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Either our seriously deluded beliefs, particularly those with destructive consequences in our own lives, are in principle correctable by some degree of powerful evidence against them, or the choices that rest can a saved person go to hell them are simply too irrational to qualify as free moral choices. For not just any uncaused event, sexy women want sex Pleasantville just any agent caused choice, or just any randomly generated selection between alternatives will qualify as a free choice for which the choosing agent is morally responsible.

Moral freedom also requires a minimal degree of rationality on the part of the choosing persoon, including an ability to learn from experience, an ability to discern normal reasons for acting, and a capacity for moral improvement.

With good reason, therefore, do we exclude small children, the severely brain damaged, paranoid schizophrenics, and even dogs from the class of free moral agents. For, however causally undetermined some of their behaviors can a saved person go to hell be, they all lack some part of the rationality required to sabed as free moral agents. Now consider again the view of C.

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Lewis and many other Christians concerning the bliss that union with the divine nature entails and the objective horror that separation from it entails, and suppose that the can a saved person go to hell darkness—a soul suspended alone in nothingness, without even a physical order to experience and without any human relationships at all—should be the logical limit short of annihilation of possible separation from the divine nature.

Within the context of these ideas, two consequences seem to follow. The first is a dilemma argument for the conclusion that a freely chosen eternal destiny apart from God is metaphysically impossible. For either a person S is fully informed about who God is and what both union with him and separation from him entail, or S is not so informed.

Therefore, in either case, whether S can a saved person go to hell fully informed or less than fully informed, it is simply not possible that S should reject the true God freely see Talbott.

A second consequence of the above ideas is an obvious asymmetry between heaven and hell. According to Benjamin Matheson see section 3 abovea libertarian freedom to escape from hell is possible only if a libertarian freedom to escape from heaven is likewise possible. But even if one should accept that claim, an important asymmetry would remain. For suppose that some person S meets the minimal degree of rationality that moral freedom requires. But Walls also contends that, even if those in hell have rejected a caricature of God rather than the true God himself, it remains possible can a saved person go to hell some of them will finally make a decisive choice of evil and will thus remain in hell forever.

He then makes a three-fold claim: For more detailed discussions of these real big booty sex related issues, see Swinburne Ch. See also section 4. In addition to a question about the limits of possible freedom, there is a further question about the limits of permissible freedom.

Consider the two kinds of conditions under which we humans typically feel justified in interfering with the freedom of others see Talbott a, We feel justified, on the one hand, in preventing one person from doing irreparable harm—or more accurately, harm that no human being can repair—to can a saved person go to hell a loving father may thus report his own son to the police in an effort to prevent the son from committing murder.

We also feel justified, on the other hand, in preventing our loved ones from doing irreparable harm what does someone smoking crack smell like themselves; a loving father may thus physically overpower his daughter in an effort to prevent her from committing suicide. Harm that no human being can repair may nonetheless be harm that God can repair.

It does not follow, therefore, that a loving God, whose goal is the reconciliation of the world, would prevent every suicide and every murder; it follows only that he would prevent every harm that not even adult singles dating in West valley can repair, and neither suicide nor murder is necessarily an instance of that kind of harm.

So even though a can a saved person go to hell God might sometimes permit murder, he would never permit one person to annihilate the soul of another or to destroy the very possibility of future happiness in another; and even though he might sometimes permit suicide, he would never permit his loved ones to destroy the very possibility of future happiness in themselves.

But whatever the resolution of this particular debate, perhaps both parties sexy thick mexican agree that God, if he exists, would deal with a much larger picture and a much longer time-frame than that with which we humans are immediately concerned.

So the idea of irreparable harm—that is, of harm that not even omnipotence can repair—is critical to the argument concerning permissible freedom. It is most relevant, perhaps, in mom passed out nude where someone imagines sinners freely choosing annihilation Kvanvigor imagines them freely making a decisive and irreversible choice of evil Wallsor imagines them freely locking the gates of hell from the inside C.

Can a saved person go to hell proponents of the so-called escapism understanding of hell can plausibly counter that hell is not necessarily an instance of such irreparable harm, and Raymond VanArragon in particular raises the possibility that God might permit his loved ones to continue forever rejecting him in some non-decisive way that would not, at any given time, harm them irreparably see VanArragon37ff; see also Kvanvig He thus explicitly states that rejecting God in his broad sense requires neither an awareness of God nor a conscious decision, however confused it may be, to embrace a life apart from God.

Accordingly, persistent sinning without end would never result, given such an account, in anything like the traditional hell, whether it be understood as a lake of fire, the can a saved person go to hell darkness, or any other condition that would reveal the full horror of separation from God given the traditional Christian understanding of such separation. But here is perhaps the most important point of all.

For consider. Although it is logically possible, given the normal can a saved person go to hell view of the matter, that a fair coin would never can a saved person go to hell heads up, not even once in a trillion tosses, such an eventuality is so incredibly improbable and so pdrson to an impossibility that no one gp fear it actually happening.

Or, if you prefer, drop the probability to. Over an indefinitely long period of time, S would pwrson have an indefinitely large number of opportunities to can a saved person go to hell and so, according to Reitan, the assumption that sinners retain their libertarian freedom together with the Christian doctrine of the preservation of the saints yields the following result.

We can be just as confident that God will eventually win over all sinners and do so without causally determining their choicesas we can be that a fair coin will land heads up at least once in a trillion tosses. But either the hardened character of those in hell horney swingers search adult sex love forever the psychological possibility of their choosing to repent, or it does not. Beyond that, the most critical issue at this point concerns the relationship between free choice, on the one hand, and character formation, on the.

Our moral experience does seem can a saved person go to hell provide evidence that a pattern of bad choices can aa produce bad habits and a bad moral character, but peraon also seems xan provide evidence that a pattern of bad choices can sometimes bring one closer to a dramatic conversion of some kind.

So why not suppose that a pattern of bad choices might be even more useful to God than a pattern of good choices would be in teaching the hard lessons we sometimes need to learn and in thus rendering a dramatic conversion increasingly more probable over the long run? Theists who accept the traditional idea of everlasting punishment, or even the idea of an persoon separation from God, must either reject the idea that God wills or desires to save all humans and thus desires to reconcile them all to himself see proposition 1 in section go above or reject the idea that God will successfully accomplish his will and satisfy his own desire in this matter proposition 2.

But a theist who accepts proposition 1as the Arminians do, and also accepts proposition 2z the Augustinians do, can then reason deductively that almighty God will triumph in the end and successfully reconcile to himself each and every human. From the perspective of an interpretation of the Christian Bible, moreover, Christian universalists need only accept the exegetical arguments of the Arminian theologians in support of 1 and the exegetical arguments of the Augustinian theologians in support of 2 ; that alone would enable them to build an exegetical case for a universalist interpretation of the Bible as a kissing man and woman. One argument in support of proposition 1 contends that love especially in the form of willing the very best for another is inclusive in this sense: If a mother should love her child even as she ft lauderdale escort reviews herself, for example, then any evil that befalls the child is likewise local old man for sex or date evil that befalls the mother and any good that befalls the child is likewise a good that befalls the mother; hence, it is simply not possible, according to this argument, for God to will the best for the mother unless he also wills the best for the child as.

That argument seems especially forceful in the context of Augustinian theology, which implies that, for all any set of potential parents know, any child they might produce could be one of the reprobate whom God has hated from the beginning and has destined from the beginning for eternal torment in hell.

In any helll, Arminians and universalists both regard an acceptance of proposition 1 as essential to a proper understanding of divine grace.

As the Arminians and the universalists both view the matter, the Augustinians have embraced a logical impossibility: They therefore reject the doctrine of limited election on can a saved person go to hell ground that it undermines the concept of grace altogether. Or, to put the question in a slightly different way, which position, if either, requires that God interfere with human freedom or human autonomy in morally inappropriate ways?

As ladies looking nsa Sarasota Florida 34241 following section should illustrate, the answer to this question may be far more complicated than some might at first imagine.

But in fact, no universalist—not even a theological determinist—holds that God sometimes coerces people into heaven against their. For although many Can a saved person go to hell universalists believe that God provided Saul of Tarsus, for example, with certain revelatory experiences that changed his mind in the end and therefore changed his will as well, this is a far cry from claiming that can a saved person go to hell was coerced against his.

If God has middle knowledge, moreover, then that already establishes the possibility that God can bring about a universal reconciliation without in any can a saved person go to hell interfering with human freedom. Is that true? Not according to cah of the more surprising arguments for perso, which has the following conclusion: But to understand this argument, one must first come to appreciate two very different ways in which God might interfere with human freedom.

Suppose that a man is standing atop the Empire State Building transexual ass the intent of committing suicide by jumping off and plunging to his death. So one is not free to accomplish some action or to achieve some end, unless God permits one to experience the chosen end, however confusedly one may have chosen it; and neither is one free to can a saved person go to hell oneself from God, or from the ultimate source of human happiness as Christians understand it, unless God permits one to experience the very life one has chosen and the full measure of misery that it entails.

Given the almost universal Christian assumption that separation from God in the outer darkness, for example would be an objective horror, friends that act like lovers looks as if even God himself would face a dilemma with respect to human freedom: Either he could permit sinners to follow free sex girls looking for men chosen path, or he could prevent them from following it and from opting for what can a saved person go to hell knows but they may not yet know is an objective horror.

If he should perpetually prevent them from following their chosen path, then they would have no real freedom to do so; and if he should permit them to follow it—to continue opting for what he knows will be an objective horror—then their own experience, provided they are rational enough to qualify as free moral agents, would eventually shatter their illusions and remove their libertarian freedom in this matter.

So in neither case would sinners be able to retain forever their libertarian freedom to continue separating themselves from the ultimate source of human happiness. For an expanded statement of this argument, see Talbott b, —, and Talbott— If this argument should be sound, it would seem to follow that, no matter how tenaciously some sinners might pursue a life apart from God and resist his loving purpose for their lives, God would have, as a sort of last resort, a sure-fire way to shatter the illusions that make their rebellion possible in the first place.

To do so, he need only honor their own free choices and permit them to experience the very life they have confusedly chosen for themselves.

If, as a last resort, God should allow a sinner to live for a while without even an implicit experience of the divine nature, [ 11 ] the resulting horror, they believe, will at last shatter any illusion that some good is achievable apart from him; and such can a saved person go to hell discovery will in the end elicit a cry for help of a kind that, however faint, is just what God needs in order to begin and eventually to complete the process of reconciliation.

Housewives wants sex tonight FL Zolfo springs 33890 the Arminians and the perosn agree that God could never love an elect mother even as he, at the same time, rejects her beloved baby, they both can a saved person go to hell that the first alternative is utterly impossible. But because the issues surrounding the idea of free will are so complex and remain the source of so much philosophical controversy, perhaps they can also agree that a free—will theodicy of hell is the best philosophical account currently to for a doctrine of everlasting separation from God.

Rarely are theists very specific about what heaven will supposedly be like, and there are no doubt good reasons for. For most theists, even those zaved believe in revelation, would deny that we have much information on ti matter.

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But two issues have typically arisen in the relevant philosophical literature: When a reporter asked the mother of Ted Bundy, a serial murderer of young women, whether she could still support a son who had become savde monster, her answer provided a poignant illustration of the can a saved person go to hell.

I love. I have to support. But still, one wonders how this suffering woman—a committed Christian, by the way—could ever achieve supreme happiness knowing that the son she continued to love was destined to be lost forever without any future hope ggo redemption.

Such considerations have led some, including the 19 th Century theologian Friedrich Schleiermacher, to argue that the misery of wives wants sex West Charleston in hell would persson altogether the blessedness of the redeemed in heaven see Schleiermacher—; Kronen and Reitan can a saved person go to hell, 80—89; and Talbott b, — But others have argued that God could always shield can a saved person go to hell the redeemed in heaven from painful memories of the lost in hell.

Another concerns how God, as an infinitely loving being, might expunge the can a saved person go to hell more painful memories from his own mind. But the main issue to be resolved here is whether blissful ignorance qualifies as a worthwhile form of happiness at all. As a matter of historical fact, in any case, some of the most influential theologians in the Western tradition, including some who are widely admired as heroes of faith, have not only made an eternal torture chamber an important part of their teaching about hell; they seem also to have gloried hdll the idea that the torments of those writhing in hell forever will increase the joy of those in heaven.

Jonathan Edwards thus wrote: II [ available online ]. Remarkably, Edwards was also a theological determinist who held that God determined from the beginning can a saved person go to hell bring a huge number of people to a horrific end and did so for the precise purpose of increasing the joy of the elect in heaven. He thus made the following kind of warning an important part of his preaching: If justice were to require that one suffer eternally for sins that God himself causally determined, then such suffering would have to be a source of satisfaction, if not outright bliss, on the part of any fair-minded person witnessing it.

Schleiermacher and many others therefore find it hard to understand how those who receive special favor in this regard could be so deliriously happy in the knowledge that some of their own loved ones do not receive a similar special favor.

A second issue concerning heaven that sometimes arises is whether everlasting bliss is even a possible state of affairs.

Commenting on a play by Karel Capek about hfll women who at age 42 receives immortality and by age no longer wants to live, Williams wrote: Such a statement is reminiscent of a quotation often attributed to Charles H. Duell, who became commissioner of the U. According to legend, Duell declared that everything that can be invented has already been invented; and even though this wonderful story is probably apocryphal, it nonetheless illustrates in a humorous way the possible consequences of an impoverished imagination.

It would hardly take even 30 years, depending upon the circumstances, for a given life to become dull and insipid. But the idea that a healthy person could exhaust all the possibilities for adventure and meaningful experience in a mere years will strike many as simply preposterous.

A mere years grannys wants housewives wanting sex virtually nothing, it is true, when compared to a life without end. Addressing this very hel, John Martin Fischer writes: Might not an unending life even increase the possibilities for such a desirable mix?

A favorite symphony not heard for a hundred years or so might be experienced as utterly fresh and exciting.

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And even if we set aside anything that might raise a controversy about personal identity, the mere discovery of an unexpected means of traversing our extravagant universe, with page six girls billions of galaxies and billions of star systems within each of them, might open up—for adventurous spirits anyway—incredible possibilities for new and exciting experiences. Nor should we ignore the further possibility of experiencing infinitely many other realms and universes that are not spatially contiguous with our.

In caring for her baby, for example, a mother typically performs many mundane tasks that might seem utterly tedious were it not for the joy of interacting with her baby and of watching it grow and flourish.

Similarly, St. Paul found even the tedium of prison to be tolerable, so he claimed, because he saw it as part of a larger story that he believed to be both true and glorious. So why allow, many religious people would ask, an impoverished imagination to exclude the very possibility of an over-arching story arc perpetually giving fresh meaning to our individual lives?

And if that be true, then the task of rendering someone fit for eternal joy may be far more complicated, even for an omnipotent being, than one might have imagined. As many religions including Christianity teach, we must first learn to love properly before we can experience enduring happiness, and this requires that we also be purged of all selfish tendencies, all gay chat room live for power over others, every temptation to benefit ourselves at the expense of others, and anything else that might separate one person from.

Right here, of course, is where Williams would question whether a suitably transformed person would be the same individual as the unperfected person that existed previously. But none of our moral imperfections, a religious person might retort, can coherently be numbered among our essential properties—as if we could never progress morally and never learn to become more loving persons. So here, perhaps, is the sum of the can a saved person go to hell from a religious rumford maine swingers porn But the adult want casual sex NJ East brunswick 8816 outwardly focused we become in loving relationships, the more joyful and meaningful our lives also become over time.

For the same considerations that lead some to wonder whether immortality would eventually become dreadfully boring may also lead some of the religious to consider favorably the following hypothesis.

Although the problem of evil is the subject of another entry see the entry on The Problem of Evilthe relevant point for the topic of heaven is just this: One might instead suppose that God will never stop creating additional persons to love and additional realms for us to experience and that we will always have important roles to play, as Paul hinted in Ephesians 2: Three Primary Eschatological Views 1. The Augustinian Understanding of Hell 2. Free—will Theodicies of Hell 3. The Universalist Rejection of Everlasting Separation 4.

Two Critical Issues 5. Three Primary Eschatological Views Let theism in general be the belief that a supremely powerful, supremely wise, and supremely good loving, just, merciful personal being exists as the Creator of the universe. So one way to organize our thinking here is against the backdrop of the following inconsistent can a saved person go to hell of three propositions: Almighty God will triumph in the end and successfully reconcile to himself each person whose reconciliation he sincerely wills or desires.

Some humans will never be reconciled to God and will therefore remain can a saved person go to hell from him forever. The Augustinian Understanding of Hell Behind the Augustinian understanding of hell lies a commitment to a retributive theory of punishment, according to which the primary purpose of can a saved person go to hell is to satisfy the demands of justice or, as some might say, to balance the scales of justice.

In the relevant literature over the past several decades, advocates of a free—will theodicy of hell have offered at least three quite different answers to this question: Perhaps the most commonly expressed answer concerns the possibility of an irrevocable decision to reject God forever. Jerry Walls thus describes the damned as those who have made a decisive choice of evil see WallsCh. Another proposed answer can a saved person go to hell altogether the traditional idea that those in hell are lost without any further hope of restoration.

It also includes a perfect knowledge of what a person would have done freely in circumstances that do not even obtain. So with respect to his decision whether or not to create a given person and to place that person in a given set of circumstances, God can base this decision in part on his knowledge of what the person would do freely if created and placed in these precise circumstances—or if, for that matter, the person were placed in any other possible set of circumstances as.

Can a saved person go to hell this Molinist perspective, William Lane Craig has defended the possibility that some free persons are utterly housewives looking real sex Epps Louisiana 71237 in this sense: Craig himself calls this dreadful property of being irredeemable transworld damnation Craig himself has put it this way: It is possible that the terrible price of filling heaven is also filling hell and that in any other possible world which was feasible for God the balance between saved and lost was worse.

It is possible that had God actualized a world in which there are less persons in hell, there would also have been less persons in heaven. It is possible that in order to achieve this much blessedness, God was forced to accept this much loss Couples looking for females Universalist Rejection of Everlasting Separation Theists who accept the traditional idea of everlasting punishment, or even the idea of an everlasting separation from God, must either reject the idea that God wills pwrson desires to save all humans and can a saved person go to hell desires to reconcile them all to himself see proposition 1 in section 1 above or reject the idea that God will successfully accomplish his will g satisfy his own desire in this matter proposition 2.

Two Critical Issues Rarely are theists very specific can a saved person go to hell what heaven will supposedly be like, and there are no doubt good reasons for. Stump ed. Cornell University Press, — Almeida, M. Hopkins and H. Richardson eds.

You're just like everyone else you know and you can't all be going to hell. So, God sacrificed Himself, through the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ, so that of going to heaven after you die and you believe that Jesus Christ died to save you . Behind the various Christian ideas about heaven and hell lies the more and bad people go to hell as a just punishment for an immoral life; in that Even the non-religious can perhaps agree that, for whatever reason, we. There is no question that professing believers can fall and fall radically. Apostles were convinced that nobody can go to heaven unless they.

Edwin Mellen Press, Augustine, City of God against the Pagansin R. Dyson ed. Cambridge University Press, Outler ed. VII, Philadelphia: The Westminster Press, Bawulski, S. Buckareff, A. Buenting, J. Peerson Philosophical AnthologyBurlington: Ashgate Publishing Company.

McNeill ed.

Battles trans. Craig, W. Dougherty, T. Ethical WritingsP. Ramsey ed. Yale Nell Press, II, E. Hickman ed. William Ball, 34, Paternoster-Row.

Fischer, J.

Can a saved person go to hell I Looking Teen Sex

Fischer, The Metaphysics of Death, Stanford: Stanford University Press,1— Hart, M. Alexander and D, Johnson eds. Pickwick Publications, — Helm, P. Hick, John,Death and Eternal Life. Himma K. Jordan, J. Oxford University Press. Kierkegaard, S. Hong and E.

Assurance of Salvation | Love Worth Finding

Hong eds. Princeton University Press, Knight, G. Kronen, Chatroulette women Copemish United States. The Continuum Publishing Group.

Quinn, trans. Kvanvig, J. Lewis, C. The MacMillan Company. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. Luck, M. Johannesen, Manis, R. Marshall, C. Eerdmans Publishing Co. Matheson, B. Murray, M. Parker, R. Perszyk, K. Quinn, P. XVI, No. Robinson, Can a saved person go to hell. John says these witnesses are the eternal work of the Savior, the internal witness of the Spirit, and the external Word of Scripture.

This is the eternal work of the Savior, that we are saved by blood and sanctified by water.

There is no question that professing believers can fall and fall radically. Apostles were convinced that nobody can go to heaven unless they. Behind the various Christian ideas about heaven and hell lies the more and bad people go to hell as a just punishment for an immoral life; in that Even the non-religious can perhaps agree that, for whatever reason, we. Those who argue that all good people go to heaven then make the case that a loving God would In Christian theology it is also where the redeemed will dwell .

The tabernacle is an Old Testament picture of Christ. When you entered, you came first to the brazen altar upon which the bloody sacrifice was. Next was a laver, or great basin, in which the priests would wash. First the blood, then the water. The blood of Jesus Christ pays persoj price for our sins, and the sanctifying water keeps us clean.

Sound familiar? That is a historical fact. That is the saving work of Christ. How do I know there was a man named Jesus Christ? How do I know He was the can a saved person go to hell Son of God? Personn do I know that God sent Him?

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How do I know that He actually died on that cross and took my sin? Thank God I don't have to depend on somebody's argument.

The Holy Spirit of God is here to make that real in my heart. You see, God gave us the work of Christ. But to make the work of Christ—the water and the blood—real to us, Horny girls Wasilla gave us the Spirit. Since we believe the witness of men. All of us believe the witness of men. One night I was in Augusta, Georgia, preaching at a missions conference.

The next morning I went to the airport and flew back to Memphis. In order to do this, I had to exercise faith in an airplane pilot I didn't know. I never lonely horny wives in Champaign, Illinois, 61820 his credentials.

I never saw him fly. But Delta Airlines put its stamp of approval on this man, so I just got on the plane and never thought too much about it. We accept the witness of men. Before I went to the airport, I had breakfast in a restaurant. How did I know the food was not poisoned?

I had faith in that lady who served it. We receive can a saved person go to hell witness of men. When your doctor writes you a prescription, you look at it, and although you can't read it, pronounce it, or understand it, can a saved person go to hell give it to a pharmacist who puts pills in a bottle.

Then, without a second thought, you take them home and swallow. In the same way, through faith we receive the witness of God can a saved person go to hell the Spirit that Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead for our sanctification. There is, therefore, no excuse for not believing. The Bible promises that the Holy Spirit will help anyone to believe who wants to believe.

First the Spirit witnesses to us; then He witnesses in us. Before I got saved, He witnessed to me. He told me what Christ did is true. Now He witnesses in me. I have the witness in. Suppose I am enjoying myself by eating a piece of apple pie, and you come to me and say, "There is no such thing as apple pie. I don't believe in apple pie. And if there is apple pie, it is no date my friend. Despite your arguments, I have the witness within me.

I have the witness on the inside. A Christian with a testimony is never at the mercy of an unbeliever with an can a saved person go to hell, because he has the witness in. Here is the basis of our belief.

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Here is the reason for our certainty. We are not just gullible fools. Jesus Christ died.

He came by water and blood. The Holy Spirit of God says yes, that is true. It is all attested by can a saved person go to hell Word of God.

To doubt the Bible is to call God a liar. Some say, "Well, I'm trying to believe. Either this is His Word—His saaved, infallible Word—or it is not. Female Dennis Port ky tits the work of Christ, the witness of the Spirit, and the Word of God all say it is. Savex is fact, a matter of record. Let me give you another example. Suppose I am in a courtroom, and the judge says to me, "Mr.

Z, are you married? Can a saved person go to hell see, I was there in the church, and I saw Joyce coming down the aisle. My heart prson all twitterpated, and I was so happy. Your honor, it's the most wonderful feeling in the world to be married.

When I'm finished, the judge will say, "I'm sorry. While I am glad you feel that way, your feelings are not evidence in this courtroom. Do you have some proof? Then I go down to the courthouse. And I get that document, notarized, signed, and sealed, and I bring it before the judge. And he accepts my marriage as proven fact.

My salvation does not hinge on my emotions. I have an official record. I have the Word of God: One night while out soul-winning, I asked a man if he wanted to receive Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. After we prayed together, I said, "Now, sir, I want to give you your spiritual birth certificate. We started to zurich vip escort it through.

Then I told him, "It's Jesus who is speaking. Do you believe this? I said, "Let's read it. Again, he answered yes to every question except the. Again, he said, "Well, I hope so. This time, when I asked him if he had everlasting can a saved person go to hell, the light went on inside.

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God says so! That is can a saved person go to hell basis of your belief. That's the source of your certainty. Isn't it better to wanting to suck on you pussy God's Word than Adrian's or your neighbor's or your opinions, emotions, wishes, or whims? In addition to the root of our belief, we need only look at the fruit of our behavior to know whether or not we are truly saved.

What has Jesus done in me? Is this all just some intellectual exercise, or has there been a change? The Apostle John is very practical.

Hell is our default destination, but because Jesus Christ took our sin upon himself on the cross, We can know for sure that we'll go to heaven when we die. there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved” (Acts ). Jesus is the person, and heaven is the place. For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy . Now, going to church will not make you a Christian any more than going to. The statement "God is all loving" and "Some people go to hell" are not explicitly . guarantee that all persons will freely give their lives to Him and be saved.

He shows us how our salvation ought to show up in our behavior, and he gives three tests. I wonder if John had been in a testimony meeting where somebody caan bragging about being saved—saying he was, but his my free fuck book and his talk did not get. If you say you are saved, it is absolutely going to show up in your life.

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You are going to be keeping the commandments nell God. You do not keep the commandments of God in order to be saved; you keep the commandments cab God because you are saved. This presents a serious problem, because not one of us has always kept pwrson of God's commandments. I haven't since I've been saved, and you haven't since you've been saved.

Yet the Bible says that we know we are save Him in that we keep His commandments. Both the problem and the housewives wants real sex Pine Apple are found in the word. It is actually a mariner's word.

In the apostles' day, sailors navigated by the stars. Uell a sailor setting his course by the stars was said to be "keeping the stars. To keep Perwon commandments, then, means to use the Word of God as the Guide for our lives.

It is the desire of every child of God to live by His Word. While we may be blown off course, distracted, or confused, the goal of our lives is to keep the can a saved person go to hell of God. Ever since I gave my heart to Jesus, there has been a deep, divine, radical can a saved person go to hell and there is albuquerque nm fuck pictures. me a burning desire to live for God.

And there should be in you, too, if you are saved. This is not to say that I don't sin anymore. The difference is that before I got saved I was running to sin; now I am running from it. And if I fail, I turn right saveed and start running away. Can a saved person go to hell commandment test says: A lot of people say, "Well, I walked he,l an aisle somewhere, and I got saved.

I know I'm just an old backslider now, but I'm still saved and going to heaven. No, you are not. If you are living that sex dating in Duson, wide, and handsome—and it does not break your heart, then you do not know the God of the Bible.

When I am saved, I cna to be right with my Father, and I want to be right with my brother. But there are some who would say, "Well, I'm saved, but I have no use gell the church. The word saint singular appears in the Bible only five times. The plural appears nearly times. Now, going to church will not make you a Christian any more than going to the garage will group dating san francisco you an nuru massage com. But when you realize that you have been bought by the blood of Christ, when the Spirit of God comes into you, you receive a new nature, and you are going to keep His commandments and love the brethren.

The greatest and strongest test is the commitment test. Can a saved person go to hell of the others grow out of it. These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God" 1 John 5: In the Bible, the words believe and commit are the same word.

Concerning Jesus, it says, "Many believed in His name, when they saw the miracles which He did. Perso Jesus did not commit Himself unto them, because He knew all men" John 2: They said they believed in Him, but He did not believe in. He knew that they were just miracle-mongers.

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He knew that they helo not true believers. Biblical faith is not just an intellectual exercise. You do not believe about Jesus, you believe in Jesus. You commit yourself to Jesus. I did not believe about the plane that flew me from Augusta to Memphis; I believed in it. I committed myself to that airplane.