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Friends who love each other

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Sometimes, love appears in the most unexpected of places. A friendship may turn into something more, when you least expect it. You may have concerns that your friendship will oyher if you go down the path of romance.

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The first thing to do is be aware of the common signs that a friendship is turning into love. Body language says a great deal about how someone feels about you.

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A guy who is romantically interested in you may lean toward you when you talk or he may take every opportunity to make physical contact with you, friends who love each other to dating coach Marni Battista in the article, "5 Ways to Know if a Guy is Interested In You," for "YourTango.

Observe your friend's body language and be aware of how you use your body language around.

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If you gaze at him with wide eyes, laugh friends who love each other all his jokes -- even if they aren't funny -- and show signs of coyness like cocking your head to one side or looking up at him through your eyelashes, then these are typical female flirting signs. When you fall in love, you may feel giddy or you may experience a loss of appetite and you can't think about anything other than the object of your affection.

If you are preoccupied with thoughts of your friend and experience nerves or butterflies in your belly when you are around him, these are common signs that you see him as more than a friend.

For a friendship to turn into love, the feelings must be mutual. Consider if your friends who love each other is acting differently around you -- for no apparent reason. friebds

You may both be finding excuses to spend more time together than you froends. You may be in constant contact with each other through text messaging, emailing and social media messaging.

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If your messages are becoming flirtatious or suggestive, this is a definite sign that a romantic bond is forming. It is easier to drop hints about your true feelings for someone from afar than it is in person.

You may have witnessed women coming in friends who love each other out of your friend's life and perhaps have even been there to lend a sympathetic ear after a breakup. Perhaps you played matchmaker and set him up with one of frends friends, and vice versa. Whatever part you played in each other's love lives before, things will be very different if you are falling in love with each.

Your friend may become quiet, moody or irritable or may show jealous behavior if you talk friends who love each other another guy. You may feel the same if he mentions another girl. You may not even want to talk about your exes, because all you can think about is being with.

If neither of you friends who love each other any desire to date other people and would rather spend time together than with any potential partners, this is a strong clue that you are becoming more than friends. Giles is a writer with an MA Hons in English literature and a post-graduate diploma in law. Her work has been published in several publications, both ffriends and offline, including "The Herald," "The Big Issue" and "Daily Record.

Most Recent. References The Guardian: Language of Love YourTango: The Science Behind Falling in Love.

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