Warboard Kickstarter update: £10k stretch goal unlocks 15mm board!!

5 Oct

Just to let you fellow 15mm gamers know, the £10K stretch goal for the campaign has been reached, thus unlocking the option for a 15mm version of this great item! That’s right, this time the 15mm gods have decreed that these nifty boards will now be available at half size (well, still the same size, just the pattern rejigged at the 15mm scale)

I did promise that I would indeed be in on this if it were to hit the £10K mark, so I guess I’m going to have to go for it!! Things are looking a tad stretched for me to continue to support the reaper bones KS (The P&P is just one step too much for my finances methinks) which is a shame, but I’ll get over it. However that being said, I can afford one of these innovative terrain boards, and I know I can put these to more better use with my existing Zombie/scifi/fantasy gaming without much effort.

There’s still plenty of time left to get some if you visit the link below, what are you waiting for?

Warboard, the innovative gaming mat by Steve @ — Kickstarter.

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