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Minor america chat online fixes to the Chat. We are trying our best to keep the Chat rooms as clean as possible, we are caht bots and bad users every day. More than 30, users have been banned due to unwanted behavior. We fixed some bugs and improved the user experience. But obiously not about something as significant as eating with a dead person.

Who onlihe make a mistake about that? If a scientist girls for sex in Matamoros up and says america chat online discovered perpetual motion!

We are talking evidence here and history. History is not science and cannot be. This would be applying the wrong scale.

And no, america chat online water doesn't freeze faster than cool water. It's a america chat online. The first water to reach freezing temperature will freeze. According to this article it does happen. At least america chat online certain conditions: It states that temperature might not be the real reason.

Don't call me gullible that easily. I did check this one warm water freezing faster than cold and scientific studies have shown it to happen, while others have not. I never said I knew anything more than. At least I'm no more gullible than you who all too easily seem to believe anyone who calls something a myth. I don't america chat online how cosmic collisions, super novas or world's being sucked into black holes would speak against God's existence.

I cannot even see why that might fucking lady of from Syracuse New York called a bad thing, for as far as we know they are long dead.

Let me add to the strength of this argument, that there are no muslim-only concentration camps: The most persecuted religion in china just like in most places is christianity. However in this is also hidden another piece of evidence for God being real.

Christianity is the only religion that gains followers through conversion in our day and age excepting the occasional oddball of course. Buddhists are born. Hinduists are born. Muslims have in the past america chat online gained followers through conquest, and now they grow through reproduction. Shinto followers are also born.

Jews are also born. Christians have always gained followers through conversion sadly also through conquest, many of which however were ineffectual as simple questions to ask a guy you like in south america. And this is even more astonishing as Christianity grows the fastest were it is persecutest the heaviest.

There are tens of thousands of babtisms everyday in china. Today we have the heaviest persecution of christians ever in human history in total numbersand yet it has never grown so fast. Sex escorts capetown might be the strongest evidence for God's action in the world that there is.

Since people convert despite the fact that they are told quite an unbelievable story about a guy killed on a cross by his own people, resurrected in the flesh, gone to heaven, being the Son of God even I don't understand why you mention this.

I was saying that taking the bible literally in this sense assuming God created the world in 7 america chat online days would be a lack of intelligence, or maybe a laziness of thinking, on my part, since taking it literally in this sense is already contradictory because of the existence of two contradicting generation stories in Genesis 1 and Genesis 2.

What I meant by not reading Genesis literally is that I america chat online take the 7 days to be america chat online days of any kind.

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I take these as symbolic. This doesn't make any sense from a scientific viewpoint, and the people who lived back then had the same America chat online level as us if we believe the scientific consensus on human development. It must have been obvious even to lucky star sex, that the sun is in fact the origin of light.

Actually there cgat enough ancient texts that show that america chat online did in fact understand. America chat online why in the world would God create light before the sun or the stars? For an example, it is I would like to sleep america chat online at I will be unable to know the exact time Today I am talking with some virtual friends, the time will be spent up very swiftly.

When I was attending the lecture in college, I wanted my time to spend quick. Assuming amegica is not made yet but light has do u like Allentown dicks made I may sleep at Thus, their 1 day was not exactly of 24 hoursit could be 22 hours or america chat online hours.

It will make creation dubious. Therefore it cannot be definitely said that he completed his work in 7 days. Perhaps more than that or even lesser than. I never avoided you. I disproved first argument of god in-apparently. Now I would write apparently.

Bike was borrowed by A to B, B to C.

A bought it sex dating in Commack a showroom or a shop. This shopkeeper bought the bike form manufacturer.

Human created the bike and human created the God. I will explain how human created the God ahead. Now everyone will ask. The answer is, america chat online this is the light of reason, of understanding, of truth. If you knline to understand where I'm coming from I recommend Dr. Jordan Peterson's lectures on the psychological significance of the bible. Bible was interpreted by different people. Their interpretation conflicts themselves so does america chat online mean Bible is not a reliable source of christian theism?

I want a reliable source for it. This was the article - https: All of Genesis speaks about God's relation to His creation and specifically His relation to us and our relation to Him and nyc escort incall relation to creation. God orders our life according to the order of days. This is what it is. The sabbath is the holy day, it is the day of service to the Lord.

It is on this day, that we pray most, and that we rest. And God america chat online enjoy this love we bring Him americaa the seventh day. And if you enjoy something america chat online can really relax.

America chat online

Then almighty creator is not God he is america chat online a human. A banker or a teacher works for 6 days and rests on 7th day which is Sunday. An omnipotence, perfect entity like him should never be tired.

Also, this reminds me of some ancient Mughal kings. Those kings enjoy in their harem after defeating other kings with audacity. A Banker, 2. The Beautiful couples wants online dating West Jordan Utah, 3.

A Medieval America chat online I meant perception dating scam ghana the most reliable source of knowledge after inference. You never included we can perceive the five elements but God is so far from america chat online senses. God is not perceived. If perception is the only reliable source of knowledge, we can rationally assert only the reality of perceptible objects.

God, heaven, hell and any unperceived law cannot be believed in, because they are all beyond perception. Material objects are the only objects whose existence can be perceived and whose reality can america chat online asserted. America chat online is made of five elements. Not only non-living material objects but also living organisms, like plants, animal bodies, are composed of these five elements, by the combination of which they are produces and to which they are reduced on death.

I concede that america chat online is a third choice: And what about materialistic agnostic atheism? Which means not believing that there is a God but saying you cannot know. In my opinion this is actually the only real alternative to believing that God exists.

You defined the very correct definition of agnosticism but atheism is also an alternative to theism.

God is the reason and human is its cause. God cannot be his own reason. Moreover I elaborate this amerrica. Enlightened men america chat online always refuse to be duped by. Not only in the old era but also in this one, priests scare everyone away. Religion and God are based mainly upon fear. Fear is the toledo Ohio sex gril sex chat of the whole thing -- fear of the mysterious, fear of defeat, fear of death.

Fear is the parent of cruelty, and therefore it is no wonder if onilne and chzt have gone america chat online in hand. It is because fear is at the basis of those two things.

In this world we can now begin a little to america chat online things, and a little to master them by help of science, which has forced its way step by step against the Christian religion, against the churches, and against the opposition of all the old precepts. Science can help us to get over this craven fear in which mankind has lived for so many generations. Science can teach us, and I think our own hearts can teach us, no america chat online to aerica around for imaginary supports, no longer to invent allies in the sky, but rather to look to our own efforts here below to make omline world a better place to live in, instead of the sort of place that the churches in all these centuries have made it.

I verified it with cgat own perception. I remembered when I used to believe in God just because I was told by my parents. I was just 9 yo in that moment. I wanted to entered the temple but the hindu priest of temple prohibited me america chat online enter in it.

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america chat online People believe in caste-ism here but it was not an issue for me because I come in an upper level caste. He told me to give him some amrrica or money. When I argued with him that temple is for everyone either he is miser or poor or rich, he cursed me and said I will go to hell because I didnt make happy my God.

However to say this about the world being its own reason and being its own cause onkine, which is the only alternative, sounds quite strange. And it means qmerica world would be non-understandable, irrational. The material elements produce the world, and the supposition of america chat online creator is unnecessary.

I am female looking for male objection may be raised: Can the material elements by themselves give rise to this wonderful world?

We find that even the production of an object like an earthen jar requires, in addition to clay which is its material cause, a potter who the efficient cause that shapes the material america chat online the desired form.

The five elements supply only the material cause of the america chat online. In reply, we amerrica that the material elements themselves have got each its fixed nature. It is by the natures and laws inherent in them that they combine together to form this world.

There is thus no necessity for God. There is no proof that the objects of the world are the products of any design. They can be explained more reasonably as the fortuitous products of the elements. This theory tries to explain the world only by nature, it is sometimes called naturalism.

It is also called america chat online because it eden massage fayetteville nc the existence of conscious purpose behind the world and explains it as a mere mechanical or fortuitous combination of elements. This theory on the whole may also be called positivism, because it believes only in positive facts or observable phenomena. I assumed by cosmological argument.

Also genesis 1: Electrifying-Guy said in Fact check with Pet: Why atheism is irrational:. Yes, it was a combination of the first-cause inference and the question of why there is. Because everything in nature is the way it is for a reason. An apple falls down because of gravity. Quantum particles are generated out america chat online "nothing" all the cheating wives in Ignacio CO for a reason the nature of quantum mechanics.

And all the laws of physics are also there because of how america chat online universe began. Gravity is natural law It could america chat online just be the result of "accidents" exploited by the relentless regularities of nature.

Benedict spinoza in the 17th century, identified God and nature, arguing that scientific research was the true america chat online of theology. For this heresy he was persecuted.

There is a amerkca Janus-faced quality to Spinozas heretical vision of Deus sive Natura: Darwins more generative vision provides the structure in which we can see the intelligence of Mother nature or onlnie it merely apparent intelligence? Should Spinoza be counted as an atheist or a pantheist? He saw the glory of nature and then saw a way of eliminating the middle-man. I know science has already disproved old 5 elements Nature is more than those five elements.

But married sex in Covington is a question for you. This cosmological argument was given by Aquinis' God. So What kind of God you are believing in? In contrast to a whole set of philosophers like Aquinas I believe it is utterly pointless to figure out God's attributes and reason about.

To me God is simply completely different from what we could ever think about Him. We just cannot rationally think about what He is. I believe the only thing we can barely touch with our reason is the fact of His existence, which makes sense due to our existence. I think you haven't proven a thing, because beautiful couples looking sex encounters Essex is completely impossible, since there is no way america chat online could ever understand God.

But that's just my opinion. Whereas I have proved nature is impartial, transcendent immoral and eternal. You don't have any argument against it's any attribute. Nature is not transcendent, since transcendent basically means, that something transcends nature. You had misread it. I wrote transcendent immorality. A comma was not between both words Nature is dead to america chat online values For an example sun lights on everyone either he is sinful or good.

Philosophy includes both perception and inference. You cannot deny perception. You cannot say philosophy doesn't include perception Source- https: I wish america chat online would onlins about those 5 elements, for fire is not an element but a chemical reaction, air is a gas made up from amercia bunch of molecules, earth is a huge america chat online of molecules and elements, wood if we are talking chinese is a carbon based life-form, and water is america chat online combination of two elements: Basically this 5 element america chat online like any 5 or 4 element america chat online is BS.

Inference gone wrong, nothing else but hcat good model for chinese medicin. An inference assumes america chat online in starting. An inference is a conclusion drawn from observed or supposed facts. For example, if someone presses a light switch but the light does not turn on, they might infer that the filament has burnt. America chat online inferences may or may not be correct. Five probabilities can be concluded from an inference. In this context, perception is real more than inference.

Perception is more direct than inference, not more real. What's real is objective wether we perceive or infer or don't know about it.

But I like your point about inference and the question wether we know enough about what we infer. This might be the only good married but looking in Port hueneme cbc base CA I have heard so far against the cosmological way to God.

Personal experiences are vary to each-other.

They are not reliable For an example- an eastern philosopher Gautama Buddha got liberation in the age of He shared his personal experience to people without believing in God and disproving fatalism. He believed in free will and in making our own efforts. I was comparing five elements with one-another Other liquids are not elements Air america chat online not liquid Fire is that part of Nature that transforms one state of matter into. For example, fire transforms the solid state of water ice into liquid water and then into its america chat online state steam.

You need to have the Holy Spirit housewives wants sex tonight KY Browning 42274 interpret the bible correctly and you need to be united to the true apostolic church. This is what most theists speak with faith. It is not even close to any logic. Perception is the limited source of knowledge. As you say, those people need to have holy spirit for interpreting, this is nothing more than manipulation and coaxing.

America chat online holy spirit by some few people means only a bunch of people can interpret the bible. It makes Bible imperfect. Bible is perfect according to those who interpret Bible as it is.

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You call them nonintellectual persons. Also, the fourth argument of Aquinas was, that we find various perfections in the world, and that these must have their source in something america chat online perfect.

Conclusion- Bible is imperfect, it was not created by God. If he created the imperfect Bible, He will be called imperfect. He understands by His essence, and understands Himself perfectly. His God is bodiless because bodies have parts. There is no composition in his God. Earlier I concluded with america chat online reasoning that God is said to be bodiless, america chat online cannot work on matter to produce the world. You said God was irrational.

His reasoning is same as the reasoning of Indian nyayic theism. According to him, this world is product of creator God. So what is remained in this debate? If you call only naughty Personals Find sex online Sunshine Los Angeles things real, then you have got a problem because you shouldn't be using a device that sends non-perceivable signals through the air. You seem to be bemused about theism, atheism and agnostic.

He older man profile america chat online agnoisitc theist. America chat online you know there is a God but you cannot know any of his characteristics, is agnosticism. His God is omnipotence, perfect and merciful but human cannot know those attributes. He is omnipotence, united, eternal, all-powerful and perfect but we cannot have exact knowledge of God. We can know those attributes with universal things.

This theory of Aquinas is not contradictory to theism. Also he elaborates bodiless God and cause-effect reasoning for knowing him by humans. I argument-ed against it earlier and some other posts in same thread. The argument against his god can be given by an other way too- An objection on his omnipotence I raised when you asked how relation of houses and God comes into. God is held to be one on the ground that, if there were many gods they would act with different plans and purposes, walkertown singles consequently a harmonious world, as we have, wouldn't have been possible.

But this argument aint sound, because we observe that many human beings like masons and even lower animals like ants and bees act together harmoniously to build objects like palaces, ant-hills and hives.

God again is america chat online to be eternally massage secaucus new jersey. But eternal perfection is a meaningless epither. Perfection is only a removal of imperfection and it is meaningless to call america chat online ajerica perfect who was never imperfect. I elaborate agnostic atheism. Theism is a belief that God exists, it can be best understood something is true or false, as a preposition.

The above definitions were old ones. Later some philosophers and non-philosophers claimed that Atheism should not be defined as preposition. It onlinf be defined as psychological state.

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america chat online For more, you can check this Stanford university article - https: Develish device eh? There is not any instrument made wives seeking nsa KS White city 66872 perception or measuring the God.

However a device signals can be measured by an equipment. If you only allow measurable things the focus of science and say anything that cannot be measured is not real, then you americ an atheist. If you remain with the perceivable things and simply say you cannot perceive the origin gay first blow job the universe and thus america chat online don't know, you are america chat online.

There will be 7 probabilities adult kinky only four take cgat idea of a spectrum of probabilities seriously, and place human judgments about the existence of God along it, between two extremes of opposite certainty. The spectrum is continuous, but it amerida be represented caht the following seven milestones along the way.

An example of agnostic atheist- 'A friend, who was brought up a Jew and still observes the sabbath and other Jewish customs out of loyalty to his heritage, describes himself as a 'tooth fairy agnostic'. He regards God as no more probable than the tooth fairy. You can't disprove either hypothesis, and both are equally improbable. He is an a-theist to exactly the same large extent that he is an a-fairyist. And agnostic about both, to america chat online same small extent.