Trouble with your Girlfriend? Why not make a Horse-Man Baby!!

16 Feb

I just gotta share this weird news story I got to learn about a few days ago, as this fellow is clearly an example of how not to sort out your relationship woes.

When you have a fall out with your partner, you might want to go and take some time out and cool down until you can both make up and settle your quarrels, but this guy here took a bit of a different tack.

 Andrew Mendoza decided to take his frustration and angst about his love life by trying a bit of DIY cross species interbreeding, with a horse!!

Apparently, when caught he admitted that he was trying to create a centaur or a “Horse-Man Baby”!  I have to admit, that it made me laugh and laugh about just from how stupid some humans can be.  To actually think he could make a horse pregnant is beyond me.

I’m sure that he will take “centaur stage” in prison with his new pals.

With all the latest horsemeat scandal in the UK, lets hope Mr Mendoza’s new love interest doesn’t find its way into a Findus lasagne anytime soon…..

Man caught having sex with horse was ‘trying to make it pregnant’ | The Sun |News.

peace out….

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