Crowdfunding Spotlight: Metal Gaming Coins by Never Stop Tops & Coins Kickstarter

4 Sep

There have been lots of new and interesting Crowdfunders on the net in the time I’ve been distracted. Now I’m back in the groove I’ve got one for you LARPers and RPGers. This time is a great collection of  fantasy coins for your games by Never stop tops & coins.

Now, I’ve featured fantasy coins before, and I always have been fond of props like these in such games to add an extra level of detail, especially for LARP, but back in the day stuff like this was very rare and hard to get hold of, so it’s great that in this day and age cool props like these are getting easier to get your hands on.

There are loads of nice looking designs here, of which I especially like the one with the head of baphomet (as well as other designs too I might add!) Plenty of themes and interesting designs will be a boost to LARP clubs wanting to use an in game currency, or even your RPG group could put them to good use, as well as tokens for wargaming campaigns, props for film makers, cosplayers or simply to collectors wanting something to add to their collection.

All in all, they look pretty good, and would be a great addition to an existing fantasy coin collection to boost your coffers. Click the linky to check it out.

Metal Gaming Coins RPG, LARPing, Cosplay, Board Games & More by Never Stop Tops & Coins — Kickstarter.



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