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Flogging some tat…Check out my ebay auctions!!

4 Apr

Hello my blog reading chums…

Second of the blog posts today seeing as I have a bit of time to write about something,  I’m selling some tat over on ebay, some of which is miniature related, so I thought some of you might care to take a browse.


28mm Slitheen Miniatures!!


There’s some 28mm Weird war 1 germans, some Squigherders, 15mm witches, 28mm Slitheen, a bit of vintage ral partha and Skeletons, plus other odds and sods.

Also theres an incomplete D&D boardgame, the Legend of Drizzt, packed full of plastic miniatures (a nice balrog, troll and dragon are in there, as well as loads of quite nice figures!) and interlocking floorplans.

Take a look by going here: Check out my tat!!

I’ll be sticking more miniatures and stuff on over the weekend, so I’ll let you know if there’s anything that might tempt you…!



Shameless plug: More clear out stuff on Ebay!

5 Oct


Ok, so you know I was having a clear out last week or so, well I’ve got some other bits and pieces up for auction looking for new homes. There’s a bit of Brewriana, Cards and stuff on there, so if you are interested, head on over to the Ebay and Sales page and take a look!

I’ll be sticking some other stuff on over the next few days too, so hopefully there will be something there to interest you!


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Miniature Bids launched! Free auction site for wargames miniatures and games

22 Sep


Just wanted to let you know about the new free to use wargames/miniatures auction site, brought to you by the guys at Tor gaming.

If your not one for ebay and its costs and faff, you’ll be pleased to know that Miniature bids is free from all that and should net you a bit more dollar than letting ebay get their mits on it! The site is looking good, and since yesterday there has been quite a few lots put on there. I’ll be sticking some surplus lead from my pile on there this week, and urge you lot out there to start using such free services like this yourselves. Remember, if you don’t use it, you might eventually loose it, and no one would like that to happen. Support this new site and save some cash in the process! What’s not to like?

Seriously though, we need to support great ideas like this in our hobby, especially if it means a better deal for us all, get over and sign up, and start selling (or buying) I’ll see you there!!

Miniature Bids | Auction for wargames miniatures and games.

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