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The walking Dead: Season 4: episode 13: Alone

10 Mar


Here’s this weeks latest link to episode 13 of The walking Dead. Remember to make sure your pop up blockers are on so it won’t mess with your viewing!

As ever, here’s the link to the after show, Talking Dead, and the same rules apply for blocking those troublesome pop ups.


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The Walking Dead: Season 4: Episode 12; Still

5 Mar

So here’s this weeks link to episode 12 of this seasons The Walking Dead. This time i can’t tell you much about it (as I still haven’t seen it, so don’t give me any spoilers!)

As usual, stick your pop up blockers on, and enjoy the show.

Also here’s the link to the accompanying episode of the aftershow Talking Dead (which I haven’t seen yet either) Same advice about pop ups applies from the site.

 I’ll try and get back later with more definitive posts I have waiting, hopefully my connection will allow, hopefully…

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The Walking Dead: Season 4: Episode 10; Inmates.

17 Feb

Here’s your chance to catch up with the fourth season of The walking dead, and the latest episode: Inmates. As ever below you will find the link to the video. Note: once again I warn you to get your pop up blockers to max, phasers set for stun (and so on..) as this site is pop up heavy.

Also you can catch up on the after show, Talking Dead, if just watching the one dose of zombie related media has been not enough to satisfy your cravings for the show…

I’ll be back later when I’m less busy with some more of my usual waffle!


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The Walking Dead: Season 4: Episode 3 – Isolation

31 Oct


I’m back briefly to give you the link to the latest episode of The Walking dead. As the crisis continues to escalate at the prison, and Daryl’s group find more than they bargain for whilst on the way to get medical supplies….

THE WALKING DEAD S04E03 – Isolation – Watch Online For Free on TubePlus.

Talking Dead accompanying this weeks show really had me amazed at how mashed Marilyn Manson was! Honestly, he’s really off his tits and almost incoherent. Somehow I don’t think they’ll be inviting him back in the future! It’s pretty funny though….



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