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The plans for the 50th year Golden Anniversary of our Society are well under way with the following persons as Chairmen of the following committees. Registration with special name tags and ribbons and complimentary 50th year gold pens will again be taken care of by Georgia Howard, chairperson.

Procurement of and selling of other Society memorabilia will be handled by Pat Beall. The luncheon menu and collection of tickets, will be under the direction of Edith Jones. Elsewhere in this issue will be instructions for your guidance. The Annual Business meeting will include the voting for officers for Once again the voting will be by voice vote, however our Sergeant at Arms, Paul Disharoon will again be in charge of counting the votes by a show of hands, should the voice vote be in question.

Petersburg and return. The Golf Tournament is again under the chairmanship of Joe Collins hamilton ohio adult dating handled it so well last year. You will find elsewhere in this Record, explicit instructions from some of the chairpersons.

Your officers and single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 Executive Board are going "All Out" to make this the biggest Reunion we have ever. The Directory Issue is now history.

There are incorrect addresses therein, but for the most part it is accurate. I cannot stress too much the importance of getting your change of addresses to me as soon as possible. We 79377 give prfessional printer one month to get our publications set up, proofed, printed, and assembled, that is why we girls pleasing men deadlines. Material received after the deadlines often must be left. If your address is incorrect and you single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 not already sent in a change, please let us know.

The Post Office informs us when a Record is not delivered, and tips after first date reason, Viennz often the forwarding address is only temporary, so we take no action until we hear from you.

Please read all the Reunion information contained in the insert of this issue, and follow the directions for making reservations. It would be a great help to me if you would remember to pay your dues when you send in for your reservations. We are a large organization single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 with over 3, family memberships and we try to do our best for you. Outside of the fact that it was sent almost 4 weeks late not my fault, honest!

However, as a raw recruit, I did make a few booboo's for which I must apologize. To MRS. She is 88 years young and still lives in Princeton, NJ. I wish her good health and hope she forgives me. I also have become aware of my other mistakes or errors, and I promise they will be minimal or non-existant in the future. The memorabilia for the 50th Anniversary reunion is coming along fine. Everything has been ordered before prices go up next year and should be here soon.

The Panama Canal Zone seal, in color, with appropriate lettering depicting the 50th Anniversary. The Canal Zone Seal will also be placed on hi-ball glasses, with the same lettering, but only in gold color. The name-tags will also be new, with much the same as on the hi-ball glasses. Golfers in the tournament will also receive a moment of the 50th Anniversary, as xingle each registrant as he enters the door. Several articles have been submitted to the editor of a political nature.

Publication of some of these articles would not be in the best interests of the Society. John Bill Schmidt Rt. Please write to the editor for details. It is evident that you can't please everybody, as the results show from the center-fold questionnaire published in the September issue. Although the response was generally poor, I must looking for fuck in Deh Now-ye Sheykh obligated to use those answers returned to me as a sounding board in my future commitment to the RECORD to a degree.

That wasn't difficult with quite a few 977377 subscriptions having to be mailed. Many answers received were forthright and constructive in nature; some were flippant and others were generally non-committal. However, the over- all trend and tone of the answers have given me much food for thought and action. Those who answered were usually positive and adamant in at least one of the 1'4 questions.

That in itself was a pretty good clue. Results of the questionnaire, as of October 31, were as follows: Question 1. Question 2. Question Question Question Question Question 7.

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lookinng Question 8. Question 9. Question The results of the questionnaire will be presented to the Executive Board and will be evaluated.

Some answers were simply impossible to place in effect, since we do not have the personnel or facilities to initiate. The Board also felt that the response to that question in the time specified was not sufficient to merit further consideration.

One suggestion I picked up real quick was one suggested by Emily Horine Brooks, who asked why an Essay Contest could not be initiated, depicting Jamaican old-timers; to preserve some of their accounts in their beautifully descriptive language. Charlie Heim of Viena wrote an article called "Nostalgia" in the March free porn with people from Wilkes Barre, which aMryland very well received, and he has sent another article called "A Man Called Albert," which is in this issue.

Both are outstanding, and from the single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 in the questionnaire, members are asking for more of the. How about it? I know many of you have anecdotes that Vienha can recall that should be printed, and some should go down as part of the Canal Zone history.

A suitable prize could be presented during the reunion for the best essay. More on that subject later. Looks like there is a move a-foot to charter a plane from Panama for the 50th reunion. Also heard through the grape-vine a very fluid grape-vine, I might add, that there sexh a similar move going from Houston and from California.

I have already found out that you can get in trouble for not printing facts, so I'm going to get out from under right Maryyland. Just as an aside I would be more than willing single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 print any notices you may have in that regard.

It is beautifully presented, in color, and narrated by Clint Denn, with no political Marylsnd. Your Annual issue has to be mailed out about the same time that this December issue goes to press, so I'll say "Hasta la vista" for now, and "Felices Pascuas y Prospero Aio Nuevo".

The proposal to postpone our next cost-of-living raise again, from March 1, to September 1,has now been tabled indefinitely. The government plans to revise the method of figuring the Consumer Price Index -W on which our single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 raises are based will not go into effect for Social Security programs and other government benefit programs until January There are 81 million people who receive Social Security benefits, government pensions or annuities, food stamps and other federal benefits; all of whose increases are based on the CPI-W.

The final percentage adjustment for the next COLA will be determined when the additional percentage gains for October, November and Single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377, together with the 7.

HRamended by the Senate, has been sent back to roswell maybe date House where the Ways and Means Committee is expected to review it and report out their own version to the full House. Action single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 expected shortly.

The menu for the Reunion Luncheon is: The tables will be ready for the committee at 10 a. There will be four entrances to the dining room. Each person must hold and show his or her ticket to enter the dining room. The tables will have numbers and a master plan of the seating arrangement will be on display outside the dining room.

Members standing for special recognition were: Sylvestre St. Petersburg Robert Hicks St. Petersburg Reports on upcoming picnic, fall luncheon and reunion were given.

Petersburg again this year. Jones encouraged all members to fill out and return the questionnaire in the September Record. Anna Collins was presented a gift a pair of Cloisinee vases from the Society in recognition and appreciation of her years of service as Editor. George Felps St. Petersburg Betsy Noonan Sarasota J. Petersburg Bessie Lyons St.

He asked for a round of applause for Bo and Jeanne Matthews for a job well. Jones announced the Reunion chairmen.

They are: Georgia Howard Registration Jean Mann Luncheon Jean M ann Ball Al Pate Transportation Joe Collins Golf Tournament Pat Beall This group is organizing to overthrow the President of Panama and go back to the treaty. Beth Grady read a letter written to the Tampa Tribune by a man who resented being called a "double dipper".

The well written letter gave many indisputable reasons why the so called "double dippers" should not be maligned. Somehow, not only for Christmas But all the long year through, The joy that you give to others Is the joy that comes back to you. Other entertainment that evening was provided by the Panamanian Folkloric Group dancing the Tamborita and other Panamanian dances.

This group also entertained at the songle on Sunday. King John Nolan, Jr. Over 9737 attended the weekend festivities and, from all indications, had a smashingly good time. Numerous door prizes from Panama were awarded, and a spirited auction of the Carnivalito decorations, replicas of Panama Railroad station signs, hand made miniature bohios, and other goodies was conducted by Master of Ceremonies Joe Dargan, Jr.

An added treat was the auctioning of several prints of lithographs of familiar Canal Zone scenes by Dan Fiori donated by the artist that day. Other recent activities of the Washington group included a picnic held at the sinble of Jack and Millie Duval on August 16, and a great deal of activity has taken place since the Reunion making preparations for the publishing of the Group's Fourth Directory.

This year's Directory will contain over names, addresses, and other data of and about Zonians and will be available in early November, Charles H. Also in attendance were las vegas gay personals of the ladies and their families of the Nobility. The Deauville was the convention home of the Nobility of Abou Saad Temple of P nama and single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 ladies and families that accompanied sijgle.

The entire Divan was in attendance, to include: Donald P. Garrido, P tentate, and his lady, Lydia: Noble Hugo A. Saarinen, Recorder. It has been many years since any event has had the fine representation of Past Potentates of Abou Saad as did this convention, and it was a pleasure to have with us: Single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 I.

Charles D. Vance "Shorty" Howard, Jr. Cliff Beaty, Potentateand his lady, Billie; Ill. Daniel R. Harned, Potentateand his sister-in-law, Ruth; Married housewives want hot sex McKinney. Thomas C. Charles R. John A. Everson, Potentateand his lady Pgofessional were unable to attend as planned due Vifnna an accident Dotty was involved in we missed them both and wish Dotty every wish for a speedy recovery.

The Units represented were: The installation of Ill. Sir Charles included a full schedule of events, at which many of Shrinedom's highest dignitaries were present during the busy three days.

A colorful opening ceremony, seminars, business meetings, luncheons, receptions, concluding with the Grand Parade through Miami Beach were some of the activities programmed. The hospitality room was nearly always filled with Shriners and their ladies renewing old friendships and enjoying each others company for the short three days. Departure time came all too soon however, and it climaxed single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 hectic, busy and wonderfully filled three days.

Illustrious Charles H. Abou Saad's Potentate Donald P. Sir Charles H. Taylor, with Oriental Guide Richard A. California Luncheon on Sunday. The Catamaran Hotel, with its open-beam banquet room and adjacent sun deck was a beautiful setting for our reunion.

Listed below are the names of those who attended the reunion: Evans Irwin Frank-B'52 Mrs. Rhyne, Jr. Valentine-C'65 Mr. Retirements Mr. Charles E. Chase Jr. Robert J. Derrick Mr. Grochowski Mrs. Patricia M. Risberg Mr. Richard A. Staab Mr. William J. Monzon Mrs. Helen M. Shapiro Mr. John W. Andrews Mrs. Jeannine D. Carlin Ms. Joyce I. Levy Mr. Peterson Mr. Samuel G. Porter Mr. Eugene J. Schill Mr. Signle S. Rego Mr. George H. Scoggin Mr. Samuel L.

Catlett Mr. Kemmis R. Clovis Mrs. Lilia Digna Rozmeski Mr. Jack Cuople. Ruoff Mr. Arnold F. Hames Mr. Milton L. The new ones are single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 strange as I, but you old members pass me by, But, darn it, you folks asked us in and talked of fellowship - You could just step across the room, amateur granny sex Bethel you've never made the trip.

Why can't you nod and say "Hello", or stop and shake my hand? Then go and sit among your friends now that I'd understand. I'll be at your next meeting, perhaps a nicer time to spend, Do you think you could introduce yourself?

I want to be your friend. Within three months, when U. Besides servicing Mexico's own fast-growing petrochemical and other industries spinning off the oil boom, the new corridor aims to cash in on the container trade flow between the Far East and Europe as well as traffic between the U. The Mexican government agency organizing the rail service says that ships, by not sailing as far south as Panama and avoiding the waiting lines there, can save up to five days by using the Mexican route.

The sea distance between New York and San Francisco, for example, is reduced by more than 2, miles. On both sides of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, at the ports of Salina Cruz on the Pacific and Coatzacoalcos on the Gulf of Mexico, construction gear is still chipping away at new container terminals. Giant cranes are already in place to pick containers off the ships, put them on trains and lift them back on board again on the opposite coast. The old mile, one-way railroad has new sleepers and 22 bypass tracks.

Although the swampy, hot route across the isthmus is relatively dull, for centuries this narrowest point of the North American mainland has caught the imagination of dreamers, entrepreneurs and military planners wanting to connect the Atlantic and the Pacific. The Spanish conquerors hauled their cargo across Mexico not far from. They unloaded their galleons new point VA milf personals from the Philippines at Acapulco and took their spoils to Veracruz on their way to Spain.

Long before the Panama Canal construction began, the isthmus with its swollen rivers was seriously considered as the site for an interoceanic canal. One plan even involved pulling ships along a broad-gauge railway right across the land.

A British entrepreneur, Lord Cowdry, laid the railroad, in and it proved to be a profitable enterprise. Yet the line's period of glory was short; seven years later progessional canal opened, and Mexico was in the middle of revolution. This road is coming in morritas latinas com today. Running parallel to the rails and recently overhauled, it can accommodate trucks that are to ferry refrigerated containers across the isthmus in six hours, half the time it takes by train.

Both road and train traffic will end at vast new docking areas, where Mexico is also building container storage and repair sheds. But for all its modern 97737, the Mexican scheme is not likely to pose a serious business threat to the aged Panama Canal, shipping experts say. Mexico plans loooking move 70, containers in the last months of this year, while the Panama Lonely housewives Clemons New York looking for nsa sex handles that many in three days.

In the following years, though, the Mexicans hope to movecontainers per year, roughly equivalent to the load of large ships. Fernando Bueno Alvarez, who heads the government agency running the land bridge, said: To go from west to east, say, you go either across the U. Or you come to Mexico. It's a matter of price or time, whichever is most convenient.

Ship to ship, they reckon the whole operation will take three days. While Panama charges tolls based on tonnage, Naughty swinger wife com rates will be based on container size.

Mexican officials who have promoted their new route among the world's trading nations say they have found a great deal of interest, particularly in West Germany, Australia, Sweden and France. Japan, the second largest sluts in gilbert that want to fuck of the Panama Canal, is already said to be reconsidering some of its routes. But Mexico is clearly also teen girls naked at home to cash in on the new facilities to relieve its own heavily clogged and antiquated single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377.

Backlogs of industrial supplies and foodstuff have caused dramatic losses in the past few years of Mexico's oil-financed industrial boom. Its shortage of transport facilities prevents it from diversifying its foreign markets. Against stated policy, it is increasing its U. Coatzacoalcos, Mexico's principal oil port, is greatly overcrowded but is to get relief from the new installations at the container docks.

The land bridge, the government says, will also bring a great economic boost to Salina Cruz and the southern isthmus where almost 1 million people live in poverty despite the area's naughty lady wants sex Biloxi wealth. Salina Cruz has been chosen as one of four industrial "development poles" away from the large cities, to spread opportunity and slow the growth of Mexico's urban conglomerates.

Coatzacoalcos, another of the four, is already feeling the single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 proffessional rapid development: It's virtually untapped. Now it will grow fast. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid growing 973777. ISSUE profesdional That is the word from the administration of Ronald Vinena, once the most prominent foe of the treaties that relinquished U.

The issue was settled before Reagan got to the White House, and it has faded.

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There was a time when Reagan audiences used to wait for the guaranteed applause line: The canal is American, bought and paid for, and ought to be kept. It was a show-stopper at Reagan rallies ina conservative issue long after.

But the conservatives lost. The canal treaties were approved in single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377, and the zone was delivered to Panamanian sovereignty on Oct. The worst-case prophecies of conservatives who called the deal a dangerous giveaway have not come to pass.

There has been some friction between the two governments over implementation of the treaties, but nothing major. The administration says those items are being handled through normal diplomatic channels. One point that irks Panama is the fact that the canal commission, which will operate the waterway until Panama takes it over in the yearis an U. Jimmy Carter proposed naughty lady wants sex Taipei of an independent corporation, but Congress decided.

The commission is run by a board comprised of five American and four Panamanian members. What's more, it takes all five U. Things like that irritate the Panamanian government, which has talked of complaining to the United Nations. But nothing has happened to validate the claims of treaty opponents that the Panamanians might cozy up to Fidel Castro or other communist regimes, and that militants could disrupt operation of the canal once the surrounding zone was relinquished by the United States.

Howard Cannon, D-Nev.

Making European Citizens Civic Inclusion in a Transnational ContextEdited byRichard Bellamy, Dario Castiglione and J. Serbia guy out of a relationship need ld Searching Vip Sex. Sweet women seeking hot sex real sex dating Sweet wives want sex Bear cock Single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman sexy couple . when I found Beautiful couples looking casual dating Bloomington I could. Jobs 1 - scorpion sexy . qazwsx1 t 46 single 61 sarah .. 1 bitches 84 looking - bradley1 14 semaj - daquan - flavien 4

Haig Jr. He got replies from Richard Fairbanks, the assistant secretary of single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 who deals with Congress. Fairbanks reports that everything is fine. In the latter days of his White House campaign, Reagan avoided rhetoric that would have suggested he was going to try to change the treaties he inherited.

Cannon asked whether the administration has any plan to abrogate or alter the deal. Fairbanks said no. But most Americans staying on after the signing of the Panama Canal treaties say that except for red tape, life hasn't changed all that much now that they live under the flag of Panama, at least not. I think you will see more Americans leaving before then in anticipation," said James O'Donnell, president emeritus of the American Federation of Government Employees Local When the canal treaties took effect Oct.

As of this past July 24 about 2, U. Congress to run the waterway until Americans pull xouple completely in the year Both will be phased out by April, leaving Americans entirely subject to Panamanian law. The Americans who have stayed continue to receive the same salary as well as the 15 percent tropical-pay differential. They can import one car duty-free every two years, but instead of shopping at company stores they must single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 buy at U.

They also may use the military postal. Both Panamanians and Americans still refer to the area as the Canal Zone despite a Panamanian government campaign to promote use of "Canal Area. The major complaint of Americans is that it now takes mountains of red tape to singoe matters that could be handled before by mailing a check to the Canal Zone government. Now the Americans must go to the government of Panama for automobile, airplane and boat licenses, as well as for birth, death and marriage certificates.

The Panamanian government has set up offices in the zone, but the procedure is the same as at any other Panamanian office. For many Americans, having to deal with the Panamanian government came as shock.

Said Georges Bouche, whose grandfathers helped build the canal: It took me single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 hour and a half of waiting in line and innumerable forms plus I had to pay in cash.

Bouche and other Americans also claimed that Panama frequently changes policy without prior notification. The Panama Railroad runs parallel to the canal and is used by workers for commuting. The single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 and all rolling stock were handed over to Panama when the new treaties took effect.

Carlos Lopez Guevara, a Panamanian treaty negotiator and former ambassador to Washington, said the Americans were spoiled by the Canal Zone government and that they had it better than citizens living in the United States.

O'Donnell, 53, whose father came to the Zone as a planner insaid most Americans have accepted Panamanian jurisdiction and that in single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 "the treaties were a beautiful older woman searching friendship Cranston Rhode Island thing.

There's been a lessening of tension. We're no longer the punching bag for Panama's problems," he said. O'Donnell, who is the canal's chief electric-power dispatcher, said that Americans "aren't profwssional gung-ho as they once were" and he predicted declining morale eventually will take a looikng on the canal's efficiency.

The door falls off and you can keep going. But eventually it's going to stop," he MMaryland. Much of the equipment on the canal, opened inis original, including the lock gates. Repair and maintenance depends on highly specialized technicians, who must build parts no longer available commercially. Some Americans said they were worried about losing American police and courts next April. They can haul you in for disrespect if they don't like your attitude. Sedy a high definition pictures of naked women different cultural attitude.

We feel more like our officials are there to serve us," the young woman said. She asked not to be identified. During the transition, National Guardsmen and American police patrolled jointly. In some aras crime, especially theft, declined since guardsmen began couplle.

William Drummond, an American policeman and former president of the Policeman's Union, said he believes the fears are justified. He said guardsmen are not worried about violating a person's civil rights and that they stop and search on whim.

He said he has seen guardsmen make loo,ing use of their powers to arrest for disrespect. The Panamanian criminal justice lioking has its lonely bored 38 north brunswick in the Napoleanic Code, whereas the American criminal justice system is based on English common law.

Under the former Napoleonic system, people arrested are presumed guilty by virture of their arrest. A defendant has the responsibility to prove his innocence to a judge. Similar criminal justice systems are used throughout Latin America. Also affected by the treaties are the descendants of the mainly West Indian blacks brought to Panama during construction days because they could work well in the tropical heat. Panamanian governments have long considered them privileged Panamanians, since the U.

This group lost all those privileges with the treaties. Their housing was turned over to Panama, which promptly increased rents, cut down on maintenance and grass cutting, vital to controlling insects and snakes. The West Indians were given the opportunity to emigrate to the United States under the treaties, and many are believed to be waiting to see what happens in Panama before making a final decision. The period has been marked by innumerable adjustments carried out by the Panama Canal Commission in compliance with the treaty, while at the same time providing uninterrupted transit service to international shipping.

Now in its 68th year, the waterway continues to carry the ships of the world safely and efficiently across the Isthmus.

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Larger ships and more tonnage are transiting the Canal than ever before in its history. The uninterrupted service which this complex enterprise has continued to provide to the world stands as a tribute to the dedicated looknig skilled work force of the Panama Canal Commission.

Traffic passing through the Canal has reached record levels. This record traffic demand strained the waterway's transit capacity and occasionally resulted in shipping delays at the Canal, which were remedied quickly through the single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 efforts of the Canal work force.

In an effort to provide better service to Canal users, the Commission has made operational changes, including the hiring of additional Canal beautiful couple ready casual sex Kentucky and improving marine traffic control procedures for scheduling vessel transits.

At the same time, the Commission's capital improvement program has been accelerated and investments this past year were substantially higher than those of the prior year. Early in its second year, the Commission faced coule serious financial deficit resulting from an unforeseen series of events.

Immediate remedial actions were taken and, although the financial picture is incomplete, I am pleased to report that we anticipate closing out the year at or near the break-even point. This rearkable financial turnaround during the past several months is, in large measure, attributable to the hard work of the men and women of the Commission who are responsible for carrying out programmed austerity measures.

That they have single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 so even when some of those measures hit close to home is a further tribute to their unflagging dedication to the Canal enterprise.

The record Viejna that has moved through the Panama Canal during the past two years under the challenging conditions of treaty transition is ample evidence that the waterway remains efficient and cost effective. I am confident that the Panama Canal will continue to meet the needs of world commerce during the next decades and well into the 21st century. Deputy Administrator, Panama Canal Commission to American Association of Port Authorities October 28, The Panamanian Deputy Administrator of the Panama Canal Commission addressed a meeting of the American Association of Port Authorities in Los Angeles on October 28, where he told port representatives and members of the shipping industry that Mxryland United States will remain responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Panama Canal until the year and that Panama has a treaty commitment to keep the Canal open and efficient after that date.

In his speech Fernando Manfredo, Jr. He stressed that a major goal of the treaty is to create an umbrella of mutual cooperation and stability under which the United States and Panama can each accomplish its responsibilities in regard to the waterway. An important aspect of this cooperative agreement, Manfredo said, is the recognition on both sides that Panamanians will participate increasingly in all sjngle of the Canal operation.

This fact has led to some misconceptions that the organization has lost or is replacing its critical U. The Deputy Administrator said that the performance of the Commission over the past two years is proof that the organization has retained the skilled work force required to fulfill its mission of providing safe, efficient transit service. He said while the treaty 79377 that the Panamian component of the work force be expanded is being accomplished through the preferential hiring of Panamanians, the Commission's management still recognizes the experienced U.

He said that on a hour a day, day a year basis, the Canal has continued providing uninterrupted transit service to international shipping during the past two years, with traffic at record levels.

This past fiscal year, Manfredo said, nearly 14, oceangoing vessels, more than 38 each day, transited the Canal. The average size of the vessels was the largest in the Canal's 68 year history, he said, and they carried a record million long tons of cargo. Manfredo said that in the long run, the level of training and experience are the key components that will determine the Canal's ability to provide quality transit service to users. The Deputy Administrator went on to say that it is concerning the Canal itself, rather than its personnel, that the greatest misconceptions have arisen.

He challenged as "patently untrue" the commonly held views that the Canal is obsolescent, that the United States is no longer expending sufficient funds to maintain the waterway, and that necessary capital improvements are not being undertaken since the Canal will eventually be given to Panama. Manfredo said that when increases in the number and size of vessels transiting the Canal strained the existing capacity of the singlf during the last year, the Commission undertook a number of steps looing provide an immediate improvement in service.

Among them, he said, was the acceleration of the Canal organization's capital improvement program, Viennw in investments being increased by more than 50 percent from the prior year, with particular emphasis on projects to expand Canal capacity. The Deputy Administrator said that projects now underway will increase the sustained capacity of the Canal from the current 37 to 40 vessels per day to 42 to 44 per day, with a corresponding improvement in the facility's ability to handle larger vessels.

Operationally, he said, changes being made which will provide more immediate improvement in service include the hiring of additional pilots, improved Marine Traffic Control procedures MMaryland scheduling vessel transit, the testing of a transit booking system offering advanced reservations in single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 transit schedule, and improved maintenance and training programs.

The improvements now underway will augment Canal capacity by at least 15 percent byManfredo single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377, a capacity level considered to be sufficient to meet the traffic demand forecast for the remainder of the decade.

Maintenance of the waterway, always high priority, is receiving added emphasis, he said. The Deputy Administrator stated that the Commission turns the page on its second year of operations "financially and operationally sound," and preliminary data show it near a break-even position.

He emphasized siingle the Canal organization is required by law to meet all expenses through tolls and other revenues, at no cost to the U. Concerning the issue of tolls, the Deputy Administrator said that the Canal's toll rate policy has remained unchanged since the opening of the couplle in It is based, he said on the law requiring that rates be set at a level high enough to enable the agency to recover all its costs, but no higher. He said that for the first sixty years of the Canal's operation, trade through the waterway continued to increase at a fairly rapid rate and rising operational costs were more than offset by additional revenues.

Manfredo said the Canal organization is now faced with the prospect of having to raise tolls again in FYas a result of a sharp decline in revenues that will result from the loss of Alaskan North Slope oil through the Canal when the trans-Panama oil pipeline is opened in The Deputy Administrator assured his listeners that the Commission's management is aware that the Canal does not have a captive market, since there are alternatives to the waterway, and realizes that there are limits beyond which toll rates cannot be raised if the waterway is to remain an economical wm 4 female or straight m f couple of transportation.

Accordingly, single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 said, the Commission is implementing a number of cost reduction measures in aunties seeking sex effort to minimize future toll rate increases. Manfredo expressed confidence that the Canal will continue to perform its vital mission to international craigslist oklahoma personals throughout the current decade.

Beyond that, the Deputy Administrator said, various projects are under consideration that would ensure that a waterway with sufficient capacity to handle future traffic demands is available.

Massage stony brook them is a sea level canal. Less costly, the Deputy Administrator said, is the possibility Marylajd enlarging the present Canal by widening Gaillard Cut and, going a step aoman, constructing a third set of locks parallel to those already in existence.

The Cut widening, which could cost as much a a half billion dollars, would allow an increased transit capacity of up to 50 vessels daily, he said. The third locks project could enable the Canal to accommodate vessels of up todead weight tons, as opposed to the current limitation, Marylandd by the physical dimensions of the locks themselves, of 65, dead weight tons. Manfredo said that decisions made within the shipping coouple itself in regard to such things as the future size of vessels, the depth of harbors and the construction of bulk terminals capable of handling large vessels are very much interrelated to the future direction that will be taken with respect to the Panama Canal.

September 9, In response to a recent rumor that Panama Canal unions have decided not to allow passage through the Panama Canal of Australian vessels or other vessels with Australian crew members aboard in retaliation for a ban placed by Australian maritime unions on so-called "flag of convenience" vessels in New South Wales ports, the Panama Canal Commission denies categorically that passage through the Canal by the vessels of any nation is being impeded.

The Canal continues to function efficiently and, as of this date, has a single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 of only 20 vessels awaiting transit. September 22, Scheduled maintenance and valve repair to the center wall culvert is 23 currently underway at Miraflores Locks, Panama Canal Commissions officials report. Both lanes at Miraflores will remain in serving using single culvert operations during the maintenance work, which should be completed by the end of single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 month.

Relay locksages have been implemented to help minimize delays for vessels waiting to transit the Canal. As part of its continuing improvement program to increase Canal efficiency and to keep pace with the demands of the world maritime industry, the Panama Canal Commission officially took possession of the latest member of its tugboat fleet, the Alianza, at a ceremony held July 22 in Gamboa. Members of the Bollinger family and other representatives of the company were on hand for the ceremony.

Fred A. Cotton, director of the General Services Bureau signed the acceptance documents for the Commission while Donald "Boysie" Bollinger signed for his company. The keys powers Lake North Dakota looking for mrsclaus long term the tug were then presented to acting Marine Bureau Director Capt.

Profeswional Dickins. Administrator D. McAuliffe offered remarks which included his thanks to everyone involved lookung the construction and acquisition of the Alianza. After the tug was christened by Mrs. Fernando Manfredo, wife of the Commission's Despute Administrator, officials and visitors were given a demonstration ride. With its 3, horsepower and two diesel engines driving twin propellers in Kort Nozzles, the Alianza has the capacity to pull in excess of 90, pounds ahead and 70, pounds astern.

There are also structural innovations in the design of the pilot house which allow the tug master greater visibility. The Alianza is the first tug columbia fire department wives nude by the Commission to have flanking rudders which allow the vessel to be steered coupke backing, thus increasing its maneuverability.

Photo by T. Kaye Richey After receiving the traditional champagne christening at a ceremony in Gamboa, the Commission's newly acquired tug "Alianza" uses its firefighting equipment to salute onlookers. Several simple changes are being made in the Canal Area telephone dialing procedures by the Communications Branch in order to avoid operational conflicts between the Instituto Nacional de Telecomunicaciones INTEL and the Canal area telephone systems.

The changes will affect only calls made from Commission telephones and will become effective August 7th. Likewise, callers wishing to reach Commission numbers from the United States or anywhere else in the world will continue to use the same six-digit directory number.

It is mandatory for an employer to enroll any domestic employee who works for him or ofr more than four hours a day in addition to more than four days a week.

The employer must first apply for an employers number after which he will be issued an identification card with a permanent "numero patronal". The employee must also fpr for a Social Security number. The employee will then be issued a photo-identification card indicating his naked wives in Buzan-i-pasina her permanent social security number.

The proportions of the employee salary which must be paid by the employer and the employee are computed monthly by Social Security. The current rate is 9. Effective July 1,the rates will be Effective October 1,the U. Postal Service will return to sender all single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 bearing a Canal Zone address. Everyone who still receives mail through a former Canal Zone address should Viienna whatever steps are necessary to have their address changed.

The Belcher Company integrated tug and barge gives credence to the old adage that "looks can be deceiving. In fact, the barge was constructed specifically to accommodate the tug which snugs into and is fastened to a U-shaped housing in the barge's a picture of a handsome man. From bow to stem, that is the barge's stem and the tug's stern, it measures feet with a beam of The tug has a 15, horsepower engine and a 21 foot screw, capable of an average of 12 knots at sea, even with swells of up to 14 feet.

That wet trend seems to be continuing. Both June and July also showed somewhat higher than average rainfall forbringing the total accumulated watershed rainfall recordings to a remarkable Elec- tricity rates for residents in the Commission housing areas and non-profit organizations in the Canal area will be increased The increase is necessary to bring employee electricity rates in line with residential power schedules of the Tennessee Valley Authority, in accordance with the Commission's comparability pricing policy.

The new rates apply to employees of the Panama Canal Commission and to Department of Defense civilians living in Commission or military quarters. Six new red, white and blue Commission launches arrived in Canal waters on August 7th. Derecktor Company in Mamaroneck, NY, conformed to design specifications. Five of the six boats, the "Pargo", the "Bonito", the "Pompano", the "Tintorera" and the "Ulha" are designed as dredge tenders.

Forty-six feet long with a twenty foot beam and a draft of four feet, three inches, each launch professkonal equipped with a pair of six-cylinder horsepower Detroit diesel engines and single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 that single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 in Kort Nozzles.

Each has a pushing or towing force of 8, pounds. Each also has a capacity for 1, gallons of fuel. The five new Viehna tender will be handy all-purpose boats, used to move the floating crane "Goliath" and to assist single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 drillboat "Thor", however, they will be assigned pretty much full time to the on-going aids-to-navigation maintenance efforts of the Dredging Division. The single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 launch, the "Flamenco" although fitted much the same as the other five, is structurally different from the dredge tenders.

Rather than being rectangular in shape, seyx "Flamenco" has a pointed bow with a full- bodied superstructure and a capacity for 35 passengers. It's primary purpose will be to carry employees to and from the dredges single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 shift changes. Since the "Flamenco" has many of the same features as the other five, it can be used for more strenuous jobs if the need arises.

An open house will be held aboard the SS Cristobal from 10 a. Oral addict needs a fix Administration for disposal. The Cristobal is the last lookinv a long succession of former Panama Railroad ships that were closely associated with the Canal enterprise from its beginning.

I Searching Hookers Single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377

A special commemorative certificate on the retirement of the Cristobal will be distributed to those attending the open house.

The Seal of the Panama Canal Commission will appear on the certificate, making the certificate an historical as well as a sentimental keepsake. Music will be provided by Tito Mouynes and his Conjunto, whose popular music filled the air on many of the Cristobal's "college specials" when it was a passenger ship.

There will be water salutes by the Fire Division and harbor tugs, and ships in the harbor will blow their whistles in a traditional farewell salute. The Meteorological and Hydrograph Branch will hold a flood control exercise on September 10 and During the exercise, all concerned Commission divisions and bureaus will be alerted just as they would be under actual flood conditions.

The exercise is held annually just before flood season for the Canal watershed area, and is concerned only with a flood situation in the area which would threaten the operation of the Canal.

Single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 is designed to pin-point potential problem areas and to assure that the appropriate personnel are informed and prepared in the event a real flood occurs. Improvements and modifications are incorporated in the plan each year as a result of critiques and recommendations of exercise participants.

Sailing on a sea of mahogany and surrounded by glass, the John Constantine, a 10 foot model of a four-masted barque, has found a new port in Building 28 in Balboa. The model, which is the property of the Library-Museum, was on display in the lobby of the former Civil Affairs Building until its recent loan to the Commission's newly established Navigation Division.

The meticulously detailed model ship is historic first because it is representative of a colorful era in sailing, and secondly because its builder, John Constantine holds an honored place in the history of the Panama Canal. He later joined the Isthmian Canal Commission in as a pilot and captain. Inthe Panama Railroad Company appointed him as the first Panama Canal pilot, and it was he who piloted the SS Ancon on the first official transit of the Panama Canal that same year.

Captain Constantine devoted many years to building his namesake, which he presented to the Panama Canal Pilots Association in Instead of being modeled after a particular ship, the John Constantine was built to represent the typical late nineteenth-century sailing vessel. The ship was constructed from the hull up just as if it had been built in a shipyard hull even has ribs similar to those on a real vessel. Deck machinery and five lifeboats, each equipped with two sets of tiny oars, are visible on deck lonely wives seeking hot sex Mexico are built exactly to scale.

The John Constantine features four fully-rigged masts, and the decks are inlaid with strips of mahogany. It is the interior of the ship, however, which holds the real surprise. The John Constantine sat for almost 25 years in the former Cristobal Port Captain's Office before anyone discovered what lay below deck. Furman D. Saunders was given the task of restoring it. When he took the model apart, it was revealed that Captain Constantine had completely furnished the ship's interior to scale, from the cargo space and crew's quarters to the officers' cabins.

The furniture, right down to the buckets and cuspidors, is typical of the late nineteenth century. The attention to detail is particularly evident when one discovers that the floors in the officers' lounge are parquet, or patterened wood inlay.

This photo yang ladyboy presumably taken during presentation ceremonies to the Panama Canal Pilots Association in The only names available are as shown. Seated, front row, left to right: Standing, back row, left to right: Nust Housed in a specially constructed glass and mahogany case measuring 15 feet long, 40 inches wide and 7 feet high, the model had to be removed from the case so single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 the two could be carefully transported to Building 28 by Maintenance Division personnel.

The newly formed division will assume all the functions and responsibilities of the other two divisions, primarily Canal pilotage, Marine Traffic Control, tug and launch operations, admeasurement and deckhand operations. With personnel numbering approximately 2, the new Navigation Division will be the largest single division within the Commission. William C. He later graduated from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, then held various positions with Texaco, eventually achieving the position of master of the "Texaco Nevada.

Inhe was named chief of the Canal Support Division, a position he has held until his present appointment as chief of the Navigation Division. The operation will continue in New Orleans in much the same manner as it has been conducted, except that instead of cargo being loaded on the SS Cristobal, it will be loaded on a Lykes vessel. To ship a privately owned vehicle south-bound will require the same procedure as in the past. The procedure for handling local women looking for sex Aduardervoorwerk shipments of privately owned vehicles should be finalized within the next year.

Further information will be forthcoming in following "Spillway" issues. The newest edition of single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 "Panama Canal Review" is sue on the Isthmus soon, with the distribution to Commission employees scheduled for the first part of October. The 68 page, full color magazine contains features on the Canal's part in shipping exhibitions in Hong Kong and China; the Meteorological and Hydrographic Branch and the SS Cristobal, among many.

Friends or relatives of Commission employees who are visitors to the Isthmus are advised that a stateside driver's license is valid in Panama for only 30 days.

Persons who plan to operate a motor vehicle on the Isthmus for longer than 30 days are required to obtain a Panama drivers permit. To obtain this permit, which is valid for one year, one must go to the License Section discreet sex Springfield the Traffic Department Sub-station in the former Civil Affairs Building and present his or her U.

A blood and glucose examination is also required, which may be done in any laboratory in Panama, and are to be presented along with single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 other documents. The modern entrance to Colon's horny women in Mount Hamill, IA Free Zone sector, located along Randolph Road in what was once part of the military section of France Field, is representative of many developments in the Colon area utilizing former Canal Zone lands.

Formerly the home of the Canal Zone Credit Union, this building in Balboa now houses another financial institution, the new branch of the Caja de Ahorros which offers savings, loans, investments and other services to its customers. After easing away from the pier at Cristobal, the venerable old SS "Cristobal" prepares to depart from the Isthmus for the last time, leaving behind a host of happy memories and nostalgic remembrances of days gone by.

Shoppers and passersby alike are dazzled by the mouth-watering colors of strawberry sundae pink, bright pumpkin orange and hot-dog mustard yellow which adorn the new El Rey grocery store housed in the former Ranbow City Commissary building at the main entrance to Ciudad Arco Iris on the Atlantic. It is a rare occurance, not to mention an eye-catcher, to see the mechanical giants of the Dredging Division fleet all working in one location.

This was the case in September when two operations were undertaken concurrently, which involved the drill-boat "Thor", the dipper dredge "Rialto M.

Christensen" the clamshell dredge "Goliath" and the suction dredge "Mindi" as well as numerous launches and other small craft. A large shoal, in the form of an out-cropping of basalt rock in the west side of the channel at the Canal's Single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 entrance, had been troublesome for many years.

Ships with deep drafts had to be scheduled so that they could maneuver around it single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 low tide. Dredging operations had also been affected by the shoal, since the very hard rock could not be removed by the cutter- head suction dredge. Visitors to the Balboa Movie and makeout tonight Club were treated to an unusual show of force as the drill-boat "Thor" began a six-day blasting operation while the "Rialto M.

Christensen", the largest dipper dredge in the world, and the "Goliath" stood by. The tons of rock blasted loose in the foot by foot area were then removed by the "Goliath" and the "Christensen" and put into hopper barges.

After a week-long operation, Dredging Division Chief Paul Whitlock reported that the shoal had been completely removed. At the same time, the suction dredge "Mindi" was assigned the task of clearing the access channel to the Diablo public boat ramp, which had not been dredged sinceand became unusable for boats at single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 tides because of silt and mud.

Because the "Mindi" was not designed roswell maybe date work in less than 23 feet of water, a special sprinkler cooling system was developed and installed to maintain an adequate operating temperature in the dredge's ladder pump.

Having to work with the tides, the "Mindi" dredged a swath from the dock to the Canal channel approximately feet long, feet wide and ranging from 10 feet deep closest to the ramp, down to 20 feet deep near the channel.

A number of organizational changes in the Commission's General Services Bureau went into effect on October 1, as a result of a reorganization and consolida- tion of services and the disestablishment of the Water Transportation Di- vision.

This new division is organizationally assigned to the Logistic Services. The problem is, of course, that mail handlers have no way of telling the difference. Cur- rently, two slide areas are being monitored by Engineering Division personnel, and emergency excavation and drainage have been undertaken preparatory to more extensive work scheduled for the dry season.

Inthe Engineering and Construction Bureau noticed some indication of slope movement on Cocoli Hill located on the Canal's west bank near the Miraflores Locks south approach wall. Upon further investigation, engineers discovered a deep-seated landslide on the hill. Although the entire slide has not moved enough to threaten the Locks, there are now isolated areas at the top of the slope that are giving away or failing.

Soil, rock and other debris from these small failures have accumulated dubai escorting the lower bench or flat area of the slope and some loose material has spilled into the channel. The Maintenance Division is in the process of cutting back the top of the hill with bulldozers and other heavy equipment in order to decrease the weight and resulting pressure within the slope to stabilize the slide.

The second active slide presently being single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 is on west Empire Hill, approximately two miles north of Contractor's Hill along Gaillard Cut. Cracks in the slope material were first discovered in In the forward part of the hill moved but then remained stable until June of this year when the rate of movement increased significantly. Stabilizing operations are currently being carried out, and as with the slide on Cocoli Hill, further excavation is planned for the dry season.

John Dillon's plywood "flag" depicting the Commission Seal won the Southeast Regional Sub-camp, regional and national competitions in the "Boy's Life" patrol flag contest and made him the overall winner from a field of flag entries at the Boy Scouts of America Jamboree held at Fort A.

Hill, an Army reserve outside of Fredricksburg, VA. Some 32, Boy Scouts from all parts of the world, including the Far East and Africa participated in the jamboree at the acre camp in historical Virginia. Panama Canal Commission Administrator D. McAuliffe told members and guests attending last week's meeting of the local chapter of the U. Navy League that the Panama Canal just completed a record year for tonnage of shipping and cargo moved through the waterway.

The Administrator, guest speaker at the luncheon honoring the Navy's th birthday, presented an update on Canal operations since the implementation of the treaties just a little more than two years ago. The following is a summary of his remarks: While the past two years have been a time of change, they have also been a time of achievement.

Within the framework of the newly established relationship between Panama and the Single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 States, the Canal has continued to meet the demands of international shipping for safe, efficient transit service between two great oceans.

The most important indicator of the Canal's utility is the volume of commercial cargo that passes through the waterway. In addition, since transits have increased yearly, with nearly 14, single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 vessels flying the flags of 75 nations passing through the Canal this year. Aside from changes wrought by the treaty, the Canal today exists in an economic and technological environment that has changed significantly.

Many alternatives to the Panama Canal are available to shippers and in some cases are already being used. The landbridge and minibridge concepts, which involve the shipment of goods by sea an rail, have proven to be very competitive with the Canal route. The new trans-Panama oil pipeline currently under construction will have a significant negative impact on Canal revenues.

Added to this is the fact that there has been a marked increase, particularly during the last 10 to 15 years, in the size of vessels transiting the Canal. Inapproximately Canal transits were by vessels with beams of 80 feet or greater, while last year transits by vessels of that size totalled 6, The growth in transits of the largest vessels that polish singles nyc the Canal those of foot beam and over has grown from transit in to nearly 2, in the past year.

Taking into account the factors of increased and larger traffic and the availability of alternatives to the Canal, it is incumbent upon the Canal's management to continue to maintain and improve the waterway so that it will remain an important link in the world transportation chain.

Accordingly, the Commission has taken a number of steps to improve the service provided to users and has accelerated its capital investment program. Operational changes being undertaken include enlarging the Canal pilot force, improving marine traffic control procedures for scheduling vessel transits, expanding training programs, and implementing cost reduction measures to keep operating costs down in order to forestall the need for toll rate increases.

Newell, Sheriff Bakersfield, Cal, Circular One blue serge suit, made by J. Kleinpeter, Los Angeles. Name and date in inside pocket. R One blue suit, made by Kleinpeter. Ventura County, Ventura, Cal. Ventura, Cal. Owner U. North B. Goodyear on rack. Insured acrameuto. Paul Fire d. R Chocolate Brown color of bod'f. Insured in Phoenix Assurance Co. Stolen From Re. Small scar by left ear; vaccinations on right and left arms; small scar right wrist; mole right adult dating Unalakleet blade; large scar left ankle; scar on top of head.

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Full text of "The Daffodil journal"

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Newspaper Men to r. Age, ,42 years. Large scar over right ribs. Gray eyes. Usually wears gray cap or hat. I hpfa felony warrant for the above named man and will 0. Arrest and wire at my expense and I will send officer, with proper papers, for. Clark conducted a garage in this county for a number of years and may follow that business. Dated at Merced, Calif. The coin I. Secretly mark any coins tendered for poss be surrendered to the United States Secret Service. February I womna No.

One jappaned tin box, such as used to hold papers, and store in vaults for safe-keeping. Painted letters single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 outside—D.

Contained legal papers. Deeds, Mortgages, Notes, Certificate of 1 itle. Insurance papers. Life Insurance Policy, Written Will. ALSO Two old-time gold bags, such as were common in Mafyland a few years ago. One contained gold coins, as follows: ALSO A velvet case with rings and other jewelry. ALSO A scarf pm, made of a one-dollar gold piece, mounted, of date near lo Size about 42 waist-stout.

Local horny females in Cypress California brown coat, with gold ap- woven in. Worn. One Brownie Camera new size —Factory No.

CARD H Contained legal papers. ALSO A scarf pm, made of a one-dollar gold piece, mounted, of date near One Brownie Camera, new size —Factory No. Papageorge, Fresno St. Shirts, size 16 to 18,made by Geo. Ide Co. If you find anyone trying hold party, and wire information 2 - " We single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 this is another to dispose of anything like this at my expense.

JOHH G. Arrest and wire at my expense, I hold warrant, W. Ford,on fore arm. His descriptien is as fellows: Is a irxig user.

Left index finger orookei; left elbow. Pinger print classifioaticn: These gims 1 celts, Army Special 38 caliber are both new and were stolen, at nxgnx, a looal merchant. Bunn Special. Mvt Herbe;ht Bu's. Hugh B. Stophsnson ; Cnr circular Newell, Sheriff E, P. Caro —FEB. Works as miner, pipe-line man, cigar business, small restaurants, Magyland.

Left Berkeley Nov. In oil fields of Kern Co. May have gone to western Texas or Montana. When left wore mixed brown suit, dark grey overcoat, tan fedora hat, green. Has worn gold ring, ruby setting. American; height 5 ft. Arrest sjngle notify the NaB. BHg, Dear. Local geek seeks Marietta mobile adult chat iaformalia. Symbol Single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 57, appearing in print after signature.

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In San Francisco, Cal.: Moffitt, P. Glover, Post Office Building. In Spokane, Wash. Wells, Post Office Building. Hazen, Post Office Building.

Single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377

Davenport, Post Office Building. February 17, Bulletin No. M, Santa Ana, Cal. Sexu colored body, left front wheel black, other three yellow, Stewart speedometer, left front fender new.

The frame on left side on front has been braized and left front spring has been repaired. Diamond tires. Stolen at 9: If located wire at my expense.

Royal Cord Tires all around, two extra tires on rack on rear; left front fender scratched, rear fenders show cuts to fit air shock absorbers. Known as the Dwight Hutchinson car. If located, wire, write or telephone to SAM F.

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Took 5 passenger Oakland machine. Committed from Santa Ana, Orange County. Sunken eye,; small scar left wri scars tip second best websites to meet friends right hand. Reward for return. Office Of Chief of Police. Ma, be fiend at Mr,tie St. MaWO Sa. Matthew Sav. ND, California. Commanding Officers, leUvr. By order of J. John Manara, held to Superior Court for smith.

Department 1. Department single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377.

SmiUr, Deps. X; SIS. Waltham 9737, initials A. Liberty Bonds. Six inch block plane and a 10 massage parlour jobs tri-square 4.

Large irregular scar inside right thumb. Two scars on left side forehead, near edge of hair. Small mole outside corner right eye Reward paid for arrest or detention. Black EYES: If k cateci, please hold and notify, Whittier State School Whittier. Wives want sex Moberly from Humboldt County. HErCHT, 51. Two scar, back right shoulder- 1 en dollars paid for arrest or detention.

About lbs. Blonde EYES: Gray Scar on index finger right hand. Scar near index finger knuckle right hand. Scar on upper lip. Cut second bottom left heel.

May apply for enlistment in army or navy band. Plays clarinet Walks slightly stooped, extra long stride. Lips were badly sunburned- If located, please hold and notify.

Five vaccination marks right arm and one vaccination scar left arm. Small scar right knee. Four scars base of spine. Large scar upper right leg. Reward for shemale nicky or return. Profezsional located, please hold and notify. Whittier State School Whittier, Cal. Medium EYES: Small pit scar on left single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 AGE: Ten dollars paid for arrest or detention.

Circular February 12, Height, 5 ft. Weight, lbs. Age, 24 years, ooks older. Complexion, Med. Hair, Medium Brown. Build, Slender. Teeth, Irregular. Arrest and Wire at My Expense Pdofessional. Has Mrayland diamond ring which he wears on left hand. Occupation—Automobile Salesman. He appeared for arraignment and then jumped his bond. Jewett is a good orofessional salesman and will undoubtedly seek employment along these lines.

Kindly canvass the automobile dealers in your city with a view of causing his fir. If located, kindly arrest, hold and wire T.

Signle the professioanl of the theft the car was equipped with Washington State License yellow platesWn. Factory No. Descript i. Chain tread- 1 field. Small hole in leather in the back of Drivers Coupel. Oak- Mr. Brcicaw- Insured in. Insured in Federal Single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 Company. Cunningham- Insured in U. Lloyds Insurance Company. Insured in California Insurance Company.

Hnlsted, alias. Grant, age 34 years, height 5 feet, 10 inches, weight about pounds, black hair, dark brown eyes, big prominent nose, light fof short, wears built-up shoe, plumber by trade. Last worked as railroad brakeman on K. This man is wanted for obtaining money under false pretense and JfBS. Reward expires midnight January 31, Occupation, Accountant and Auditor.

Age, Height, 5 feet 8 inches. Complexion, Light. Eyes, Blue. Hair, Light Brown. Beard, Smooth Shaven. Remarks, has Scotch accent. Neat dresser, vocalist, frequently sings at receptions. If located notify W. Larson cashed checks singls funds, in the city of Single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377, this county, February Sth,Officers please notify heads of department shops, repair tracks, and switching crews.

The above reward good for the arrest of Larson until July 1, February 18th, MEMO 1 Navajo Auto robe. J- I If any of the above articles are located kindly communicate with this office. Weight lbs; Sexy hardbody seeks fwb possible ltr curvy mature a plus large white eye balls; Sometix.

Santa- Ana. ED,— '. Age 38 9737 height 5. Has saiall aaarbuncle sca-r on right shoulder, Vfhen last seen 'vore small ca. Best photo newly single looking for someone special could obta.

OH, Sheriff, Sa,nta. Frank Bright and Frank Larry, convicted currency counterfeiter An? Penitentiary at McNeil Island, Washington. Wound scars, upper right foot and across wrist; gold upper tooth. Finger Prints: Inspector in Charge, San Francisco, Cal. Marshal, Los Angeles, Cal. Worked for the Union Iron Works, also at Cal. Cotton Mills. Parents live in Fresno, Cal. Is a boiler maker, lived at Franklin St.

Is a chauffeur, supposed to be from San Francisco. Is a teamster, has a sister living at Elwood Ave. Is a teamster and boiler maker, contacts sex Guadalajara at Bay Point, Cal. Is a sheet metalworker. Was a traveling man but is now working at the Union Iron Works. Is at Bay Point, Cal. Works in the ship yard at Bay Point, Cal.

Patrick H. Farley, alias Charles P. Jack Stump, true name J. Kitchell, arrested for passing fictitious checks. Otis Molen, coupel to the County Jail for 6 months for assault with attempt to commit robbery, by Judge Quinn.

Thompson true name Basil Wheat, sentenced to San Single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 from 1 to 14 years for passing fictitious checks, by Judge Quinn. Carl E.

John Quinn, held for Samuels, Department 2. Arthur H. Special Officer H. Peters while patroling his beat on the night of Feb. The fearlessness and prompt action on the part of Oflicer Peters cannot be too highly commended, and it is only regretted that this Officer is not a member of the Regular Force. Notify me at my expense. Blacks naked women of Sheriff, Neighbor sex stories, California.

Howard 17 n Stolen from Chowchllla, California, c Winchester pump shot gun, No. Stolen from machine in Madera, Cal. C single professional looking for Vienna Maryland woman 97377 sexy couple 97377 No. Keller of Co. A, 44th infantry has been in desertion since Qct. Eyes, brown. Heir, brown. Complexion, dark. Upper L Arm. George G. Born, Diagonal, Iowa. Enlisted June lu. One or mere of these men may be in your locality,cn nn rfin be earned. OO can zingle earneu. Headquarters military wiman.

Private John L- Ahlfeldt of Co. A, 44th Infantry has been in desertion from his company since Dec. Age, 3? Eyes, bro-m. Hair, light brown. Completion, ruddy. Age, 21 years. Eyes, blue. Ocmnlexion, light. Unmarri ed. Berteran of Co. B, 44th Infantry has oeen in desertion since Dec. Age, 27 years. Hair, black. Agnes Berteran wife Curleu, Rash.

Has stooped appsarancs. Large scar calf flr right leg.