Crowdfunding Spotlight: Doggerland Ice Age Mammal Miniature Set Kickstarter

20 Jun


Another KS campaign I quite like the look of, is the Doggerland Ice age mammal miniature set. The styleof these minis is right up my alley in terms of execution of style, I really do like cartoony stylised stuff, so its no wonder my eye was drawn to these. Yes, there are lots of people who actually detest this kind of styling due to its non realistic portrayal, but I think these are grand!

I’d just like to add, that Doggerland refers to the lost land beneath the sea that used to connect the UK from the european mainland during the last ice age, and not a theme park for people who meet in car parks for weird sex!

There are only 5 days left if you want to become a backer, and indeed this KS is a full funder, so you’ll be backing a winner if you get involved, check out the link if this prehistoric project gets you pre-hysteric (ok, don’t give me the cold shoulder…sigh!)

Hand-Sculpted Miniature Ice Age Mammal Set by Dina Andrews Walker — Kickstarter.



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