Latest 15mm Sculpts, Oggam and aliens….

10 Nov

I thought I’d show you the latest sculpts in 15mm I have been working on. As per usual it’s the latest in my ever growing selection of Oggam Pig mutants that come first, adding to my second set of war pigs, so far there are four completed League of Anthracks troops, just six more to go before, I can make a proper start of the next set, The Oggam beast masters/handlers, which work is underway to make the first of the “Pig dog’s”, huge vicious alien pig/dog hybrids, as well as the Mugal, handlers and a few odds and sods. After that the Hoggit biker figure, then the “heavies” (cybog, powersuit oggam, heavy armour and extra heavy weapons og. The Cybog I previewed before on here, has not made the grade, so I will be doing another that’s not as big, in the flavour of the more usual ogs (bacon I think) After that I may do one more set of either a longsnout tank or some command personalities, let me know what you think.

First up, the League of Anthracks death cult priest #1

There will possibly be another one or two of these, armed with hand weapons and hand guns in different poses as they make quite a bit of a league force. If you don’t want to use them this way and make your own oggam force, they will blend quite well into that too.

I reckon that up to four of the total ten LOA (League of Anthracks) figures from this set will be troopers like this, mostly with gasmasks and general weapons of war (a heavy too) I tried to keep as close to the original LOA gasmask design, but allowing for a variant piggy snout respirator as you can see below, the next ones will be more like the original. I thought it’d be nice to allow for some difference in what could have been too alike minis and give some additional character to them.

Thats it for the ogg’s for now, there are another three waiting part done on my workbench, so more on them when I get closer to finishing them.

Next up are a couple of alien figures that I’ll probably submit to the SHM range. They are just some fun figures that I want to get into production, especially this one next.

If any of my old gaming friends are reading this article, they will instantly know what this is. This alien creature was something that I invented many years ago for a game I wrote called “Universal Carnage”, a role playing game in a messed up universe based on our old spacemaster RPG setting. The Pliiim (Pronounced “Plym“) are a race of chain smoking, foul mouthed aliens with 3 arms, 3 legs and, you guessed, 3 eyes! They are from a Trinary star system, and the entire culture is based on the number 3. Many of them tend to go exploring the cosmos, looking to score drugs, getting high and generally get into trouble. So with that in mind, I thought it was about time the Pliiim were available to use on the wargame table. He just needs a tad done to his gun and he’s done!

This one is mainly made from my desire for some stereotypical mario-esque man eating plant aliens, inspired by my terrain for my own 15mm sci-fi games. I will be doing a few of these, again to be submitted to the SHM range, I have another 2 on the go at present, and I’m hoping to make a couple of variants in a plant pot! One will be armed as well just for the comedy aspect. These aint your average killer plants y’know!!

Finally to get the sizes into perspective, here are some size comparison shots of said sculpts next to some 15mm figures to how you how they will fit in with other ranges. Please bear in mind, the oggam figures are chunky, and they are meant to be that way!  If you crossed a genetically modified food producing giant pig with human DNA, they would turn into large ogre type creatures (well, that’s how I had intended them!)

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please let me know!


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2 Responses to “Latest 15mm Sculpts, Oggam and aliens….”

  1. PMMDJ November 10, 2012 at 1:14 pm #

    *Love* the Sun Snapper!


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