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New Release: 100 Last Will & Testament Inheritances for all fantasy RPGs

24 May

Back with another of this month’s releases, 100 Last Will & Testament Inheritances for all fantasy RPGs

Get your copy by clicking here to go to the product page:–Testament-Inheritances-for-all-fantasy-RPGs

Don’t forget to check out our first scenario release too, “The Witch’s Daughter” out now!

I’ll be back later with another Skulltaliser update!!


Coming Soon: Grinning Skull’s first adventure module, The Witch’s Daughter!

19 May

Well, almost ready for release is the first Grinning Skull Adventure module, “The Witch’s Daughter”, Other than these few images, I’m not telling you too much, other than a little tease of a few pages.

It’ll be on sale in a few days, and I’ll tell you more then!

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Pop-Up Miniature Terrain Paper Kits by Stonehaven Miniatures Kickstarter

20 Jun


I wanted to highlight this great and innovative kickstarter campaign for some really useful and unique looking paper terrain. As you know, I do like paper kits, especially for wargaming purposes, its an easy and cheap way of getting plenty of scenery ready for wargaming and RPGs as and when you need it, although it can be a little time consuming and fiddly for some, it can also be quite an enjoyable passtime just making the stuff too. This one is like nothing else I’ve seen in a long time, from Stonehaven miniatures is a real good option for those of you who are limited to storage space or need to transport your stuff from place to place.

Its pop up, very much like what you’d find inside the typical kids pop up book, but far more detailed and really clever. By backing the project, you can either get the kits already printed, or simply the access to the PDF files so you can print out as many hexes of terrain as you so wish. Although the monochrome appearance might not to be everyones taste, I rather like the aged sepia coloured scheme. this does not seem to have stopped them from smashing their funding goal, and indeed, now that KS has finally let me log in, I’ve backed it too!

I do think these hex based terrain kits are lovely, and I look forwad to taking a crack at creating a whole board of these for some fantasy skirmish games (scaled down of course, 15mm is my bag) which is precisely why I’ve opted for the PDF files!

If you want to get some for yourself, get on over to the KS page and make a pledge!

Pop-Up Miniature Terrain Kit by Stonehaven Miniatures — Kickstarter.

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Tabletop Towns Castle Kickstarter

15 Aug

If you remember a little while ago, I mentioned the Tabletop townspaper models KS on here. I must say that in my previous post, I did actually make a blooper about the price of the set (I said £20 a set, rather than the real price of £10 for the set of 6)

Well, anyway, tabletop towns are back with the latest addition to the growing range, this time with a castle! I do admit, I’m rather partial to paper terrain as it is, and I like stuff like this, which is a good step up from the last ones. Whenever I see some nice scenics that I like, it makes me want to have a game of oldhammer/warhammer with my orc army, as I an see this being extremely useful for all sorts of scenarios involving castles, walls and the like. This time I think they are really onto a winner, as gone are the rather blocky, box like buildings fro the first set, and now the new KS designs are more intricate and interesting. I do hope that in the future we are going to see Tabletop towns go from strength to strength with more and more varied and interchangable designs (maybe some 15mm/20mm moderns or scifi would be really nice if your listening guys! See the latest Hawk Wargames card city boxed set for what I mean!!)

Seriously, any reservations I had about the first KS is gone with this set, its plain to see that the team have definitely learned and improved upon the whole idea this time, and with extra editions of door details etc printed on creditcard plasticard for extra durability, I can see lots of potential for this as well as bags of replayabilty for tons of different games.

I am sure that this time, the price for a set is £20, but you can still get additional sets of the last KS for £10 by adding it to your pledge, as well as options for resin door details.

With only 18 days to go, if you want to get in on this KS, there’s still plenty of time to get involved, so check out the link below and get your hands on a set!


Tabletop Towns – Castle Sets by Julian G Hicks — Kickstarter.

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Indiegogo: Do you want to help build a D&D museum?

29 Nov
Role Playing | Technology

Role Playing | Technology (Photo credit: Daniele Muscetta)

The original Dungeons & Dragons set.

The original Dungeons & Dragons set. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Museum of Dungeons & Dragons | Indiegogo.

Dungeons and Dragons is probably one of the most famous RPGs, mainly due to it being the ancestor of most modern role playing games and it having introduced countless waves of people to the hobby. Its influences have been manifold in pop culture, films, TV, books, comics and art. It is THE daddy of the RPG world.

Now this couple Jim and Debbie Hunton, want to make a museum dedicated to it. They don’t just want to get a place and stick stuff in it, they actually want to do it from scratch by building it.

All I’m thinking is, $150000 is a lot of cash, and while I’m not saying that it can’t be done, I think that it could be done that little bit easier and cheaper. Still it’s in the US, so even if it comes about, I don’t think I’ll be getting chance to visit for some time. (I’m broke and in the UK!)

Still what do I know!

As ever The Grinning Skull will keep a close eye on the progress and urge you to dig deep in your pockets and help fund this project.

We wish Jim and Debbie all the best and good luck with making their plans a reality!


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