4 Dec

The thing that had attracted me to Hawk Wargames “Dropship Commander” in the first place were the excellent looking buildings, but it seems the resin scenics crazy prices are another step too far for sensible wargamers. I think I’ll pass….


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Meeples & Miniatures

Rulebook_IMG1_1024x1024If you listened to episode 97 of the podcast, you will have heard Mike & I giving Dropzone Commander a reasonably positive review – the rules are pretty good, but I have some reservations on figure pricing.

And indeed, it’s about pricing that I wanted to write about in this post.

After the initial product launch, there has not been a great deal of new material released from Hawk Wargames until a few weeks ago, when they finally released the resin buildings that they had been promising for several months. I first heard about this on the Shell Case blog when they posted a new item on the new buildings.

I read it and was flabbergasted. I went to the Hawk Wargames website and was doubly flabbergasted.

The prices of Hawk’s resin buildings almost defy belief. They start at £35 for the cheapest building, which is a 95 piece kit, and this…

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