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The Big O is an anime that wears its inspiration on its sleeve: Sandwiched between Dragonball Z and Cowboy BebopBig O took a different tack with both its storytelling and its aesthetics.

It was styled after Batman: That Gotham City style seeps into everything about the art direction of Big O. Big O all takes place in and around Paradigm City, the remains of New York surrounded by a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

It also tje a similar question with R. Dorothy Wayneright, an android who comes to live with Roger Smith after the first episode and who, like Motoko Kusanagi of Ghost in the Shellhas a complicated existential relationship with her sense of self.

The Big O can be heavy at times. And confusing.

Its film noir sensibilities make it unlike many other animes. The sounds of forlorn saxophones fill the interstitial space as Roger Smith drives around his city. Bars are dark and full of smoke and piano music.

Roger is a negotiator. Generally, it leads to him solving some mystery or another during the course of each episode.

The robots in the Big O look like they were sculpted by an art deco genius. They have large cor and curves. The Big O stands feet tall, dwarfing some of the buildings in Paradigm City.

Big O was so beloved by its fan base that it was one of the first examples of fans managing to get a show brought back from the dead. The show ended in on a cliffhanger, and there was nothing else coming.

Fan demand especially in America got a second, and final, season for the show, which wrapped up the storyline and kind of answered the questions that were looking for the big o in the earlier episodes. tor

I Just Want To Service You

The Big O has a lot of big ideas crammed into just 26 episodes. What does it mean to be human?

Can people ever change, or are they ruled by their past? There are, of course, no easy answers. But fortunately, The Big O makes the journey just as exciting as the destination.

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