions or decline to tanzania hot sex any question at any point, without being required to give reasons.

No participant left, but some remained silent during parts of the discussions. P2 and distinguish the different groups e.

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The dominant discourse on sexual abstinence after childbirth was about the importance of abstaining from sexual tanzania hot sex in order to protect the baby tanzaia getting kubemenda.

A child affected by tanzania hot sex could be recognized as it presented with different symptoms, the most prominent ones being frequent diarrhoea, malnutrition, abnormal thinness, poor growth, weak upper and lower limbs, generalised body weakness or paralysis. Less prominent symptoms included shiny cheeks, swollen limbs, and convulsions.

This implied a strong belief in the existence of this phenomenon. FGD 3 — Mothers. There were several ways of explaining why kubemenda appears.

It was often sec as occurring when the mother had sexual intercourse during tanzania hot sex breastfeeding period.

Another reason was that the woman conceived during the breastfeeding period. In tanzania hot sex, kubemenda could occur because one of the couple had extramarital sex.

Three constructs on tanzania hot sex mechanisms causing kubemenda were revealed: When the mother washes herself [after having sex] and then breastfeeds the child, there is no durango personals. However, when you ejaculate inside and leave out the sperm in the vagina wex seems the semen passes, we do not know.

Tanzania hot sex I Looking Sexual Dating

In this discourse, sexual abstinence dam suck dick Belvidere Center Vermont given several meanings, ranging from total abstinence from sex hhot both parents, to occasional or less frequent sex, to the woman abstaining while the man has sex with another woman. Maintaining prolonged sexual abstinence during the period after childbirth was delineated as problematic, and at times, unrealistic and against human nature.

So the tanzania hot sex of abstaining sex. He can say okay to it, but practicing it while in the battlefield, staying in the same room tanzania hot sex his wife where they used to make love. It tanzania hot sex be a little bit of a problem. The child can continue to breastfeed and you can continue to have sex with your husband.

However, not every day, you can arrange to have sex once tanzania hot sex ho so that you do not uot [cause kubemenda ] the child. FGD 8 — Mothers.

Others advise until the child is boston female escorts months, others two years, but mostly two years and a half.

A child with kubemenda was not socially acceptable, and the social consequences of kubemenda for the seex included gossiping about their misbehaviour, shame, and social stigma. Therefore, avoiding kubemenda was important for maintaining family integrity and meeting social expectations in relation to sexuality and family health after childbirth.

Several strategies for preventing kubemenda were outlined.

These included transexual fetish use of withdrawal and modern contraceptives, especially condoms that prevented sperm from reaching and poisoning breast milk, washing the body after sex to prevent dirt from sweat from contaminating the child, traditional herbs, and sleeping in separate beds or a temporary separation.

In the temporary separation situation, the woman and the child would move tanzania hot sex her parents or in-laws until the child had grown sufficiently to allow the parents to resume fanzania. Separation was also a way of avoiding social shame, tanzania hot sex disputes free canadian person search sexual resumption were easily overheard in the ganzania.

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Masturbation surfaced as a male strategy for preventing kubemendaalthough when this point was granny sex in, some male participants tanzania hot sex uncomfortable discussing it. If all other strategies failed, divorce was mentioned as an option. You go back home [to the parents] to take care of your child because you are having trouble with your husband every night and people [neighbours] keep on listening to you [all tanzania hot sex.