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A single man ending Wanting Sex Dating

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A single man ending

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Search Advanced search. Please explain A Single Man's worth to me.

I like Colin A single man ending, I liked the visuals, but the movie's emotional impact on me was nil. It struck me as a kind of very pretty, elaborately designed cake that was set up in front of a time-lapse camera and allowed to decay ten years, but in the final cut you only see a second from each year.

If that analogy doesn't work, great. Explain why this is a good movie, if you have the time or inclination. But likewise, I also struggled to connect emotionally with the film.

I felt like Ford gave too much focus on the style that it ended up overshadowing the emotional impact of the film. There a single man ending things I can laud about this film, but in the end I just don't get it.

I appreciated that the professor was dismissive of nuclear annihilation, advertising, and heterosexual bliss. I appreciated that he kept his suffering mostly to himself, and was going to kill. But I didn't care.

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Do you have to be gay to enjoy films like this? Maybe I'm a closet homophobe, but I don't tend to like these gay melodramas.

I just don't care, it a single man ending like someone is preaching to me. I don't think the film tried to prove gay people have real feelings aswell, instead just presenting an honest piece of a single man ending, regardless of Since this seems to be an exercise in self-analysis, I guess the question begs to be asked: I like Colin Firth, and I endng films wherein the main character destroys themselves, but just didn't get this one.

Did you like it?

I don't think you need anything more than the elements you've already lauded and a compelling theme to have a great film, I think the fact that it was focused on such a specific point in this character's life made it philadelphia men, a single man ending more relatable?

He a single man ending because he tied himself so firmly to one thing and then it went away, and that struck me as pretty significant.

Then again, I loved Leaving Las Vegas as well, so, different strokes? Cheers, Mike.

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