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The Walking Dead: Season 4: Episode 15; Us

24 Mar


So, almost at the end of this season of zombie survivor drama, The Walking Dead, so here I am with this week’s latest installment.

After last week, of which I was quite impressed with compared to some of the previous episodes in the recent weeks, so with the climax to this season approaching, hopefully this and the next will also be better (As I’ve yet to watch this one too!)

Always remember to make sure your pop-up blockers are turned on, as the site link below generally contains tons of pop-ups that are totally avoided when you do.

I’ve also included the link to the aftershow Talking Dead for the hardcore fans out there to keep you entertained!


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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Zed or Alive: Zombie skirmish ruleset by Rust Devil Games Kickstarter

19 Mar

As you know, I’m into zombie wargames, so this caught my eye, its called Zed or alive from Dust devil games and they currently have a kickstarter campaign to fund its creation. Yes, I know, there are quite a few zombie skirmish rulesets coming onto the market at the moment, but there’s always room for more!

They’ve already surpassed their $3000 goal, so this is pretty much a dead cert, and since its based on the Savage world system, it’s already got a good pedigree and existing fan base. I like the slick look to it, and I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on a copy, even if it’s just to read! A lot of you might add that the title bears more than a passing coincidence to a certain X-box game series that is one of my favourites (L4D) but maybe thats why I’m attracted to it in the first place!

The good thing is that you can use whatever figures you like for the game (human survivors and zombies of course) and can be used for 28mm and even 15mm (hooray!!) Loads of miniature companies have allowed photos of their great figures inside, which also lends to the finished look of the book, so its no surprise many have already jumped aboard.

If you want to take a closer look and maybe get involved as a backer in the campaign, click the link below and check it out!

Zed or Alive: The Zombie Miniatures Game by Rust Devil Games — Kickstarter.

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Another letter to “S” (Further adventures in blogland…)

19 Mar


I have fleeting moments these days when it comes to my time on the web, much of it now is spent replying to messages and updating what needs to be done, so as it were, this post is the latest in the long line of my adventures (and misadventures) against that bane we can only mention as called “S” (Yes, them again!)

Regular followers of the story will know that these dodgy geezers like to spam website owners with tons of useless bot visits, messing with stats and wasting bandwith. Even so I didn’t really ever care about them or their activities at first, it did piss me off what they were doing to many others out there, so foolishly I kind of took it upon myself to champion the cause and get to the bottom of the whole thing and get website owners the answers they needed. (The things I do for you…)

Cutting the story short (If you don’t know what I’m on about, check out my previous posts on “S” emalt) what has been bugging me is the fact that the company seem to think they can convince people who are suspicious about them, by using my previous post A letter to “S” (I’m not saying it!) on their official blog and facebook page! When I displayed my indignation to them directly on both places under the comments there, not only were my comments deleted, but I’m not even allowed to post there anymore! What a flaming cheek!

Methinks another flowery letter to them will perk their interest in my plight, and since many of you have told me you enjoyed the last one, I thought I’d share this one publically with you as well!!

To S****t, 

Right, there’s something that I’m going to ask you lot, and it’s really starting to piss me off about your shady company.
Ages ago I posted an article about you in which an open letter gave you the opportunity to come clean about your relentless spam crawler bots visiting many of our websites constantly, with fake visitor results that have been cause for concern.

In this letter, which was published and your answer which was also published, you attempted in the latter to justify yourself as just a simple SEO company with no ill intent, and that all your bots are causing no harm etc. 

If that were the case, then I wouldn’t have such a problem as I do now, but my opinion is now totally different than it were. Yes, I did sympathise that you were just another web company just trying to make a crust, although you may have had an foot in mouth manner of self promotion. 

No, you really are a nasty, twisted bunch, aren’t you?

For a while now, you lot have been trying to use these blog posts as a way of sedating public opinion that you are “safe” and implying that I agree or endorse you, a message to my visitors and other web users who come to you via Facebook or your pitiful corporate blog.

This is now my biggest issue.

I am formally (and as politely as I can) request that you remove this supposed user endorsement from both your blog post, and your Facebook page. Don’t think your doing me any favours for linking to me, I don’t need your help to get “real” visitors, I am capable of doing that myself quite easily by providing both useful and entertaining material for my readers, unlike yourselves who seem to shoot yourselves in the foot repeatedly in regard of the negative press you keep generating for your ultimately doomed endeavor.

I would have asked without the big ruckus, but since you ban me from posting comments on both the offending pages, I finally decided to go with another open letter (which will be published I can assure you along with your answer) to get your attention.

Oh by the way, congratulations on finally coming forward with an explanation about your spammy crawlers/bots. It’s not great, but finally you lot are attempting to address the problem, and I can be sure that hundreds will be asking that you remove their sites from your lists faster than a rat up a drainpipe, since you have caused them so much distress!

I can’t impress upon you just how much you lot are pissing off the web community with your antics. I have to laugh about your last reply to me, when you said, and I quote:

I don’t think this can be an issue, since nobody complains on bots that belong to Google, Bing and other search engines. There are so many services on the web that are believed to mess up the webmaster’s statistics. Now, would you have a look at this How does that grab you? Should Apple hire some headhunters to capture their owners? Today a lot of people become paranoic after all these mass media reports. But let’s come down to earth…

“The fact is, people actually “Trust” Google, Microsoft and Apple, they actually provide a decent service and have a far better track record as regards the people/users. These people aren’t paranoid, just concerned about how secure they are on the web from hacking, spam and data harvesting and theft, your extremely naive to resort to calling them paranoic and to come down to earth.”

I think it’s your company that needs to remove your heads from your asses, since you are the ones causing the trouble in the first place. What’s with you people? Are you sniffing helium or something? I fear by the time your finished you will be the ones falling back to earth, freefall without a parachute (well, you aint Felix Baumgartner are you?)

Just to reiterate, since you stop me from commenting on the pages mentioned, about the posts I want removed, I will assure you, if these links aren’t removed I will spam you with this complaint letter, over an over until you do, and to every public contact email you have until you do as I ask. If you do, I will stop.

We’ll see how you lot like being hassled repeatedly, like you have done to others. I will also encourage others to spam your emails for fun, just like you have to them, remember some of these sites have been bonafide professional business sites, and they are genuinely concerned your spam visits will lead to them being penalised by the big sites with their rankings, thus loosing them business. You said what harm? Plenty, just you don’t see, which leads me to my next bone to pick…

I know what your going to say, why the axe to grind so much, take a chill pill Mr G and settle down…you want to know, do you?

Not only do I feel that I am speaking on behalf of hundreds of disgrutled folks, and the issue with the links, you were the reason behind my blog suspension.

Yes you were!

So, I suppose i’m being petty, and yes I’ll admit that I am. I am always getting told I’m an arrogant son of a bitch (which swells my heart with pride I tells ya’!) and I really don’t appreciate that for me, just writing about your site and company has caused me to nearly get suspended.

I rely on my blog as a point of call for the possibility of commission based work, contact with friends and colleagues both old and new. My site has been two years of work in itself, yet one mention of you lot, and “I” get into trouble and classed as a spammer!

I don’t ever think that in my eyes, you’ll ever be raised above the bottom feeding trash I see you as, and if it were up to me, you’d be shut down for your web crimes. Is there a spammers of the year award? If there is, i’ll be certainly nominating you for it!

Look, just get it done removing my links from FB and your retarded blog and you’ll not get anymore shit from me (well, I can’t promise that, since I hate semalt so much) You do realise that there are groups mobilising around you to take semalt out of the equation.

Time is running out…..

Will “Hammer of the gods” Grundy

OK, you should know me by now, I rant and rant, but I do like to make my letters interesting reading! They just piss me off.

I sent this the other day, and still no reply. I’ll give them a couple more days before I start spamming every contact email I can find for them. Would you say 20 in each of their email inboxes is enough to start? As they say in the Bible (well maybe not) “Let Spam begat more Spam!!”

Incidentally, I come here baring real news for those who might need it concerning the dreaded “S” (or Shitmalt, which is my new name for them.)

First up is the Anti-shitmalt Facebook group, they have a few tips and info about how to complain and who to complain to, they can be located here if you want to join the group (Which if you hate em’ like hundreds of others, please do so!)

Also, if you check their blog, they have introduced a new feature that lets webmasters request that their sites be removed off their list for bot/crawler visits. Whether it is genuine is anyone’s guess, but a quick google or look on their blog will find the post I’m talking about (I don’t want to backlink to them if I can help it, so I’ll refrain if you don’t mind!)

Anyway, as soon as I get a reply, I’ll post it up here to let you know what crap they say, or if I get creative again and feel inspired to write to them again….

Here we go again……

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The Walking Dead: Season 4: Episode 14; The Grove

18 Mar


So episode 14 is upon us, not long I fear until the season finale, I’m hoping that this end of season 4 finishes with a little more of a flourish than these past few episodes, but I aint given up on the series just yet! I don’t want to give you any spoilers of this one, but all I can say is, this is probably the best one in this half of the season. It’s very sad, so the sensitive of you might need your hankies at the ready!

links below are for The Walking Dead, season 4, episode 14: The Grove, and the aftershow Talking Dead, put your pop up blockers on before you click to be safe (not from zombies, just pop-ups!) and enjoy the weekly slice of zomer related madness!

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Crowdfunding Spotlight: The Legends of the Wulin Board-Game Kickstarter

15 Mar

Another interesting campaign over on Kickstarter, is the boardgame The Legends of the Wulin. I do enjoy a good boardgame now and again, and I am always partial to stuff based on ancient China and it’s legends (and fantasy kin)

Although it looks a tad complicated, it’s very slick looking and certainly attracts the eye with the board and its components, it also is a change to see a KS actually based in china (the place, not the game is what I mean) so at least it could have a bit more authenticity than the slew of westernised material out there.

As I said, it did catch my eye, and I’m tempted to get involved, but as per usual, cash flow might scupper my plans. If you want to take a look, clicky the linky below!

The Legends of the Wulin Board-Game by Eos-sama — Kickstarter.


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