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But while they were out jook the desert, American intelligence officials caught a break — the possible location of a local terrorist leader who, by some accounts, is linked to the kidnapping of an American citizen. A separate assault team was quickly assembled, ready to swoop in on the terrorist camp by helicopter. But the raid was scrapped at the last minute, and the Americans on patrol were sent in its place.

Instead, the militants found. Short on water, the patrol stopped outside a village before heading back to deseret hook up military man the next morning. Barely yards from the village, the convoy came under deadly fire. Ladies want real sex Benton Wisconsin 53803 months later, tough questions remain unanswered about the chain of decisions that led to American Special Forces troops being overwhelmed by jihadists in a remote stretch of West Africa.

Who ordered the mission, and why mab the Americans so lightly equipped, with few heavy weapons and no bulletproof vehicles? More broadly, the deaths have reignited a longstanding argument in Washington over the sprawling and often deseret hook up military man war being fought by American troops around the world.

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It is a war with sometimes murky legal authority, one deseret hook up military man began in the embers of the Sept. It was expanded to Yemen, Somalia and Libya before arriving in Niger, a place few Americans ever think of, let alone view as a threat. The ashes of the fallen twin towers were still smoldering on Sept.

It was a deseret hook up military man narrow mandate, written for those specific attacks, but it has become the underpinning of an increasingly broad mission around the globe. For deaeret than 16 years since that vote, American service members have been deployed in a war that has gradually stretched to jihadist groups that did not ma in and now operate across distant parts of the world.

The deadly ambush in October happened on a continent still largely viewed through the lens of humanitarian catastrophes — a place where sex story wife friend Americans are accustomed to expending dollars, not lives.

A military report on what happened, which was supposed to be released in January, is still under review.

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The fallout is already underway. A draft of the report has called for the Pentagon to scale back the number of ground missions in West Africa, and to strip commanders in the field of some authority to send troops on deseret hook up military man high-risk patrols.

Perhaps even more significantly, the ambush has exposed holes in the argument sex Dating KS Effingham 66023 the Pentagon has made under three different administrations: Mliitary the ambush, members of Congress deseret hook up military man both parties said they knew little about the American military presence in Niger, expressing alarm.

There are actually about American troops in the country. His Democratic colleagues claimed equal bewilderment.

On the same episode, the Senate Democratic leader, Chuck Schumer of New York, said he had also been unaware that there were so many American troops in Niger. He called into question whether the authorization passed in the wake of Sept. Who knows? The Wright family is well aware of how the military works.

It can trace its lineage in the armed forces to the War of The idea pains their father. Sergeant Wright grew up in the rural town of Santa Claus, Ga. Deseret hook up military man streets have deseret hook up military man like Rudolph Way and December Drive.

At Christmas time, he played Santa Claus for his family. Growing up, he was always trying to outdo his brother, a stellar athlete. He was not a natural star but, urged on by his father, he was a tenacious competitor and was in the starting lineup when he was a senior, the year his Bulldogs beat their rivals.

He briefly attended Free casual sex Yoakum Texas Southern University as a mechanical engineering major. But he came home and worked on gutters, finding the life unfulfilling.

He told his best friend, Alton Deseret hook up military man, that he wanted to join a Special Forces unit. Bass recalled. He decided to enlist in the Army intraining at Fort Benning, Ga.

His buoyant swagger helped hide a fear: But he sent his girlfriend a video from one jump. About 30 seconds into the descent, he turned the camera on himself: A few days before the ambush — on Sept. She missed the call, so he left a message. Ten days later, two soldiers came to Ms.

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As soon as she saw them, she knew. Three desret after Sept. It was raining, and the cathedral was teeming with dignitaries. Bush, Jimmy Carter and Gerald R. Ford exchanged solemn handshakes. There were many hugs in the cavernous room, but little chatter. Everyone deserwt looked shellshocked and frozen. Lee was in the same teary, emotional state that seemed to have sex khmer cute girl everyone in Deseret hook up military man.

The cousin of her chief of staff had been on United Airlines Flight 93, the airliner that had crashed near Shanksville, Pa. When the dean of the cathedral, the Very Rev. Nathan D. Baxter, spoke from the pulpit, Ms.

Lee scribbled his words on her program. With those words, Ms. Lee said, she knew how she was going deseret hook up military man vote on the war authorization measure before the House that night. Lee looked up after voting. There was only one red light —. All the other lights were green. Several of Ms. She was from a military family and had grown up near Fort Bliss, in El Paso.

Among all the hate mail and death threats that she received in the weeks after, Ms. The mood in Congress has also adult seeking hot sex TX Albany 76430 since that night deseret hook up military man the House voted in favor of the resolution. Lee has found many more colleagues in Congress with reservations. Last June, when she made another of her many attempts to repeal the war authorization, a majority of the members of the House Appropriations Committee supported.

The committee approved Ms. The debate over the authority continued in the Senate until mid-September, only a few weeks before the ambush in Niger.

In fact, the war authorization passed by Miranda spa and beauty more than 16 years ago has been used so often to justify the deployment of American troops that some administrations have tried to sidestep criticism by finding other legal powers to invoke, including for American troops in Niger. On Feb.

Boehner, then the speaker of the House. Citing the War Powers Act — not the war authorization, which the administration was already under fire for using too often — the president said the Pentagon would deploy 40 troops to Niger to set up a drone base, conduct reconnaissance flights and help facilitate intelligence gathering for French forces in Mali.

The troops, and others deseret hook up military man follow, would also provide training and assistance deseret hook up military man local Nigerien forces, he said. Many lawmakers are focusing broadly on the resolution, the overarching blanket that has been used to justify the deployment of many American troops in hot spots around the world.

Cole said that American troops should be in West Africa. Cole deseret hook up military man. Staff Sgt. Black planned parts of his memorial service before he deployed to Niger.

In the song, Tim Finnegan dies from a fall. The loss of Sergeant Black was felt keenly in his hometown, where he was remembered as a childhood chess whiz, collegiate wrestler and master of languages. Hans Zeiger, a Washington state senator who was a few years behind him in school, remembers being awed by his deseret hook up military man. Sergeant Black was fiercely competitive. After a chess tournament in which his brother won a trophy and he did not, he spent the entire summer after fourth grade learning how to perfect his game.

Many years group dating lds, he taught himself obscure local dialects so he could communicate looking for my wv cop people he met on far-flung deployments in the military.

He also spoke French and Arabic. One of his many victories came in his senior year of high school, when he won the Deseret hook up military man Junior Open with a perfect score, according to Chess.

The same persistence was evident in wrestling, which he began in high school. Despite being dogged by heat injuries during a high school wrestling camp, he kept at it until he collapsed from heat stroke.

After five days in the hospital, he went back and completed the camp, according to his family. He wrestled on the varsity team at Central Washington University, where he graduated in After college, he moved to Mammoth Lakes, Calif.

Four years later, he enlisted in the Army, where his family said he found the sort of challenges he always craved, including tough physical training as well as medical studies on nights and weekends. Black recalled.

Black would later say at the memorial service for his son. Some family members of the fallen soldiers have chosen not to speak about it. Before he deployed to Niger, Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson told his family that if he died, he did not want to see his name in the news, deseret hook up military man his mother, Debbie Gannon.

The attacks, which killed more than people and wounded 5, more, thrust Osama bin Laden onto the F. Africa had always been more of an afterthought when it came to American military policy. Even today, the United States has 5, to 6, troops on the entire continent — compared with 40, in Japan, 35, in Germany, 25, in South Korea and 14, in Afghanistan. But Islamist militancy has spread in many parts of Africa, and after the Sept. The Bush administration expanded its deseret hook up military man through new basing agreements and training exercises.

The Pentagon moved to build military ties with allies like Morocco and Tunisia, and sought to gain long-term access to countries like Mali and Algeria. More than 1, service members were stationed in Djibouti, in the Horn of Africa, to deseret hook up military man counterterrorism operations.

By the end of the Bush administration, American Green Berets were training African armies to guard against infiltration threesome fuck wife Qaeda militants. France, the former colonial power, eventually intervened. It struck deep inside Islamist strongholds in northern Mali, blunting an Islamist advance and dispersing the militants, who had created one of the largest havens for jihadists in the world. The threats continued spreading.

Militants attacked a gas plant in Algeria in earlykilling 40 people from 10 countries, including the United States. A month after, American commandos carried out dual raids in Africa, capturing a militant in Libya who had been indicted for his role in the East Africa embassy bombings, and clashing with the Shabab in Somalia in retaliation deseret hook up military man the mall attack.

But Mr. Obama also pursued another counterterrorism strategy: Westerners, including Americans, were killed. The United States responded by training African militaries, hoping to get them to fight back without committing American troops to another big war, like in Iraq or Afghanistan.

By swinger a Mexico city time President Trump took office inadministration officials showed few signs of backing away from Mr. But the Trump administration stepped up drone dezeret in Somalia, and the Pentagon presented the White House with a plan that envisioned at least two deseret hook up military man years of combat against Islamist militants. The plan for Somalia includes new rules quietly signed by Mr.

Trump last deseret hook up military man for counterterrorism operations outside of conventional war zones. Trump removed several limits that Mr.

Obama had imposed in on drone strikes and commando raids, loosening vetting requirements before offensive strikes and dropping assessments that every person targeted poses a specific threat to Americans.

While the American counterterrorism efforts in Libya and Somalia drew more attention, Niger had become a place increasingly surrounded by jihadist threats.

Military briefers offered him a sobering assessment: Niger, with American help, was trying to cope with the cascade of threats. McKeon said. The United States military presence in Niger grew from about personnel in to about troops. That has changed. But the downside is, the risks to U.

Within hours of the attack, Defense Department officials said the American ground patrol had been ambushed during a routine reconnaissance mission in which it was simply advising and assisting Nigerien troops. Weeks later, American deseret hook up military man began privately acknowledging that the ambushed soldiers had been diverted from their deseret hook up military man patrol and sent several hours away, toward the border with Mali.

The change in plans was completely unexpected, and came as the soldiers were already on their way back to base. But an opportunity had suddenly presented itself, American and Independent escorts in berlin officials now say.

Just hours before, American intelligence officials had intercepted a call on an electronic device associated with Doundoun Cheffou, a former cattle herder believed to be a senior lieutenant in a shadowy local group that had recently pledged allegiance to the Islamic State.

Jeffer y Woodkean aid worker yanked out of his home in in Niger, some miles from the spot where the electronic device was turned on. If captured, Mr. Cheffou, code-named Naylor Road by the military, could lead American forces to Mr.

Woodke, said Rudy Atallah, the former director of African counterterrorism policy for the Pentagon. For more than two years, Mr. French security officials say the Islamic State branch has 40 to 60 core members, but is often joined by deseret hook up military man villagers. American officials rushed gay black cock gangbang get a surveillance aircraft over the spot of scrubland in southwestern Niger from where the signal had emanated, one American official said.

Getting there quickly was crucial. Military officials quickly ordered up an assault team of American, French and Nigerien commandos based in Arlit, miles northeast of the capital, to go after Mr.

Cheffou, officials say — part of a broader counterterrorism mission named Obsidian Nomad. The Nigerien forces at Arlit were specially trained and equipped by the Pentagon for counterterrorism operations like this one. They were accompanied by American Special Forces advisers who had arrived in the country roughly a month before, officials say. It is not clear how many Americans and Nigeriens were assigned to the helicopter assault mission, or who approved the operation. Such raids have been conducted in Somalia, but the deseret hook up military man was unusual for the American military in West Africa.

Senior American officers who have served in West Africa say it probably would have required Gen. Thomas D. The scramble to pull together a raid and hunt down Mr.

Cheffou upended what had been a fairly uneventful day for the four American sergeants already out on patrol. They were part of a group of 11 American and 30 Nigerien soldiers with a very different assignment: It was considered routine, low risk and something they were well equipped. Their convoy was composed of eight vehicles: Most had medium machine guns, capable of being fired by standing and aiming from the bed of the truck.

They deseret hook up military man quickly travel overland on missions that were less dangerous than those in Iraq and Afghanistan. Their weapons were similarly configured. Most of the team carried M4 carbines, with sights and suppressors for their rifles, according to the video footage.

At least one soldier had a single-shot grenade launcher. And their trucks, deseret hook up military man protected with open beds, would leave any passengers inside exposed to enemy fire. Soldiers traveling in the lone S. Starting around 6 a. In the afternoon, their assignment completed, they began to head back to base. Before they got there, a new order came in: The plan was not for Team to join the raid, officials say, but to get close enough to pursue escaping militants or help out as needed.

So, without warning, the Army soldiers out on a daylong patrol with their Nigerien trainees were turned around, pushing deeper into potentially hostile territory, lightly equipped for a new mission that exposed them to risks their commanders did not anticipate.

Unlike many of his coworkers, Romero is Latino; he started working at the NTC after seeing a military contractor at a recruitment day at his college in I thought Arab people were bad.

I had stigmas. The long hours with his coworkers, he says, erased. How would you feel if half your family ladies wants sex MT Sheridan 59749 at the hands of some regime? They deseret hook up military man fake fruits and vegetables, as well as wooden eggs, hookahs, toasters, and shoes, then settle down in lawn chairs, chatting quietly in Arabic and English and scrolling through their phones. He and a crowd mature milf boy other soldiers are standing around on the road, bracketed by fake buildings, waiting for the tour group to deseret hook up military man.

We know what a public disaster that is! Over the years, the villages at Fort Irwin have evolved into a kind of military theme park: Colonial Williamsburg meets Call of Duty. The tourists are here to interact with soldiers, watch a reenactment of the kind of military training they undergo, shoot real guns without live ammunitioneat real military meals, and get a close-up of simulated blood and gore.

Social media sharing is very much encouraged. Knowing how they prepare is a really useful thing to have to contemplate. Rita deseret hook up military man in: Tourists have to apply online and submit to a basic background check to attend. Actually, it would be tough to glean anything about soldier morale from this tour, which is staged explicitly for the public.

They seem excited to be in proximity to real live soldiers. The tourists scramble through the marketplace in a giggling line and the role players spring to life, pressing in very close on all sides. A man balances a plastic mound of khubza traditional Middle Eastern flat bread, on his head, gesturing at the tourists to sample it.

Another man in a fedora juggles eggs. People wave hookahs and toasters and large fake cabbages wildly, trying to attract interest in their wares. Someone clangs a pot insistently.

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The interaction is over in minutes, a set piece deseret hook up military man and collapsed at dizzying speed. No discernible conversation of any kind takes place between the role players and the tourists, who are quickly shepherded onto a nearby rooftop to see a staged attack that will take place in the street. Here, the tourists are at a tidy remove, everything arranged before them like figures on a chessboard.

A semicircle of buildings behind the vehicle make the surroundings look like an amphitheater. Digital cameras and iPhones are raised into position. Everyone deseret hook up military man, huddled against a railing, as a mounted patrol—a short, steady line of armored vehicles—enters the town. Suddenly, with a tremendous boom, a truck bursts into flames: A soldier loses a leg in the attack, though the fake blood is difficult to see from the rooftop. The NTC says that the amputee actors have deseret hook up military man lost limbs in accidents; few of them are actually military veterans.

The militray hurriedly recover and fight off insurgents as they attack. A helicopter lands nearby to evacuate the wounded.

Still, the audience is rapt. The ground u; is soon littered with fake shell casings. The Army seems to take pride in the realism of the training, while recognizing some of its potential pitfalls.

This is not really your enemy. After the mock battle, the group is shuttled into deseret hook up military man building that serves as a cafeteria, where the MRE, a heap of unappealing brown packets, are displayed on a large table: The dseret of something like warmed-over dog food fills mwn air.

The tourists poke dubiously at their food. When lunchtime is over, the group is herded back outside to shoot an array of machine guns with an alphabetic jumble of names: M2 Browning, M, M, M4. Most of these guns are large—in a firefight in Afghanistan they would be used to fight insurgents—and the tourists have to sit down on camouflage blankets to shoot them, bracing themselves against the ground and digging desereet their heels. They put on eye protection and blast away with blanks; the triggers take a considerable amount of force to imlitary, and the guns kick like irritable donkeys, right veseret the shoulders sex amuture the shooters.