15mm scratch built junk shuttle craft WIP

27 Oct

So I’m back to doing my 15mm salvage crew HQ. So far I have done my main admin block/junkyard, and I had another piece part done that goes on the front of it, a section on road with odds and sods on it.

However, a good examination of the model revealed it was bland. Hardly anything of value to it, very plain and boring.#

So I have decided to change it. The Black dog salvage co. really needed something to get their staff from A to B and to work on time, so instead of the road and rounabout turn, I made it into a small space taxi port with a landing pad (I’m still working on that so pics later)

As you can imagine, I needed to think about what was going to land on it as I started to make the pad.

A small company shuttle would do the trick! I admit, I had again cut myself out more work to do, and got carried away building the craft and got sidetracked from the main objective of the port. (Photos when I have tweaked the design a little and added customs/ticket booth with robot assistant, more billboards and dressing etc!)

So here is the work so far, I painted it up with a bit of metallic bronze/brown/silver/black, just to show up a bit more of the craft so I could work on it better. A lot of bits were quite hard to see on the model (They were made from clear plastic packaging) I think it helped show me what I need to do next, with more fine detail and such, so please don’t think i’m going to leave it like this!

Again, i used junk-fu scratch building skills, with the main body being a cigarette packet, other stuff like a hacked up toy car, broken toy bits, plastic packaging, card, wires, parts of a scrapped RC helicopter I cut up, bottle tops, straws, cig filters and bits from my tecchie bits box.

Like I said, it’s a bit rough round the edges, but it’s starting to take shape and it was a darn sight cheaper than trying to find something similar (it cost me nothing to make!)

I’ll keep you posted on it’s progress, hopefully I will have a shuttle port to go with it (A bit more work before that I’m afraid!)


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