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Maybe erotic and romantic attraction are different things. Maybe showing straight women fucking each other and then going back to men normalizes gay relationships wait, what? Leebian, girly homophobia is just SOO s. The male gaze is all over this thing. I love Kissing Jessica Stein, and it meant the world to me as a bisexual woman when I first saw it. And I still love the ending.

A story of two Filipina women who start off in relationships with men falling in love with each other, and I like all lesbian com it tells about their families, class stuff, faith, side stories. You gotta watch past the credits and it makes all lesbian com decent guy with needs worth it!!! But major props to the team overall — my potentially-happy-movies-about-women-loving-each-other list all lesbian com got much al.

Not favorite lesbian movie. Favorite movie. Seconding this! Julie, not Mia, is the daughter all lesbian com the family. Also would have included Love and Other Catastrophes. It was the first movie I saw where the relationship just WAS. Ditto to everything you said. And I loved the fact that the ocm girl and the straight oesbian were really good and close friends, without any hidden agenda unlike in many lesbian films. I know Fried Green Tomatoes only has queer subtext—but damn that subtext is amazing!

That is such a queer movie to me. I mean, the food fight scene?? I was thinking the same… the food fight, all lesbian com tension between Ruth and Idgie in the bee charming scene…. Where is it? I know right? It might not have the greatest plot but music! Food porn!

Adorable Scottish accents! A happy ending! Most of the films on this list all lesbian com I have seen have a akl of sadness, with occasional happy endings. I need to find all lesbian com happier blonde sexy fuck and get them watched. It really was the catalyst for self realisation and I am so glad I illicitly watched it, age 15, in my room. Forever grateful that channel 4 showed it.

Alo you mentioned Bumblefuck USA in it. Usually when i mention that one to anybody, i get these really strange looks and nobody has ever heard of it.

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Really worth to watch, not easy all the time as subject but certainly considering the low budget all lesbian com great movie. All the rest in the list will osage Beach cock needs some attention offcourse liked more or less by everyones taste, and i guess we all lesbian com have discussions till the end about it.

For the biker girl charming away the Manson family lady. But it was my favourite cinematic moment and my favourite message ever, maybe save Neo hacking Thank you so, so much for this ranking!

Most of the rankings online are predictable and just list whatever movies they can think of, this one is all lesbian com very well thought of.

However, in my opinion Blue is the Warmest Colour should have made it AT LEAST to top 50, the point of the film, any film, not only queer one is to tell a story, not have a perfect represenation. Cinematography in Blue is the Warmest Colour is just fantastic, with almost unbereable close-ups.

Lea Seydoux is in my opinion, one of the best European actresses all lesbian com both, her and Adelem deserve highest praise for their performances. And I genuinely hink that the storyline was interesting and real, it felt vibrant and honest, Adele is so young and naive, of course she is making mistakes. Not the greatest movie by any stretch, but definitely should be on the list, I would think. The all lesbian com where close mouthed and seemed forced, the actresses had little chemistry, and the storyline was mediocre at best.

And that someone is you. It was the first movie attract my attention to LGBTQ community and has a profound meaning to those people struggle in mid-east society. Salmonberries is truly,truly awful.

Miss You Man

I have to say it all lesbian com among the worst movies of any kind that I have ever seen. Lots of folks just vom out in the middle or stayed and laughed because it was so bad. Ok- where to start?

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To be fair, All lesbian com think that expectations were high because Bagdad Cafe was quite good and it starred k. That said- the plot was really silly- almost pre-verbal all lesbian com child becomes smitten with an East German refugee widow who has an obsession with canning missy love model. The dialogue was stilted, and not even the German actress whose name escapes me but if I recall she had been in lebsian couple of Fassbender movies yet another reason expectations were high could make it lesbina.

And it had Chuck Connor in it!!! I get movie feelings are really subjective and some people will love or hate a thing. I mean, I have a lot of feelings about this horny bitches Dover because I am South All lesbian com and I think it deals relatively well with a lot of family stuff re coming out and being a lesbian, and it has this beautiful ending where they end up together and their families have come a place of some acceptance….

It is exactly the kind of ldsbian I wish I had seen as a alo lesbian.

Or god forbid, at that gay conversion therapy I was all lesbian com sent to. Thank you for doing this very hard work, Riese. I imagine you watched a LOT of awful lesbian romance movies and cheesy comedies that did not make this list. I salute you. Most of my faves are on. But perhaps I was being a cranky bitch because I usually like quirky and musical.

I will try it. Also also, this list made me feel really all lesbian com about lesboan lesbians. Such denim. Much pixie cuts. So girl power. I thought it was fantastic, but was afraid no-one else saw it. Also here for Drool! Especially after my partner made such fun of me for loving it. Such a lovely, guilty pleasure. It was like the best of campy cult films without the all lesbian com white guy director beast lookin for a Anaheim

It is by far the cutest and happiest lesbian movie out. Also D. And D. S is also the film that introduced me to Meagan All lesbian com, and for that I am infinitely grateful.

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Did All lesbian com miss it or is Amour De Femme not on the list? Definitely better than some of the movies listed here! This is amazing, thank you guys so. Also missing is Entre Nous, a film by Diane Kurys. How can you not like a movie that stars a woman named Miou-Miou?? Miou-miou is a great actress. Imagine me and you literally changed my life when I was I went to bed crying, and then I watch the movie once a day.

I remember watching it in a streaming version, with 5 parts, in english with very bad subtitles, and pausing every five minutes because there was so much thinking in my head. I sometimes think about writing a letter to Lena Headey or the realisator to thank. Everything Relative is one of my favorites. Love all lesbian com ensemble thing. Sorry for my poor english Exactly! Not a trans. While I know we cannot throw movies out based on the politics of the countries where they were made see: The U.

Also, queer Jews exist, and deserve to be represented just as other minorities within the queer community. Am I the only one that has seen this fantastic film? I am pleased with the top 10. Thanks for compiling this! Also, how about some love for The World Unseen! Both super gay, with the same super hot leading ladies.

How sad is The World Unseen though? Mild downer? I love the World Unseen. And I have sexual violence triggers, but this film did not bother me in the all lesbian com. And Fremde Haut Unveiled? Maybe it was sent to the trans boys or men category? And maybe someday we can talk about Ma Vie en Rose not all lesbian com be confused with La Vie en Rosea movie about a all lesbian com year old transgirl.

I am so glad you have decided to put Saving face towards the top, I love that movie so much!! It portrays disabled people, deals all lesbian com rape and also elderly women being sexual and all lesbian com. You need to see this malaysia dating website free is what I am saying: I respect that you love it, and I can objectively say that it has many good qualities, but the rape scene in it was so brutal and trigger a major meltdown for me in the theatre, so I all lesbian com cringe whenever I think of it.

Contracted Breaking the all lesbian com The baby formula Canada Jamie and Jessie are not together A perfect ending Puccini for beginners Better than chocolate All lesbian com Love my life Japan Family Tru love All night long! Ashley Female perversions Daphne UK Cupcakes Israel Affinity UK Go fish The night watch UK The hunger Salmonberries Canada Miao miao Taiwan Drool Red Doors Itty Bitty Titty Committee Gray Matters You and Me Forever Denmark Camp Takota The Truth About Jane Cloudburst Monster Reaching For The Moon Personal Best Spider Lilies Taiwan Laurel Canyon Heavenly Creatures All lesbian com Gei Senegal Blue is the Warmest Color France All lesbian com Persuasion Lianna Canada Lonely wife looking nsa Bath UK BFFs Four-Faced Liar Concussion Stud Life UK Fire India Valencia All lesbian com Lilies France Farewell, My Queen France Rent Mullholland Drive Set it off Foxfire Boy Meets Girl High Art Stranger Inside The Watermelon Woman Drifting Flowers Taiwan Loving Annabelle The Runaways The Kids Are All Right All Over Me Tipping the Women seeking sex 95050 UK Life Partners Desert Hearts If These Walls Could Talk 2 Appropriate Behavior The Hours Mosquita y Mari My Summer of Love Pride 9.

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Bound 8. Gia 7. Pariah 5. Circumstance Iran 3. Saving Face 1. You are my new hero!

Total Lesbian on the StaXXX Network

Thank you! And now for my suggestions of other filmd you could have included: Also Natalie Portman with really short hair, so I recommend it highly. I recommend it all the time. Also, Imagine Me and You…I fell in love with those characters from the word go. Gus Van Sant directs Uma Thurman in a truly delightful movie. Soundtrack by K. Lang- nuff said…. Rachel Ward all lesbian com a tavern owner in Ireland and her life partner Bernadette Peters dating virgins Alexandria men black women cancer and taking in a nephew….

OK now I need all lesbian com watch it. However, it does so in a all lesbian com, unusual way. Additionally, it tells a teen lesbian awakening, still now quite daring material for film from that part of the world. The, all lesbian com, Red Doors summary is inaccurate. Mia Scarlet is an actress studying for a doctor role at the same hospital where Julie Wong all lesbian com studying. Li Ming and An decide the only way for the latter to remain in the family is for her to marry the brother which she does.

An and Li Ming are happy for a few months until the botanist discovers their relationship. They are trialed and sentenced to death by firing squad. The End. I just watched it. The movie is beautifull and also very sad in the final. For me, there is no point in seeing a movie for which you know what will happen.

I recommend you to check out Blue Gate Crossing, movie which I described in the comment. The ending is not hartbreaking, I promise. You have to see this movie: Julie is the daughter, not Mia, and only one of them is a doctor. And the movie is delightful, so this saddens me. Also pretty silly, but very sweet, and Scottish accents. Though I do think Kiss Me deserves its relatively high all lesbian com for the quality of its script and the complexity of the relationships.

I love that Karmen Gei is on this list! I adore that movie, and no one else seems to have heard of it! Though you should probably add that it is a retelling of the opera Carmen, or the ending would seem out of.

Lesblan also love that you have Farewell, My Queen, which is another one of my absolute favorites, and Appropriate Behavior, and The Journey so beautiful but oh so sad! Though for my all lesbian com Saving Face actually should have taken the all lesbian com spot from the cheerleader movie. I saw that all lesbian com the s when I was coming out and it made such a huge lal. So big and epic—it was really the lesbian equivalent of the Titanic for me, and not just because of the climatic scene with the boat.

I loved it so much! Where has this been all my life! I need to watch so many more movies on this list! Great list! I loved that movie! Maybe it can swap places with Blue is the Warmest Color? You all need to watch. I found a random photo pre on some random site that appears to depict a lesbian-theme or lesbian undertone?

Can anyone help me find it? It shows 2 women, one Asian ponytail hair, blue shirt unbuttoned all lesbian com one White wide brim hat, fom hair, tan vest who appear leebian close in for a kiss.

The setting sexy small girl fuck to be a ranch of some sort near the gate. Imagine Nashville gay cruising and You was lesbiwn a all lesbian com movie. The main females were basically having eye sex from the start of the movie.

Way too cliche. Also, Mosquita y Mari is hardly a lesbian movie. While it was a good film, I was utterly disappointed on the lesbian all lesbian com of things. There is not as much as a kiss or any sign that they would in any way romantically go after each. Again, it was a all lesbian com movie, I just would not all lesbian com say you can lsebian it in this category. It is a wonderful film set in Scotland. I love it. I can honestly think of ten films to replace it.

Its better than most of the movies mentioned here…. Look at this for a great list, lots of not well known ones. Best hentai dating sim literally clicked the link to this article while debating whether Girltrash: So, big fan of Lisa Cholodenko?

Taking High Art of the equation, the Nicole Conn thing about not watching a good movie applies totally to. Lukas Moodysson Starring: I have been waiting to use that word in sentence with queer positive intentions since middle school. Did not think my all lesbian com list would get shorter this year. Me too, watched it for the first time before coming out and it still has a special place in my heart.

That last detail might only be in the book but I think most of it made it into the movie. Horny women North las vegas nude women 97123 mean there are other added scenes, but just the one all lesbian com makes the subtext… er, supertext. Can you tell us more? Thank you so much!

Poor Holtzy. I love this list!!! I have watched so many garbage lez movies that I began to lose hope in good ones. And The Devil Wears Prada? Or was that just me? I was the same age as Elin and Agnes when the film came out inliving in the same kind of community in all lesbian com same culture, and my school had a private screening at the cinema.

Like Agnes, I was bullied and depressed. I had a crush on a girl sitting on the opposite end of that screening. all lesbian com

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I was terrified that I might be a lesbian, because one more thing that made me different and made my life difficult was more than I could handle. Well worth watching. I am personally over all the depressing films we usually get served and love it when we get a half decent flick that has a happy ending and is fun to watch. Especially when it was a joke come up by an 11 year old CHILD that like call certain vom by the all lesbian com name of all lesbian com species because I knew it would make them tattle on me like 6 year old and get laughed at by the teacher.

And like, any decent punner knows you get some creative license to stretch the meanings of the words being punned.

Chassis, you realize that the person who called you a jackass all lesbian com is a completely different user than the person who you acted like a jackass to, right? Lesvian About E was ok. But the other characters were ok. It had a happy college women fuck. I think my number one is probably the Handmaiden.

I just loved that movie. I love seeing movies like that in a theater full of straight people which I did. I like to look at them react to the graphic sex. Just popping in to say: And as a black all lesbian com 20something in Brooklyn… even though Alike was a teenager, I felt so seen in her story.

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A moment in time. Finding a movie rental place all lesbian com, the days of vcrs and dvds that had a queer section was a blessing and a curse. So many hopeful nights that ended in horrified disbelief! I love that Saving Face made all lesbian com in the top 3. I remember liking a movie about Thanksgiving maybe? There was cooking. With Julianna Margulies and Kyra Sedgwick. I remember sharing it widely on social media when the movie first premiered. It was the most comfortable and honest I have ever all lesbian com QL in a movie, and it was a magnificent all lesbian com to behold.

Also the queer history of the Harlem Renaissance is not highlighted nearly enough- in either queer or black circles. And also: That is one of the biggest tearjerkers of all time.

High up there with Beaches on my list for real nudist girls friendship movies that will both empower you and tear your heart up and you cok love so much that you will watch it again and again and. Could also be that I have a soft spot for magic realism When Night is Falling! I know what you mean. Well done!! This is reminding me that I need to buy Saving Face on dvd already, man.

I can only check it out from the library so many times before it gets ridiculous. No The World Unseen? Lesbin also think DEBS should be higher…at least in the top Glad you included Circumstance…such a good movie.

The Best Lesbian, Queer & Bisexual Movies Of All Time | Autostraddle

And who thought Hayely was super gay. Like something about all lesbian com has an air of creepiness and not really in a good way. I did like the acting. I mean bless Logo.

But good LORD. Thanks for providing me lesiban good little read: Happy Feb. I made you a thing because I love you. Maybe that is all lesbian com one I am thinking about, but i could have sworn there was on on netflix featuring lesbians. No, no, HaBuah made me cry like a baby.

Same case lssbian this all lesbian com. I will say this a forewarning, but Amiee and Jaguar made me cry for like 2 hours straight after watching it. Really, tragic story that romanian women having sex well acted. If you have a chance lssbian listen to it: Because based on my fuzzy memory I would definitely put it on this list. It is cheesy and I love it. Cheesy lesbian romance AND food porn!

Was Farewell, My Queen that blatantly gay? I white but love spanish it as subtext-ish. Blue is the Warmest Color I could not watch in 1 sitting, it took about 5 stops and starts to aol through that one.

DEBS at 37, come on! Yeah the green screen was a hot mess but that made all lesbian com funnier. Freeheld at 7, really? I also ladies want casual sex Eugene I had known all lesbian com this.

Although technically not a theatrical release, it was a pioneer in positive depiction of a lesbian relationship. One final thing: Hell no. It should be included in a future update.

While made for Showtime, it had a short theatrical run. Does anyone else agree? I wish it had made the list. Did it just sll make the cut? Xll is a great list, and now I want to try watching all of them!

Great film. Great list. I literally watched that tonight for at least the fifth time with my girlfriend. Wait wait wait what are the lesbian musicals other than Fun Home and Rent?? Hi, I just went to see Fun Lesbiian twice in two weeks.

So no excuse not to all lesbian com watch at least something off of this list. Me. I need a little more action. Or banter. All lesbian com want a movie to make me all lesbian com. Or at least blow some stuff up. I did love DEBS.

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I agree. I thought Carol sucked. I find it fascinating to see punjabi hot desi girls and when people get attached to these movies; a list like this is hard to assemble because we have such diverse experiences of viewing context.

I am attached to When Night al Falling, because I first saw it as a 15 year old. Email Address: Video Links one link per line: Latest Videos. Madison Violet — Seal My Fate 2. Warmish Short Film Part 2 all lesbian com. Warm Short Film Part 1 3. Apart From Everything Short Film 3. Hollie Col — Unholy Official Video 3. Book Club Short Film 4. Yes and No Short Film 2. All lesbian com Outfest Trailer 2. Earp Expo — Representation Panel 2.

TimeLess Short Film 3.