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500 Posts & 4 Years on…

10 Jul


So, post 500. Since it’s inception back in 2012 it’s been quite a journey, and it’s changed quite a bit. Much has transpired, lives have changed and much material & ideas have been scribbled and typed, yes, it’s been an “interesting” time.

All I want to say is to all you who have come through this site, for whatever reason, Thank you all.

Thank you for supporting the site and reading my stuff. I promise that I’ll try and keep adding to the content here and try and make this site more useful and relevant to you all.

Lets raise a glass (or cuppa in my case) to the future and another 500 posts and 4 more years…

Cheers guys!!


Grinning Skull needs YOU!! Help Keep the Resources section great!!

18 Jun



Just a quick post to ask of you, my dear readers. I know a lot of you use the Resources page here on the Grinning Skull, it’s a popular location for great free resources for wargaming, RPGs and material on the internet, all indexed neatly in one place to be used time and time again.

That’s all well and good, but I’d like us as a community to band together and make this great page even greater!

So, if you know of, or have a a free resource for something that you think should be included in the lists, please let me know via the contact me part of this site. I try to add new and fresh links as much as I can, but with the amount of info spaced out across the internet, it’s a long and drawn out process that I just can’t give enough time dedicated to it.

If you find anything that’d be useful to the community, let me know and I can pop it on the list!

Broadcast over!!


The Future, Dear reader, the future….!

30 Sep


So, as I sit here and ponder, just where the fuck have my tutorial pictures gone for my next Grim’s Dungeons of Doom article, lost in my 10,000 file folders it seems, it got me drifting off, thinking about what to do for future posts.

Sure, I’ll be doing more dungeons posts, as well as more crowdfunding spotlights, and more news of future releases from me, but just what do you, my readers want to see featured here?

So, rather than post up a poll, I wanted to engage you lot, to see what you think? More dedicated industry interviews (I had planned it, but do you want them?) Terrain tutorials? Reviews? 15 or 28mm?

I’ve finally managed to get hold of Frostgrave, so would you want to see something relating to that, be it 15mm terrain for the game, or a focus on the 28mm? More craft/making stuff, whatever it be?

So many things, so many decisions.

So I throw it over to you. Let me know in the comments section, or contact me directly if you have suggestions, ideas or what ever you’d like.

You know, this site isn’t just here to keep promoting my variety of tat, it is to entertain and enlighten (well, maybe thats going too far!) and of course, I do it for you all, my lovely readers!!

Let me know!


Grinning Skull Recommends: Cheap Toys that are Great for Table-Top Gaming – Part One!

29 Sep


As you know, I’m all for money saving when it comes to gaming, and I also love toy hacks, so I wanted to share this post from over on, check out some of his other awesome posts by visiting his blog.

Anyway, this top 5 has some cool stuff that can be easily converted for your games and models, plus links to places you can get them!!

If you like cheap toy hacks, also check out The giant scorpion toy hack and The bag “o” Skeletons review from the archive!!


The following are just some Cheap Toys I’ve found while browsing the net that I think would have excellent potential for Table Top Gaming, whether it’s just giving them a quick paint job, or Kit-Bashing them to the point where the original model is unrecognizable (or you get the “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?” reaction from your friends).

Item Number One: True Legends Mythical Warriors

This bucket of fantasy figures was reviewed by Fungeon Master Dave O’Gara (will post link in a moment) and I can see a few figures that have potential as either Ogres for Dungeons and Dragons / Pathfinder, or as Kit-bashed Demon Princes of Nurgle or Khorne for Warhammer/Warhammer 40k. The Sorceress looking figures would probably make for good kit-bash material for a Demon Prince of Tzneetch or Slaanesh. The terrain that comes with this set is also fairly decent, and I would not hesitate to…

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A letter from Semalt. (Further adventures in blogland…)

20 Jan


Update: 12/03/2014: Since this post was aired, “S” (I will not mention their name, just like in Harry potter!) seem to think it’s ok to refer folks to this post to allay fears about them. I can assure you since this post was published, my opinions have changed a great deal, and that they are most definitely up to dodginess and no good.

I want to make it quite clear to you readers, that the Grinning Skull blog is firmly against any site like this trying to make out they are genuine and operate to the benefit of the public. They seem to think that this post they linked to will make them seem like they have engaged in dialog with small website owners and bloggers, and despite the light hearted way the article is phrased, anyone reading should remember that these jokers might really be a serious threat. I am not allowed to comment via their blog or facebook (and now G+), so could not put across my point over there, therefore I’ve added an update here, where they cannot stifle or silence my views.

Be warned, avoid, avoid, avoid. Many of us are convinced they are up to no good, so indeed feel free to share this newly updated post and lets warn others about them.

Thanks people.

You might remember my recent letter to in my previous post, and the concerns that many of you out there in blogland and beyond had for the recent hits from their site on many of our sites.

I’m glad to say, that they have been good to their word and replied back with some words to allay any fears and misconceptions about the “semalt mystery” (Many thanks to Chris for the help!)

Anyway, here’s the reply:

Dear Will Grundy,

Thanks you for your explicate and frank letter.

To begin with Semalt ( is not a phishing or spam site, but a professional keyword ranking monitoring service that has nothing to do with CIA, NSA, Snowden, Masonic conspiracy or the World Evil.

I would like to bring apology on the behalf of our company if you had some troubles using our service.

Our company doesn’t hide or conceal any sort of information and soon the details about our company, team, as well as our contacts, various user tutorials and blog will appear on our website. Today we work foot and nail getting everything ready. And I’m ready to inform you about this personally as soon as everything becomes available.

Our bots have accidently visited your site, as well as the sites of other webmasters you have mentioned. These bots harvest statistics for our service and cause no harm. I don’t think this can be an issue, since nobody complains on bots that belong to Google, Bing and other search engines. There are so many services on the web that are believed to mess up the webmaster’s statistics. Now, would you have a look at this How does that grab you? Should Apple hire some headhunters to capture their owners? Today a lot of people become paranoic after all these mass media reports. But let’s come down to earth…

BTW, by the keyword Semalt you take 8th and 14th places in the Google search engine – Nice results. The number of your visitors is sure to have greatly increased J

I might add that I find your blog very interesting and curious. I have a lot of friends fond of zombie stuff and I would be glad to recommend it to them.

P.S. You are the first one who believes that “Semalt” sounds “a bit awkward”. And I hope the number of users who think the same won’t be growing. Otherwise, we’ll have to register our company from scratch and waste heaps of time and money.

So there you have it, I do think we can finally put to rest any fears about semalt, as they do seem to be what many of us thought they were in the first place (I wouldn’t have joined up to investigate if I truly had doubts about them) and indeed the are just another SEO keyword optimization thingmy jig website! (As in the recent PRweb press release)

In this day and age of international snooping, data theft and crime, it’s all too easy to get paranoid, especially as many of us don’t understand technology well enough to make informed decisions about what goes off in the web, but at the same time, companies like semalt need to realise that technobabble isn’t going to be totally understood by many of us, and in order to make things a little clearer in the average net users head, they need to engage in more human forms of contact and lay things out properly for all to see.

I do hope you’ll share this round to others who might have had concerns about Semalt.

I still don’t like the name though!

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