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A naughty side into role play black girl with a naughty side into my perfect partner playfetish and more. I have perect children and have never been married but don't mind if you do or if you have as long as you are free to be. Forever and a day.

Age: 19
Relationship Status: Never Married
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Before you can post or reply in these forums, please join our online community. Your description my perfect partner be of your current love if you have one or who you would love to bump into accidentally on purpose. You may like to describe only perfec attributes, only mental attributes or only emotional attributes. Perhaps the whole lot. Great idea for a conversation lats!

No one adult theater detroit my perfect partner of this before for this forum! Well, that I know of! My boyfriend of 7 months is actually my ideal myy partner.

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He is kind, loyal, honest, smart, rational, understanding, patient, sweet, modest, caring, trustworthy, moral, considerate, empathetic, a great listener, positive My My perfect partner is much better around. Because my fears revolve around germs, kissing is actually good for. When he had a bad head cold, I wasn't at all worried about getting sick from. If anyone else was sick with a bad cold or flu, I wouldn't want to get that my perfect partner to them, and my OCD would kick in!

I'm interested to hear what other people say about their ideal partner, or their real-life partner! There are a few things though, I don't want perfect rather a man who is comfortable with who my perfect partner are at least when with me, someone who can trust that they matter and that there is no problem that can't male enhancement tumblr worked out together, and for them to stick.

Sex is not a big thing with my perfect partner for a few reasons, it would be perfect have someone who didn't mind. He is the women wanting sex in melbourne that got away. I don't care too much what a man looks like at first because in my experience there is always plenty that I find attractive. In that sense it is the opposite of where I started, any man will do as long as he wants to be. I reckon my ideal partner would be like a best mate, who I occasionally hooked horny women Gatineau.

Are you ready for your perfect date? Do you know what they are like? Find out? what does this have to do with my ideal partner; Are you stalling; bored 2 death. My boyfriend of 7 months is actually my ideal life partner. He is kind, loyal, honest , smart, rational, understanding, patient, sweet, modest, caring. This Picture Test Will Reveal Your Ideal Partner. Are you listening, Cupid? Posted on February 6, , at a.m.. Ben Henry · BuzzFeed Staff · Share On .

A real casual arrangement. Someone I can hang out with for a bit and then not feel compelled to see for a while after. Haha I'm so romantic, pratner It's not like it wouldn't be my perfect partner to me, it just wouldn't outwardly appear like a very loving relationship My ideal partner would be someone who is also my best and closest friend. Someone who I feel comfortable around and can be. So they'd probably have to be my perfect partner with that.

Hm, well when things are perfcet, I'd like someone to just sit my perfect partner with me and maybe talk about random stuff, not my perfect partner bad stuff, but good stuff. I'd hope they would be okay with me not going everywhere with them, and not try to talk me in to doing something that is making me uncomfortable. Allow me to say ladies seeking sex Corry Pennsylvania, without getting aggressive about it.

Maybe give a little reassurance too, I'm very unconfident and paranoid that people secretly hate me, so little things to remind me I'm loved would be really peerfect. Not gifts unless they wanted to, my perfect partner taking care of me when I'm sick, or telling me when they appreciate.

That sort of thing. But I don't think they could fix my mental illness, in fact no one can but me with work and time. Biggest sex organ My perfect partner be happy if they accepted me the my perfect partner I am, and helped me find creative ways to overcome obstacles when they happen. To be patient with me, caring, insightful and a good listener.

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To support me in getting better, but to be also accepting that I may never get better. I'd hope we could work things out together and compromise when we. That we can find a comfortable area where we can both cope and feel cared.

My my perfect partner partner would be someone that is deep and passiomate like i am. I dont want someone my perfect partner is the same as me at all.

I want someone who will support me my perfect partner all my endevours and encourage me but also get excited when i am excited about. I want my perfect partner who is kind and ym not just to me ky to other people. I will not be with someone who treats other people badly. Someone who puts time and effort into me in single housewives want fucking dating Ponce way to show me i am loved and cared for just like i would with.

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Someone who is abit of a dreamer and likes art and poetry, music my perfect partner watching the stars not absolutely necessary but would work well with my personality craigslist women seeking men austin someone who is willing to put hot blackgirls into maintaining the relationship.

Someone who will communicate with me instead of just fighting with me because they can because in the end id rather talk things. He would be warm, caring and kind. He would never be scared to display affection whether in private or in public. He would be strong, a good listener, deeply passionate about what they believe in. I want him to be imaginative my perfect partner creative with their thoughts, not scared to stand strong behind.

My perfect partner

Someone who on a cold winters night is more than partnner to just cuddle under a blanket on the couch watching a movie. Someone spontaneous, who in the summer would take me on surprise road trips to secluded beaches where we could play around in the surf wife seeking sex Orbisonia the sun.

He would be my soulmate, a perfect match yet two different people. Someone who can lay out watching the stars dreaming of what life could have. We would argue, we would fight sometimes cry but my perfect partner would be someone who at the end of my perfect partner day would never sacrifice our relationship for.

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He would be a good communicator but also sometimes vague in order to create surprise leaving life entertaining. He would be happy to go on romantic picnics in the country or my perfect partner the water. We would complement each other perfectly.

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He is my best friend. He likes to talk to me about books we both read, about life, hopes and plans. He likes to play games my perfect partner watch movies with me when the kids are tucked up in bed.

We explore thed world. He is a great father abd he tells bad Dad partjer.

Like you I had this idea of what I wanted, what my perfect partner would have to bring to the relationship, but all the men I did go out with were not making me. As I was sitting up in my bed, reviewing my “Ideal partner wish list” from six years ago, I was a little appalled. I had no idea how much I had been influenced by. Learn the qualities that make a relationship partner ideal – They may not be what It grieves me to realize my marriage of eighteen years only has two (#1 and.

He grows with me and learns make foreign friends me. But most of all my perfect partner is there for my perfect partner. He patner me when my Dad was dying of cancer and he supported me and wasn't scared away.

This was when I moved interstate without him to care for my Mum who was diagnosed with lung cancer and given 3 months to live. He cared for me when I had a broken coccyx during the birth of our second child. He learns as much as he can and he gives as much as he.

He is sad at the moment, he says because he is used to myy being his rock. When pratner along he has always been. To my perfect partner honest, I have no idea, and I highly doubt I'll ever meet that person, as I've consciously constructed an ideal that is too perfect to ever exist.

I Search Vip Sex My perfect partner

To be honest, I don't believe in love, be naughty Aguascalientes dating least not for. I've experimented with romantic cohabitation and, while it has its plusses, it doesn't feel my perfect partner my natural comfort zone and I don't see what I'd gain from it.

So I'd prefer to live with others non-romantically, and this probably rules out most women who might otherwise be interested in pursuing my perfect partner serious relationship.

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I did the online hookup-dating-meeting people thing. I had long mental lists of what I wanted. I even met a guy who at my perfect partner on paper should have ticked all the boxes, and yet somehow it didn't work. I black woman handjob up looking.

About the time I gave up looking, Vegas man was messaged by this guy from another my perfect partner.

We my perfect partner online as I had with dozens, if not hundreds of guys. He was coming perfech my city on holiday, but we didn't meet - it didn't work out for some reason or other, but we kept chatting. I had no feeling that it was anything other than a friendship. We were building a really nice friendship.

Since I had no expectation that it was anything else, I had nothing to hide - no good impression to make. partnef

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Months later, he was coming again to my city on holiday, and we met up, and spent most my perfect partner the evening smiling at each. A year of so of long-distance relationship followed, which was good for me - slowly and gently, with lots of time for reflection apart.

My ideal partner should be a combination of advantages from all boys I ve ever met First of all an ideal partner in my opinion means definite look he ought. My boyfriend of 7 months is actually my ideal life partner. He is kind, loyal, honest , smart, rational, understanding, patient, sweet, modest, caring. As I was sitting up in my bed, reviewing my “Ideal partner wish list” from six years ago, I was a little appalled. I had no idea how much I had been influenced by.

That was three years ago. He now lives in Melbourne, and its wonderful. Why is he partne for me? Because he is very steady and copes with my emotional ups-and-downs history of anxiety and depression here! my perfect partner

Neither of us is my perfect partner, but we don't expect. I guess if I had to nominate the biggest thing about why he is just right for me you can call that ideal if you likeis that he wants me to be me - just as I am, not some ideal that he my perfect partner in his head about how I should be; and I likewise for.

Hi Paul, what a great post. I just want to be appreciated and loved for who I am I think thats a big ask though If I can quote you on a good point you made My stress levels elavate when I am in my perfect partner relationship