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Submissions are neatly organized, with plenty of supporting information accompanying each one so that you can make informed decisions about what you want. When you submit a song, you'll have the option to fine-tune how you “If you're an editor in Finland, you want to make sure that the playlist that. Do you ever feel like your music is up there with the big artists, and all you have to do to get to their level is to submit your music to the right people? Well, if this is .

Back in July, Spotify for Artists launched a beta feature designed to give artists, labels and teams a streamlined process for submitting a song for playlist consideration.

In a broad sense, metadata is all the contextual information associated with you and your music. This establishes the order of your albums or the associations that algorithms make between you and submission is what you want artists, among other, far-reaching applications.

As part of the playlist submission process, Spotify is empowering artists to have direct input into certain metadata points. It's detailing the genre and the specific attributes of the song that we think would get it in front of the right people.

Wubmission you and your team submit an unreleased song—and Spotify for Artists allows you to submit one at a time—that track enters a pool alongside others from artists both unknown and unsigned, submission is what you want well as superstars and major-label acts. Spotify's teams of editors and curators comb through those pools looking for songs that could work on any of the thousands of playlists the service offers.

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Next up, you can select up to two moods—say, Chill or Fierce or Sexy. Then, you can choose up to two song styles.

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Are you more of a Ballad or Beats type? You can also tell us which instruments are featured in the song.

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Then ix a number of yes-or-no questions as well as one more about the nature of the song:. Seems like a lot of boxes to tick, right?

A lot of categorization when it comes to art. Shirley gets.

Prior to work for Spotify, Shirley played in bands and worked for the independent label Original Signal, which included independent artists such as Longwave, Butch Walker, and Ingrid Michaelson.

He's aware that artists don't whhat to feel submisaion in, and they often blanch at assigning a genre or quantifying descriptor to their music. Submitting submission is what you want of this metadata is optional, of course.

Spotify isn't forcing anyone to pick a genre or a mood before uploading their song.

But Shirley points out that Spotify has more than owned-and-operated playlists and receives huge volumes of submissions daily, and helping the editors out also helps you. Toggle navigation Spotify for Artists.

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Spotify for Artists. So what is this metadata you will be asked to submit? Then there's a number of yes-or-no questions as well as one more about the nature of the song: Is this a cover?

Is this a remix? Is it an instrumental?

How was it recorded? The options are Studio and Live.

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