One more day………..

3 Sep

Well, just one more day left on the campaign, alas there will be nothing from it all (unless a miracle occurs…)

Still, no matter. As those of you who might be aware, I will still continue with the project, even if it takes a long timeto sort. I’m kinda thinking that it’s going to be that way. I am not one to take this as a failure, just an excercise in the time, money and effort it does actually take to get some minis made from scratch. 

I mean, I will admit that it could have been a great deal easier if I could sculpt that size, (I promise I am going to try my hand at 15mm sculpting, I do promise that I will share my work here, even if its a bag o shite!) or I had a wedge of hard cash, I would have just done it, no need to ask for any help with funds etc. Also, I haven’t done myself any favours in conducting my campaign a bit hodge podge,with the funding levels and rewards and such, if you get my meaning. I should have planned much better, had more on offer to show, I could go on being self critical, but too much self criticism is damaging to one’s psyche. Still, these are things I have learned and if at any time in the future I wish to embark on a crowdfunding plan, I will be better prepared. We all learn every day. I have a much greater admiration of all the good folks that produce figures now, I salute all of you in this endeavor. People don’t realise what the process entails, so spare a thought for the army of people it took to actually get your nice shiny metal wargame miniatures in the first place. 

I do have a few ideas to get the job done, so everyone who does follow what I’m doing on the net will be able to keep informed about the progress of the Oggam. I will continue with the Oggam book (I will get to that in a minute.) but as I have this blog and such now, I also will be updating with some other projects and ideas I’m working on. Obviously I can’t share everything with you good people, I do commissions for all sorts of clients, and unless they actually let me show you the stuff, I can’t because it aint really professional,they own the work and after all it is stuff they might not want to see plastered all over the net (I physically work in acrylics, charcol and inks, so a large chunk of my portfolio is not digital and tends just to get put in my book by colour photocopy and not the net)  I really should take a leap of faith and get a graphics tablet and a bit more equipment, what can I say, I’m old school!

I have a fair few ideas of new projects I want to do, all sorts of things just for my own amusement and to experiment. I do have a load of side projects i’m working on that I will show you in the next week as well as probably showing how my latest wargaming and modelling personal projects (and links to stuff I have found on my webby travels)

The Oggam book update really does deserve a separate mention as I do have a progress report also, please don’t forget to tell me if you would like to comment about any aspect so far…



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