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Shameless plug: More clear out stuff on Ebay!

5 Oct


Ok, so you know I was having a clear out last week or so, well I’ve got some other bits and pieces up for auction looking for new homes. There’s a bit of Brewriana, Cards and stuff on there, so if you are interested, head on over to the Ebay and Sales page and take a look!

I’ll be sticking some other stuff on over the next few days too, so hopefully there will be something there to interest you!


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Loud Ninja Space Raptor Kickstarter ends, fully funded!!

9 Nov

A big congrats to Eli at Loud Ninja for his successful 15mm space raptor campaign, that has raised a total of $7,499 for the production of his great range of 15mm gaming minis!

I’m pretty gutted I didn’t get in on this as I had first planned, but as you may know, Paypal isn’t accepted as a currency on Kickstarter, so while I did have the funds to back, it was in my paypal account, so I’ll have to wait till they are in full production to get some!!

We wish him a big well done, and you have given me hope for my future Oggam Kickstarter in January, You have given all us wannabe 15mm sci-fi miniature producers there is a way!!


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