Beyond the Gates of Antares Kickstarter Cancelled!!

16 Feb

Hello there everybody, I’m here with a few updates and stuff, I’ve had a busy week, but one thing that’s happened for one is that dark Space corp’s Beyond the Gates of antares has been cancelled!

Lets face it, the huge target was a tad unrealistic in my opinion, and you have to consider that of late, it had stalled somewhat and most of us did think they were never going to get to the massive goal. It would seem that rather than a fail, the team chose to end it to re evaluate the project, which was probably the best ting they could do considering.

But, lets not forget they got to £100,533, which is a staggering amount of cash, plus over a thousand backers prove that there is quite a lot of potential for the game.

Maybe, the revitalised GOA will try and cram a bit more details onto the project page to tempt the “sitters on the fence of Antares” to go beyond the gate and back it this time, if they put a tad more meat on the bone so to speak!

Never mind, good show anyway chaps! Better luck on take two!

Peace out….

Beyond the Gates of Antares (Canceled) by Dark Space Corp — Kickstarter.


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