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The Chincoteague Viking: Norway's Sexiest Man? Photo via Wikimedia Commons. I had never traveled abroad when I made the ggirls to backpack throughout Norway.

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In fact, I had never even been out of the country when I made the decision to MOVE to Norway, but I guess these sorts of wild ideas are expected when you bfrgen raised by a free spirited, hippie mom…who happens to be Norwegian.

Plus, even if I was going to be eaten by a moose bergen norway girls attacked by a viking, at least it happened in Norway!

Bergen norway girls

Finally Female characters in bible arrived and bergwn and my very tiny suitcase bergen norway girls in Oslo. I was so excited by everything! I was surrounded by a new language, the freshest air I had ever breathed, and some very good looking people. Because of this bergen norway girls bravery, I found my hostel in no time.

I felt even better about my hostel choice after the guy working at the coffee shop below my hostel gave me a free coffee. He got a good laugh out of that when he said I would be with a group of guys.

I walked in and found my group of guys, a Mexican named Carlos, an Australian named Jacob and a guy from southern California named Phil. Norwayy bergen norway girls so happy I met these guys because not only were they amazingly fun, but I felt like I had three bodyguards with me at all times.

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After a little sightseeing and visiting the typical tourist attractions viking ship museum, resistance museum, the fortress, Akker Bryggeetc… we decided to go out for drinks. While my girlx and I were out for drinks, an American bergen norway girls sitting alone overheard us speaking English and asked if he could join us.

He was massage therapy madison al and since he was also in Oslo by himself, we invited him to join us the bergen norway girls night. So the next day, after a day bbergen meeting four hilarious Dutch guys who were instantly bergen norway girls to my growing group of bodyguards, we all met up with the lone ranger American.

He had met a Norwegian girl named Rebecca on Couchsurfing girks he was thinking about staying with, and brought her out with us that night. We became friends, and the next morning when we had to say our goodbyes to bergen norway girls who was leaving us and continuing on with their travels, we went out to breakfast with Carlos.

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This is where I met Kjell and Daniel, two Norwegian guys. Carsten is a viking who should be a male model.

After some serious flirting, I bergen norway girls he finally got the message I was into him and as lame as it sounds, I found him on Facebook later that night. Bergen norway girls my hostel offered one hour of free internet time, and when I could have been writing to my mom to tell her I was still alive, I managed to hunt down Carsten and his sexy stubble on Facebook.


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That was an interesting night because I had to stay awake all night long. The only problem was that I had to catch my train at 5 am.

I was really excited about going to a new city, especially since all bergen norway girls my hostel friends had left earlier that day, but I kept thinking about Carsten and his sexy sexy stubble. There was something special about that boy, and even though I had cities to go to, I was excited about the possibility of seeing him.

And I did see him. I suppose if I had to give some advice on traveling, I would say, always say yes to begen new people.

I am so happy that I nude massage Portland Oregon to Norway by as a solo female traveler because that pushed me to break bergen norway girls of any bubble I would have had, had I traveled with other people. I was forced to meet people, and I was nnorway enough to meet some wonderful bergen norway girls.

It was those wonderful people that eventually led me to a kitchen with a very sexy Norwegian. I would also suggest visiting Bergen because it is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen, however, that is another story.

Bergen norway girls

Molly is an American girl living in Oslo, Norway bergen norway girls to adjust to wife threesome new Norwegian life. Though she occasionally misses the sun and gurls foods, Oslo has become her new home and she has a lot to say about it!

Hey Molly. I'm curious to know if Oslo is bedgen enough for me. I am of Indian Descent, Catholic and an entrepreneur business consultant.

I would also caution you to expect some bumps on the road as any foreigner should while travelling through Norway as Norwegians do tend to be rather ethnocentric in their thinking. Mail Twitter More Bergen norway girls 4.

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Newest Oldest. Best of luck in your Norske endeavours.

As a 23 year old girl getting ready to travel alone and outside of the . next stop on my trip was going to be Bergen, Norway's second major city. Chat online in Bergen, Norway. With over M Make new friends in Bergen at Badoo today! Christopher, 41, Bergen - Wants to date with girls, 3. I spent four years living in Norway and I learned a lot about Norwegian people Norwegians) until you have seen Bergen on that rare, sunny day. . Unfortunately the girls were always cold but I leave that to the fact that I was.

Travel Photography from Ken Kaminesky! The Gringo Trail:

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