Derren Brown’s Anticlimactic Apocolypse…

5 Nov

“When I click my fingers, you will wake up and not think I’m the biggest twat on the earth..1, 2, 3, click…”

So, did you see the conclusion to the two part Apocolypse?

I watched eager to laugh at this weeks episode, but alas  there were not as many this week.

Sure the poor lad was heartbroken when he failed to get airlifted out of the compound, call  me cruel, but that was funny, it just was this concluding part was lacking the promise of the last one. the premise of the stunt was a good one, the execution was stale at the end.

Don’t get me wrong, the zombie in his pants was funny as well, it just all came to shite. Maybe what they are saying is true about stephen being an actor? I have always been suspicious about hypnotists and their apparent ability to control people. Apparent being the catch word!

For us in the UK you can catch it on 4OD and youtube, as ever I will post it here when I get a link for those outside the UK, or if any readers have any link to it, let me know and then we can all share!!





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