Dungeon Crafter’s Guild Network


Dungeon Crafter’s Guild Network

The Dungeon Crafters Guild is a network of miniature dungeon builders and crafters on the web who offer content, tutorials and information for RPGs, Wargames and Diorama modelmaking through their chosen media outlets (Websites/Youtube Channels/organisations etc)

Our members primarily deal with 28mm Fantasy Dungeon building in its many forms, but our love of miniatures and crafting stretch far beyond just fantasy crafting and may also include other genres of miniature model building, tips, tricks and techniques.

If you’d like to join our network, please contact one of our members, so that we can update our list.

We ask that all perspective members have the following topics or themes to their chosen site/channel etc:

  • Dungeon Crafting and Terrain building tutorials
  • Scratch building tips, hints and techniques
  • Free crafting resources (papermodels, floorplans, maps, textures, software etc)
  • General promotion of dungeon Crafting/ scratch building

Guild Members:

The Grinning Skull (Blog)

Home of Grinning Skull Miniatures and “Grim’s Dungeons of Doom” dungeon building article series, plus modelmaking tips, miniatures, crowdfunding spotlight and much more. Everybody Afterwards.

Cloud Craft site (Blog)

(Awaiting Description)

Dagger and Brush (Blog)

(Awaiting Description)

The Craft Shaft (Channel)

In depth tutorials on how to create your own Monsters, Terrain and other Crafts, related to Tabletop gaming. Regular upload schedule, when life doesn’t rear it’s ugly head…which it does…ever so often…actually most days…well, there’s room for improvement, upload-wise…

Sleepy Hollow -Restored Mike Johns (Channel & FB)

(Awaiting Description)

Masters of Pen and paper (Content publisher)
(Awaiting Description)

John Prime

Just currently a section of my site where I display various models that I have worked on. Currently most are built from purchased products with some kitbashing included. Eventually I hope to add video tutorials as well.

DM Insomnia (Channel)

runningwolf,  (please let me know your sites/channels/links/involvement details, so we can sort it!)


Please feel free to display our network banner, badge or button somewhere on your site/channel etc. to show your affiliation!


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