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The Walking Dead: Season 4: Episode 16; A

2 Apr


So, firstly my apologies for not posting the links to this seasons Walking Dead finale, busy as usual with life things!

Anyway, here’s the link you have been waiting for, the end of the road for the splintered group, Terminus lays ahead!

If you haven’t seen it already, as usual I wont let slip any spoilers (I hate it when people do that!) but safe to say, it ain’t half bad!

Also, the link for the aftershow Talking Dead, which this week stars Rick himself Andrew Lincoln!

As usual I’ll issue you all with a warning about putting your pop up blockers on max, that way your viewing experience won’t be marred by crappy pop ups to spoil the shows!

I’ll be back later on with a few posts of randomness…

Enjoy the show!!


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Teaser poster of The Walking Dead, Season 4 revealed!

5 Sep

Keeping with the zombie theme, AMC has just released the new poster for season 4 of “The Walking Dead“. What awaits for our survivors this season? Will the Governor get his revenge? Will Rick get his head in gear and cope with the latest arrivals at the prison? Will little ass kicker finally kick some ass? Who knows! But I’ll be watching with interest in October, one of the finest TV programs on TV today!

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