Christmas lights turn on, pity there’s no zombie apocolypse!

16 Nov

Another shit effort by DMBC, who couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery!

My wife and me, took my kids to the annual switching on of the towns Christmas lights yesterday. I gotta say it was pretty poor.

As we were present shopping as well, it was late night shopping in town which meant that these two things combined lead to an abundance of braindead chavs and associated human detrious amassed in the area around the crappy entertainment.

As the evening was cold, instead of freezing the kids by standing around, we went off on our way to later come back so they could see the countdown at 6pm. When we arrived back the crowds had enlarged, and the ever so thin pathways around them seemed to have thinned even more, so access was a real pain as you can imagine, as my two youngest are under 4 and were both in buggies. During the stressful plough through the crowd, there were a lot of really hostile people, ignorant and clueless standing, blocking our path. We just wanted to get round the other side, but even the council employees set on to oversee that access around the set up was kept moving, just tended to stand around with no clue as to how or what, absolutely useless.

As you can imagine, all these factors made me seeth with anger. Narrowly avoiding a few scuffles and heated slanging matches with the stupid in the crowd, we eventually emerged out of the other end. I swear at that point I was ready to do some damage to the next idiot who thought they would be safe in the confines of the crowd.

All I could think of was how I’d like to flame throw all of them and how much the experience had been almost like an encounter with the undead masses.

It truely is times like that, I am gutted there will never be the chance to go crazy on them in zombie form.

Thanks DMBC for ruining my kids experience of the festivities, you wankers! I’m glad I’m moving from this sorry excuse of a town next year.


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