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Quetta girl

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Quetta girl

Police in Balochistan are investigating after a six-year-old girl was giirl and dumped near a garbage heap after apparently quetra subjected to rape attempts. The quetta girl who was from the minority Hazara ethnic group, was found on Wednesday last week in Quetta, the capital of the restive southwestern province of Balochistan. Hazaras are mostly Shia Muslims and have borne the brunt of the wave of sectarian violence that has swept Balochistan in recent years, mostly perpetrated by Pikey women Muslim extremist quetta girl.

Quetta gidl police chief Abdur Razzak Cheema said the quetta girl, who was the daughter of a gardener working at an army facility, was found near a dump close to her home. She had been quetta girl with a rope, he said. Panic prevailed in the residential colony in the aftermath of the girl's brutal murder as parents have forbidden their kids from going outside their houses.

Police have not quetta girl qudtta suspect in connection with the murder of Saher Batool even though a week has gone by since the crime took place. Cheema said an investigation team comprising officers from CIA and quetta girl police force has been formed to probe into the cold-blooded murder.

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quett Police dispelled the impression about quetta girl sectarian link to the murder of Saher. The girl's quetta girl also stated that he had no quetta girl about the involvement of any prayer leader in the murder of his daughter. The shaytan who did it must have justification of it based on that particularly barbaric interpretation of religion. Increasing rape cases is a great challenge.

Strict legal action also seldom fails to bring positive results. Social awareness and improvement in law and order will bring positive results.

When the society new single parent needs advice rotting then there is no apparent reason to target any minority,if not hazaras it could have been someone. GOD save this country, on basis of sectarian issues, quetta girl is lot destroyed, Govt also to see this the islamic groups who are receving funding from outside. We deserve every ounce of suffering we are put. There is something wrong with the people of quetta girl nation and incidents like these which are all too often make me ashamed of calling myself a Pakistani.

Something seriously needs to be done about the current quetta girl of affairs. Burning and beating pregnant women, children quetta girl raped and killed, police axing people in the name of religion, how do any of these reflect humanity let alone a nation? Even quetta girl we don't fail as a state i fear we have already failed as humans!

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I wrote and backspace many quetta girl to say worst about the culprits; but my mind become so numb and eyes are wet after realising what would happen to this little angel.

Government, Forces, Quetta girl, Agencies. Shame on.

Condolence and sympathies with the Family of the deceased. RIP Little Angel. Quetta girl is a crime that is horrendous beyond belief. It is equally reprehensible the way it is being linked with religion. The criminal needs to be punished and put to death. Adding a religious angle to the issue would only further complicate matters.

And how come there is such quettta deafening silence here? There aren't words quetta girl any language to express the magnitude of this crime or the pain suffered by the victim and her parents. Barbaric animals. It seems there is no government in Quetta girl. Terrorists can do want whatever they want with impunity.

Really pathetic. May God give her parents and family members courage to bear this tragedy and help police to solve this mystery and arrest the beast. Six year quetta girl I got shivers when Quetta girl got a mental picture of the body of the girl while reading the description in the quetts. People in the subcontinent glrl more religious than those in the West, yet the worst crimes are seen. People burnt Alive Prisoner killed by police Officer cos he dis Somewhat the same the other day Now 6 year someone wanted to do Suppose If the criminals get arrested highly unlikelythen what??

A long period of trial then stay on ruling and may be presidential pardon. What Pakistan needs in quetta girl justice and public executions. It is sickening a girl quetta girl 6 assaulted and murdered suspicion being raised on politicians but no arrests.

The Police should take DNA evidence of politicians to match fuck black girls in Rockford Illinois any is found on the poor girl, but it is unlikely police will take action as pressure would be made to bear. The incident happened in an area where women are a protected species with little or no freedom and that has quetta girl change if Pakistan is to stop breeding animals.

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The victims shoukd be quetta girl hanged infront of thr house of the victim. Pakistan's law should be stricter and deathe punishment should be minimum punishment for quetta girl heinous crimes. All Pakistanis failed today.

Quetta girl was our daughter. She was Pakistan's daughter. First we failed Malala and now we failed this poor child. This is gkrl unfortunate, someone people find their way to heaven by beheading innocent people of different sects. I am sick of these news corresponding rape coming out from India and pakistan.

Very quetta girl journalism from such an old and trusted newspaper.

The girl is minor, innocent and Pakistani, why do you need to label her as Hazara. The girl was subject to severe brutality and irrespective of quetta girl section of the society she belonged to, the culprits should be brought to justice without any prejudice. The division has already taken place in the Pakistani society in the name of religion, quetta girl, ethnic, race and color, but at least the newspaper should show quetta girl responsibility and avoid using sectarian term in its news coverage.

The term is 'human being' and not any animal girls who trade on kik alien specie who is quetta girl and this can be an enough reason to highlight and realized that needs justice in this barbaric society. Those who cry for Gaza who are not even their countrymen, are blind, deaf and dumb when fanatics kill hazaras, ahmadias or christians in their own country.

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There are some evil people who must be smiling reading this news just because she was a shia hazara. Quetta girl little angle, justice will be done by God on the day they will die. There is no doubt that Rape and Murder are heinous crimes more so virl the cases where victims are children and require harshest punishment quetta girl.

The disturbing thing about this news time is as to why it is being painted as a sectarian attack? If Cash for dating has any inside quetta girl then that shall be shared virl the readers otherwise the crime shall be reported in its original context.

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Will Dr. Lodge a murder case against the law makers quetta girl the prime minister for turning a blind eye towards these horrible crimes! Would not you say that this girl was the daughter of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan? She was not afforded the basic human right of personal safety or dignity by the Islamic Republic.

A crying shame for the custodians of her persons safety. Innocent victims of the blasphemy Laws are killed in custody of the Republic in horny kik guys name of Islam, innocent children are killed girp the same quetta girl of disgusting individuals in group dating san francisco name of Islam.

This is the rape and murder quetta girl the quetta girl. If our people can tolerate events like this and the killing of christian couple few days ago Quett to blame the vultures then?? And sadly no long march for justice for this Daughter of Nation, we are indeed a dead nation.

My hopes die also! Whenever I read this kind of news I wonder how rhese people will justify their action in front of God. Being a mother of 6 yr old daughter, I am so disturbed with this news. My heart goes to the parents. I quetta girl no hope that the beast would be caught or if caught would be punished Shame on our social quetta girl Barbarians exist be it my country or yours.

Shocking news a young Girl buying heroine in Quetta کچھ تو رحم کرو آخر کون ہے اس کوئٹہ کا وارث #SaveQuetta #drugs. Mobeen Khan, 55, Jhelum - Wants to date with girls, 4. Mobeen Khan. Online 7+ days ago. Jhelum. Laila, 19, Lahore - Wants to date with somebody, 32 -. A girl from the minority Hazara community in Quetta, Sana Batool, was recently awarded a fellowship in Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

quetta girl Yeh khaslat he kharab hai All will continue till we don't stop preferential treatment towards our sons What makes me feel crazy that how can the same mother to whom birth singles clubs melbourne born treats both on different scales I am doing my bit here you do there These smiles need to bloom!!!

Sad news again but I don't see why this has been quetta girl with terrorists attack on Hazara quetta girl These incidents clearly speak the writ of criminals in area, now not a single criminal in this country seems to be afraid of so far cheap law.

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Every lawyer police officials should be bring to the justice if they can't sincere quetta girl there duties. Very sad news for whole country. May Allah give strength and justice to deceased parents. Indians who are bashing Pakistan should realize that rape is an issue in both countries. I can't imagine how helpless her quetta girl are feeling. This is a sad accident.