The Walking Dead season 3, thoughts so far….

7 Nov

All I can say is….Wow!

For those of you who follow the show, you know what I’m talking about.

First ~Herschel getting bit by a walker, then having the infected leg amputated ad hoc in the prison cafeteria then surviving, then T-Dog getting bit on the shoulder (bye  T-dog, just as you could have had a more active role in the series!)

Then poor Lori, giving birth in the old skanky boiler room via the caesarian section from hell, then her own kid, Carl doing the deed to stop his old mum from coming back to life and chomping on them! Carl looks as if he is evolving into a cold and emotionless zombie hunter of the future, as would any kid growing up and surviving in a zombie filled post apoc landscape!

Where is this endless energy coming from in this new series?

Hats off to the entire operation for making this series even better than before, yeah, it was a good series before, but now, it’s a GREAT one!

New characters and old, totally new situations and locations, Woodbury and the prison, it just goes to show you there is still life (or unlife) in the zombie genre. I’m a total fanboy!

I am resisting the urge to read the original comic for  fear of too much info, but only just!

All this and its only episode 4! It’s enough to make the Govenor’s severed zombie head aquarium pets eyes roll!

Let me know what your thoughts on the new season so far, what your highlights or lowlights are by posting a comment (I know a great many folks come through my blog just to get the links to the show, so if that’s you, post a quick comment and lets have a discussion!!)




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