Gold dragon WIP

9 Sep

So, after a year I’m still finishing my gold dragon model, totally scratch built. I keep getting distracted by other stuff, but do a bit here and there when I can. It’s made from 100% recycled junk that I rescued from the bin. I thought I would show you the progress so far.

First Here’s an old WIP shot with my old camera (It’s really bad, but the only one I have)



See, I told you so! I just wanted you to see the comaprison and some of the materials I used. You can see the cardboard (every kind I could find, cereal box, corrugated, cig packets, toilet roll tubes, egg box card etc) you can just make out the coins round the treasure chest, they were made by using a hole punch and gluing the circles down. I used mainly PVA to glue it, but it was Ok as the most of it was just paper and card, other bits however needed contact adhesive and superglue. After doing the main bit, I stuck the whole thing down on a piece of wood and painted it all black. Sprayed and painted it gold afterwards and thats as far as I have got. Here’s the good pics.














I have the base left to finish, I haven’t thought of how to finish it. Maybe you dear readers might suggest some ideal way to add a little more to the base. Remember that it has to be from 100% recycled stuff so any suggestions would need to bear that in mind.



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