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Dear….what would you write?

16 Jan

There seems to be more activity on many websites regarding the infamous today, and along with many others I actually received some mail from my personal manager. (remember that I’m a bright spark that in the attempt to gather info about them, I actually signed up for a 7 day trial…)

As ever, the folks at Semalt don’t say anything much, but this is what they wrote.

Hello, Will Grundy!
My name is Alex and I’m your personal manager.

I would like to tell you how to make your business more profitable using Semalt.

Please, feel free to contact me.


Best regards,
Alex Andrianov
Senior Sales Manager on Semalt

Skype: Alex.Semalt

Me on: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

So, as the mail says, feel free to contact him, so I thought I’d send him a message back just to see if we can wean some info out of them and their master plan (probably…possibly…)

I thought that you dear blog readers, would like to see what I sent, and as soon as I receive the reply, I will pop the contents here for you all to enjoy!

Hello Alex, thankyou for your email regarding the very mysterious Semalt.
First of all, what I’d like to say is that when I write this email, I do so not just for me, but for many others in this situation. This is in regards to the suspicious referral locations from your company to our various small blog sites, given with a URL extension of competitors review.
Why have our sites been visited by your company in the first place? Are we being monitered for some bizarre reason? Just what is your companies intent?
I don’t mean to come across as seeming uncouth, nor some kind of conspiracy theorist, but many of our blogging community and beyond have some bad ideas about your intentions and to be frank, think your whole ethos with the seemingly clandestine way you leave hardly any trace of real info about Semalt, really stinks.
Before you think that I still might be interested about whatever subscription services for SEO or whatever, please stop there, to quote from the movies: “These aren’t the droids your looking for…”, which incidentally leads me to the next question.
Many of us out here in blogland and blogtopia have surmised that these extra hits from semalt are actually bots (up to no good is the impression) but please tell me what exactly is causing these hits from your location to our blogs, since you are my business manager (or whatever you call it) and since I was kind enough to sign up to your site to satisfy my morbid curiosity in the first place, I do think I (we) do deserve a proper explanation to why we have all been targeted and regarded as “competitors”.
I mean, I would be extremely flattered to think that my humble weblog would be considered “competition” in the first place, and feel free to butter up my ego as much as you like, providing you give us as much information as you possibly can! I don’t wan’t any apologies, but it would be nice. Just think of it like this. At the moment there is jack about your company available on the web. This leads to a lot of confusion and misinformation about what it is that you lot really do.
now, there’s a hell of a lot of web users, bloggers and webmasters starting to speculate that you are actually some sinister force, spying on us or harvesting data from our sites, and so forth. Indeed you could be the antichrist for all we know! But seriously, this is because of the way you operate coupled with the fact, this is the weird wild web, and that your “webface” is akin to the men in black, or some kind of freaky stalker. Good business practice? All your going to get is a bad reputation your going to get for making people paranoid. Especially as it seems to be many bloggers your pissing off. It’ll all end in tears I tell ya’, so with that in mind, I will say that this email/letter is one that will publically be shared between our community.
So, with that, I guess that your bright enough to at least send me back some “proper official” explanation of what’s transpired, and some basic company details (seriously, I want to see them) and your business mission statement, what it is you exactly offer etc. Plus a reason that why these things aren’t publically available in the first place if you are indeed a real bonafide business, and obviously the competitors review explanation.
Failure to supply the aforementioned info, will just add another nail to the tomb of semalt (trust me, since you started visiting our sites, you’ve just been digging a hole and filling in the foundations!) and that any of you there can’t explain yourselves, and/or be involved in dodgy activities that none of us would want to be involved in.
Think of me as some kind of unofficial legal representative for the blog community, or even better a private detective, no wait….can I be a bounty hunter? I friggin love Dog the bounty hunter, so yeah, think of me as Blog the bounty hunter!! (Ok, so I digress, but us bloggers are just like investigative journalists, it only takes one thing to get viral and youse’ lot will end up covered in little bits of semalt if we don’t get a satisfactory answer.)
Please, get back to me as soon as is possible, like I said, failure to reply will be classed as refusal to comply (refusal+ignorance=guilt) and do no end of damage to your company and individuals involved. If you need to pass this on to someone in your company higher up the chain, if you feel that you are unable to answer it yourself, but rest assured a polite brush off will not deter us from finding out eventually!
Yours quite seriously (putting aside my sarcasm)
PS. Semalt is a crap name. It reminds me of a salt and vinegar type condiment (SEa salt & MALT vinegar) If that was your original intention, that’s fine. It’s still crap though!

I live in hope of a reply, the more entertaining the better in my mind, but I’ll probably be getting a “polite fuck off” to be fair! Any letter or email I write to complain, or similar, tends to end up slightly crazy, but hey, I think it gets my message across!

Also dear fellow affected bloggers, here you have an opportunity to get your side across too, please do send the folks at semalt an email telling them what you think of them, I love the idea that if enough people spam them with complaints they will be forced to show their cards and we will see if they were indeed the evil conspirators we thought, or just a new start up trying to make their way in the interwebs.

Stay tuned for more semalt related fun and games!!

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The Problem with Semalt is…What f#*k is it?

3 Jan


Over these few days, according to my stats here on wordpress, I have been receiving visits from a referrer by the name of

So why the big deal? Well, not that I’m too bothered, more curious than anything really, I thought I’d click on the link just to see why the link mentions that this is something to do with competitors. That really got me thinking who the hell would be classing my meagre blog as competition. I’m not saying I’m just a small time blogger and not worth bothering about, no, but lets think about it, any blogger worth his (or her) salt would at least investigate just where their additional hits were coming from.

As I said, the link mentions competitors review ( as you can see, so I decide to investigate the reason behind who or what could be checking up on this site, you hear all sorts of stuff nowadays, about how the NSA or various world governments or organisations stealing data or snooping on us. The only problem is, there’s fuck all real info about it when you search about for this “semalt”, what it is or does. The link just lead me to a landing page. Dodgy methinks. Couple this with the increase of spam comments caught by the spam filters (about 86 or so in the last couple of days) and this is looking even more shady.

This mystery even had me sign up on a 7 day trial, just so I could try and wean some explanation as to why the added hits, and why this site even considered me as competition (It is nice to think that I could ever be classed as real blog worthy competition, but realistically there were always going to be another reason!) but, alas this still didn’t help much other than discover that this was some crappy SEO bot/engine type of thing for site analysis.

As I delved more into more searching, I discovered that I was not the only one to have been visited by this crawler, this blog post over on JM Mcdonnald’s blog here reveals that my blog is not the only one beset by this mystery, as lots of other small scale bloggers on not only wordpress, but other platforms have been crawled by this semalt too.

So, just for the record, I’d like to throw it out there and ask the blogging community who might be reading this, have you had this happening too? Or at the chance of actually getting anywhere with discovering what exactly is this nefarious(?) semalt thingy?

Please, let me know if you can help out get to the bottom of this, and any info gained, I can pass on the news and maybe put some of the more paranoid members of the blogsphere sleep a little better, knowing that they aren’t being hacked or such (Or are we all actually being set up for a hack or worse, in that case it’ll make matters worse!)

Maybe it’s just a big scheme to make everyone aware of semalt, in that sense, they might be right on the money…

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