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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Pantheon of Chaos (Chapter 2), 28mm Old Skool Chaos Miniatures

15 Jun

Ok, my apologies for missing yesterday’s post in this “post a day” month, but things were out of my control. I’ll make up for that today with two posts, the first being this really great looking retro “Realm of Chaos” inspired KS.

For those of you old enough to remember GW’s old “Realm of Chaos” stuff from the 80’s & early 90’s, these are very much of their ilk, a perfect throwback to the glory days of all things Oldhammer.

There are some cracking miniatures up for grabs here in this campaign, the picture above just shows a small selection of what’s available, so you’ll need to check out the project page for details of more chaos loveliness they are offering! What I really like is that the style is spot on, and apes the presentation style from things like the old White Dwarf ads and publications of that era.

Get over to the page and check this project out, seriously! There are some beautiful stuff here, and if you are serious about a chaos army for your own games, there will be lots here to tempt you into owning some of these fantastic minis!!


All Hail the Skulltaliser!

6 May

Ok, if you have been reading this blog of late, you’ll be aware that I have a plan to pull in $99 to monetise this here blog, and before I reveal the Skulltaliser in it’s glory, I want to clarify a few things.

So, I’m probably not the best at putting what I mean across in the right way, and I think that some out there might have assumed that since this scheme is down to me not having a pot to piss in, and that I can’t afford $99, I’d like to put things straight. The reason I haven’t had the inclination to get this blog monetised before isn’t due to not affording it, nor is it due to my business model and plan being wrong, more to my own organisational skills and the way I prioritise things. I had and have every intention to pay up, I’m just tight (I’m from Yorkshire, it’s tradition!)

I have neglected this blog, and took the decision to not only stump up the cash to get the job done, but to spend some time blogging for once. As you might know, blogging takes time and effort, it can tax you mentally with things to blog about, and sometimes I don’t feel as though I have anything constructive to say or post that would be worth reading. Which is why I started the entire conversation.

The Grinning Skull, and by extension, myself also, must be seen as the tongue in cheek way I meant it, which maybe I should make clearer at times. This attitude can be taken as not intended, or I may seem as though I’m saying something else, but combine this with I brainfart and just blab out whatever is in my tiny mind. I do confuse, of which I am sorry for, but I can’t say that I entirely understand the ways of the internet.

My intent with these posts was to start a conversation about what if’s, you know, what if I did this, what if I did that etc etc… The experiment was to expand my knowledge of stuff I’m not familiar with, seeing if there are indeed some good ways of raising extra cash through means other than what I’m used to. I probably didn’t explain well enough, but, you know what the web is like, one statement can be interperated in many ways.

Since the whole subject was Monetisation, why not fund the monetisation with alternative methods? So if I confused you, sorry bout that! Can’t promise I won’t do it again, but my tendency is to babble shite, I am the Grinning Skull after all, you should expect it!!

Anyway,  I think that while the plan is a bit random, it could provide interesting an excercise into quick money making (and how effective it is) , and entertain along the way, which is my goal.

Without further ado, may I present to you, ladies and gents, boys and girls, the magnificent SKULLTALISER!!!

As you can see, the task I set out is to raise $100 (Well $99, but $100 seemed fitting) Starting at the base of this mountain of skulls, I’ll mark each significant time any money goes in the pot toward the total, and detail what (if any) methods were used to raise it. it’s an excercise in thinking outside the box, and while I can easily raise $99 from all sorts of tried and tested means if I really wanted, I want to try and use other methods that so called “Web experts” set out in blog posts and info sites, and see if these things are actually true.

This way, we can discover (if any) how much effort is needed from things such as Fiverr, or other methods along the way, and I’ll share the results. I’ll accept donations for the total (although I truly don’t expect them! But any such donors will be given a shout out and thanks) and other ideas you have if you want to share and explore. Maybe we’ll unlock some webby secrets,or hatch a cunning plan that’ll change the world! (well, not really)

I’ll keep you updated with the latest, and continue to explore more around this subject.




Chaos Worshippers! Strange monument to Azathoth appears in front of restaurant

31 Aug



Azathoth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Followers of the strange, might have seen this already, but for those who haven’t, in the US state of Oklahoma in a place called Paseo, a strange and unspeakable monument has turned up out of the blue.

No one apparently knows just who or what has put it there, or for what purpose, and it seems as if there could be a dark and brooding connection….

Inscribed on a brass plaque, it reads..

“In the year of our lord 2012, Creer Pipi, Claims this land for Azathoth

Is this an indication that sinister cults are up to no good? Or that cthonic entities are about to claw up some land in the new world? Crawling chaos indeed!

Well, as for Creer Pipi, it seems that the answer could be a few Mythos fans having a laugh, as Creer seems to mean “to believe” and Pipi literally is “Pee” or “Piss”! Quite literally they seem to be taking the piss!

The area is reportedly one of lots of arty types, and knowing lots of types like that, it wouldn’t surprise me this was the case.

However, there could indeed be more to this mystery if you take into account that there do exist actual covens of Neo pagan chaos magickians that really do use the whole HPL mythos in their rites and ceremonies, so in another sense we could be looking at a real attempt at some kind of fucked up new age occult rituals. Markers stones like this are used in the occult to create larger sacred working spaces and/or sanctify/corrupt the area for better use with rituals, in much the same way christians will bless or consecrate holy ground.

My money is on a joke, the creer pipi reference sort of gives it away.

Regardless, we might never know the truth behind the mystery, as it’s going to be removed anyway. I’m sure the culprits are basking in their 15 minutes of internet stardom….

Strange monument mysteriously shows up in front of Paseo area restaurant |

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Hey GW, Why no 15mm Warhammer 40K?

20 Aug
Rogue Trader - the first edition of Warhammer ...

Rogue Trader – the first edition of Warhammer 40,000 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since I have a bit of quiet relaxing time to myself tonight, chilling on my hols, I have been musing again over various stuff.

This one has been bugging me for ages. No doubt it’s a bane of contention for other 15mm wargamers the world over.

Why hasn’t GW jumped on this bandwagon, since 15mm scifi is a hot property at the moment (probably due to the economy forcing players to downsize their lead addiction from 32/30/28mm to 15mm) GW have an opportunity to get those disillusioned ex-40K players back in the fold, but alas for those 15mm-ers who crave to play 40K in the smaller scale, there are scant little decent proxy models for the various sides and races of the 40k fluff, unless your willing to faff about with dozens of miniature firms to get odds and sods. Sure you can even play old faves like Necromunda in 15mm pretty easily, just a shame they dropped it years ago!

Yes it’s true that indeed there are lots of us who’d jump at the chance of this, and many out there are busy scratch building and converting away to create their own versions of space marines or orcs etc, but if they are anything like me, I know they’d sell their first born for some decent official 15mm miniatures!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the fact that if Games Workshop actually get around to doing this, It will cost me a bloody fortune, maybe not as much as a 28/30mm force (Well, if GW have anything to do with it, it’ll be more than everyone elses stuff!) Speaking as a long time 40k player, I have been into the game for years and years, since the first edition (which is the best in my humble opinion) but since the Evil Empire emerged and crushed the soul from it, I have been crying inside…..

Still, would it be a good thing if they did a 15mm 40k? It’s bound the drive the price of 15mm figures up, which is pretty bad for us since most of us switched to 15mm to escape the over inflation of figure prices.

Personally, I’d like to throw this question out there to you people, and ask your thoughts on this.

What’s your opinions on this whole thing?

Let me know….

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More 15mm Alien plant terrain- Alien swamp

11 Jan


So I thought I would share my latest finished alien plant terrain piece, I regret, I wished had more time to spare between my projects, wargaming, sculpting and real life commitments.  Usually I would have taken some WIP shots as I made the piece, but due to time constraints and not having my camera charged, it didn’t happen. With that in mind, for those of you who would like a little insight into how it came about, I’ll give you a brief run through.

At Xmas, my daughter wanted mainly art and craft materials, one item of which was some DAS terracotta self drying clay, and she wanted me to show her how to use it, so I was given a bit to play with while she made various bits of stuff (I don’t know if I should start worrying about the latest fascination she has with making “poppits”, charms and worry dolls!) and I made something useful with mmy bit. So, I thought I would do a terrain piece.

I’m not a DAS fan usually, I find the smell of it a tad sickly, smelling like a hospital ward, and the material is usually brittle and shrinks slightly when dried, so is a bugger to attach the dried bits to other components to make it a staple material for me to use regularly (however, I probably will try to use it a bit more often down to the results of this) I opted to create an alien swamp to be part of my alien death world scenery for my 15mm scifi games. You might remember my fish tank man eating plant conversion (as I have several other bits I am working on also) The idea is to make enough to play a smallish board for this type of game, but for ages I have meant to make a small swamp, so now was as good a time as any.

When the DAS clay had dried a day or so later, I got to sticking it down on a flat bit of plastic, taken from a broken DVD case. Like I said about DAS, it does have a habit of shrinkage, so to make sure the bond was good, I used “Hard as Nails” adhesive, which worked out great, as it filled any gaps caused by the shrink, created a layer of padding under the clay piece and stopped it from breaking if mishandled (due to its rubbery texture) it was pretty good to blend the edges too, feeling like a polyfiller rather than adhesive.

After that it was just a case of painting it up, which consisted of a few black undercoats, followed by green/yellow/brown and white tones and mixes, followed by a few washes of chestnut ink, badab black and devlan mud inks.

The swamp was achieved by a mix of inks, paint and PVA mix, with a handfull of mustard seeds which were carefully dispersed in the area required. It was then washed with ink when dry, and subsequent coats of gloss varnish give a slimy and swampy effect.

A few details of the creepy eye, some extra tufts of fronds (taken from various bits of artificial flowers dotted around my home, without my wife knowing, sorry dear!) a few touch ups with paint, and parts of the tentacles were gloss varnished with a highlight, to insinuate a slimy effect. Follow this with some brown and dark green flock, static grass and moss and, thats about it!









You may notice my Criat Merc, lurking about in shot, as well as the GZG UNSC trooper, these were the only 15mm figures I had on hand for some idea of scale, I could have used 28mm, as this would fit perfectly too, as would 10mm. It’s pretty versatile like my other terrain, and I can see this getting use in WFB, 40K (when I eventually play again, my son keeps blagging me to get an army, so it may happen this year, if I find time…) Warmaster, my other homebrew games and even my dungeon bash I’m planning (I can fit it in all over the place…) It’s making me think that I should build an alien dungeon too, again if I get time, something that is lacking recently.

I hope you enjoy…


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