More 15mm Oggam, medic,trooper, Heavy weapons & Ogborg

27 Oct

Hello everyone, I thought I’d let you see how the sculpting is coming on with the Oggam range. There’s 11 light infantry done now, maybe a few more generic troopers before the first line is done. I was originally only going to do 8, but what the hell, at least there will be a big choice for any would be Oggam wargamer!

First up is the Light infantry Heavy weapons#1, this little pig has a bazooka type grenade launcher! I’ll get maybe 2 more Light infantry heavy weapons ogs done so there will be a bit of variation.

Second up is the Oggam Field medic, I like this one, complete with all his gear, a big knife, med kit and stethoscope and he’s ready for action, I’m not sure how effective the Oggam would be with medicene, but i’m sure they will have a go anyway!

Next up, another rank and file trooper, armed with a shotty type weapon, he joins the range as a standard grunt.

And now finally onto my work in progress, The Ogborg or Cybog. Out off all so far, it’s the one i’m not as happy with. He’s a bit larger than normal oggam (not surprisingly, as these are supposed  to be bruisers!) It was another off the cuff sculpts and it may or may not make the final cut in the range. Who knows, it might grow on me, but I think I want a more dynamic pose for these fellers! He’s armed with a power claw, and a big cannon weapon built in to his mechanical system, plus heavy armour and oversized cyber arms!

As you can see the range is indeed growing, so here’s a shot of 10 of the light infantry (the Heavy weapons dude is missing as he’s still drying)

Let me know what you think to the new stuff!

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