Zombies from

8 Sep


Ok,so I got some stuff from, for my planned modern horror game Im playing soon. I have been painting them up whenever I get the chance to do anything and have a bit of spare time.

First off, these are from the fantasy range as I have found there’s not a great deal of UK manufacturers that produce modern zombies in 15mm, so what I saw of them on the site, they seemed fairly universal so I opted for them, as I really needed some zomers for the game quite quick.

When I got them in the post (which only took a week abouts) I got 32 all together (2 packs) so I can start my game. The first thing that struck me was how one of the sculpts had an odd looking firemans helmet, complete with a crest on top that I hadn’t noticed before. That needed to come off every one of the figures that had them. The next thing I noticed was that they had one arm out to the side, in a typical zombie gait. I understand that the nature of casting figures do require the minis to go in and come out of the moulding process where they will cast more effectively, but the arm positions could have been better. I set to rearranging the poses with a bit of elbow grease and pliers to get some variation. With there only being four poses, this arm bending was a better idea of mine and I did end up with lots of variety past that of the original models.

Painting them was easy, I opted for quick and easy jobs, as there isn’t a great deal of detail on them in the first place, I must admit the sculpts are pretty poor and one or two had some moulding problems. It’s a good job they’re zombies so it doesn’t matter too much about them being a bit fucked up. I then went about “fucking them up” with blood etc, I eventually found that with the lack of character they had, it was difficult to come up with different costume options for the little blighters. A couple got surgeons outfits, while some got jeans or a white shirt and trousers to cover up their fantasy heritage.

Overall, good service from the guys of, can’t fault that at all, and cheap too. i will be getting some more to fill in numbers, but I will get some others from somewhere like Khurasan for some variety. If the 15mm guys are listening, maybe you might want to make some modern zombies as there seems to be a gap in the UK market for 15mm zomers.

I will post the finished pics later, as I ain’t finished them all yet. these ones in the pic are the the unmodified ones, the rest are the ones I reposed (yet to be photographed) but as you can see the detail on them is limited and didn’t warrant a great paint job, I’ll save a better job for the characters and the more specialised undead I get.


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