7 hours to go, uploads and little tiny zombies….

5 Sep

Well, 7 hours left, and epic fail city here I come!  Well, that’s the theory anyway, but stuff like this should never discourage anyone from anything creative one would do. 

Besides, Kickstarter is supposed to be opening to europe soon, so hopefully I will be better armed the second time around. That way I will have the sculpts, art totally done, and the PDF. Plus any other bits I can do (My kid says I should sculpt some in 25mm, and that I can do I reckon.) So no doubt the Oggam won’t be going anywhere soon. I think a lot can be done with the whole premise of them, plenty of material to draw upon.

I will take some time also to concentrate on a few other wargaming projects I have been wanting to do. Like the modern 15mm zombie game I’m planning. I have done most of the board, the buildings and now the zombies are almost painted. Throw in a few bits extra, add a dash of 25mm trees/bushes and voila! its done. Not sure how all the rules are going to work with each player running a group of survivors, or as I have about 5 potential payers, I might have to run the campaign with each player having just one character.   The end bits will be sorted when I decide, as it is, I think I’m going to go for the latter. Photos to follow.

Which brings me to my failure to get a grips with tech, again today. Everytime I try and upload anything since last night, wont work. I try and put up the Oggamundi, which is the map of the Oggam homeworld OGG113, can I for sod in hell’s chance, get it to upload. I will sort it, just hope it’s not anything PC related. I could do without this kind of thing again so soon after my wife spilled a cup of tea over the last one (seriously) So, I suspect that I’ll have to back everything up just in case!

Tomorrow the end will come for the indiegogo campaign.

Even though my cup is half empty, I see it as half full.


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