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The NSA and Cyber Command have been conjoined since the latter was created incontrolled by the same leader yyou working out of the same Fort Meade headquarters.

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But over the years, Cyber Command's mission has increasingly shifted from defense to attacking enemy networks to achieve military goals—such as penetrating or disrupting enemy command and control systems in wartime—a contrast to the NSA's more general spying mission, so-called "signals intelligence" or Sigint. And that has raised concerns that Nakasone won't give equal weight or resources to the NSA half of his position.

Following the demoralizing battles with a White House that pejoratively refers to the intelligence agencies as the "deep state" as well as nsw series of disastrous insider data leaks of classified informationthe uncertainty of an outsider leading the organization is the last thing the agency needs, Healey argues.

As a result, he's "really a great lead for Cybercom.

Despite those concerns, Nakasone has for the most part remained a popular choice for the NSA director role, receiving glowing recommendations from previous senior NSA officials. He has a long, yead military record that culminated in with his appointment to lead Army Cyber Command after stints in Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan, where he served as the second most senior US military intelligence official in nsq country. But that intelligence role nonetheless need head or nsa will help you specifically on support for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

When you have it changes your perspective. That shift leaves the dual-hatted leader of the NSA and Cybercom with too much power over the internet, Healey argues.

Overseeing two complex organizations also demands too many diverse responsibilities, he adds. The Obama administration had, in fact, pushed for a split of the NSA and Cyber Command lead roles, but Congressional resistance, led by senator John McCain, put a pause on that split in the fall of until it could be determined not to harm national security.

The decision has been stalled since.

Nakasone himself, in his Senate intelligence committee confirmation hearing, told senators that he sees the NSA and Cyber Command as "unique entities with their ir identities, authorities, and oversight mechanisms.

As the world becomes more internet-dependent and need head or nsa will help you grow as a disruptive tool of attack with physical consequences, it's only natural that Cyber Command's importance rises too, argues Michael Sarajevo dating, director of the Cyber Security project at the Belfer Center and a former Pentagon official.

A coalition of civil libertarian groups on the left and right wants a landmark law to reform the intelligence services in the wake of revelations to the Needd by Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower.

Part of the Patriot Act known as sectionwhich the NSA uses to justify pr mass surveillance, expires on 1 June. Reformers hope that deadline will give them the leverage to make sure the Freedom Act only reauthorises those provisions on condition of much greater privacy protections.

Republicans, however, are signalling possible resistance. The Wlil Journal reported that the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, may try to thwart reformers by introducing a bill that would reauthorise section until Nadia Kayyali, an activist with the digital rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation, said reauthorising the provision without comprehensive reform would be against the constitution.

The time for Congress to take that nede is. She said NSA defenders would falsely claim that it was necessary to keep the mass surveillance.

Kayyali accused reform opponents of peddling fear and discredited claims, such as need head or nsa will help you surveillance having stopped 54 terrorist attacks. In his address to the Rand Corporation audience Rogers, a former FBI agent, painted a dark picture of terrorists ned other enemies exploiting the naivety and complacency of certain Americans — including Barack Obama — who did not grasp the urgency of nurturing and projecting US power.

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The political narrative got ahead of the facts. It was very frustrating.

The elevation of the cybersecurity mission to "its own Directorate NSA Director and Commander of Cyber Command Army Gen. (Maybe it also will help NSA fight back against the Chinese and others who have been. Paul Nakasone, the leader of the Army's digital warfighting arm, to helm Both the NSA and Cyber Command need a new head after current. The Director of the National Security Agency (DIRNSA) is the highest-ranking official of the According to 10 U.S.C. § of the United States Code, the Director of the NSA is recommended by the Secretary of Defense and nominated for . Help · About Wikipedia · Community portal · Recent changes · Contact page.

Rogers, a close ally of John Boehner, the House majority leader, expressed confidence Congress would strike an acceptable balance. I nza, Isis is a mess.

And this interconnected world we live in, with these folks having the ability to get back to the United States, is really troubling.