Wot I bin doin’ today, and finkin’ fings!

17 Aug

Well, got a bit side tracked on the art for the PDF, still been working on the map, and detailed icons for each main faction, but have lost my printer cable, so I can’t scan them till the morning!

I really do need to get typing up the rest of the notes, and write/type some other bits I have just thought up. I could keep going on and on about the Oggam, I suppose that I will keep updating the book, adding more details, art and fluff. I think eventually it will be a great little source book. I don’t roleplay anymore, just wargame, but I think it would do great as a sourcebook for a RPG. I may pimp it around and see if any would be game designer would like to help expand it, so if there is anyone who (after reading the book) would like to do anything like that, or contribute to it etc. please email me or PM me and we can talk about it. 

Another thing I would like to do is, create a wargames system around the Oggam, it does scream out to me that I should at least try. I love the Salvage Crew system from I think I would be able to adapt the rules to fit the background. That is, if I had permission to use the system as the basis. I would have to contact the company and original writers. I don’t fancy starting one from scratch, it would take tons of work, but it maybe is an option if I couldn’t. That way I could sell them too, not give em away. I would love to produce a book though, it would be a buzz. Again if anyone fancies helping me to develop a wargame or has any ideas, please let me know. 

Not much time left, but with all honesty, I have sod all chance of getting the funds from Indiegogo. It becomes less of a problem, I keep at this, adding to all of the stuff I have got done, I know its going to become something good eventually regardless. So that being said, I will continue to amass and compile. What it will become is anyones guess, but with determination, effort and a bit of psychosis, its going to be great. Your comments are always welcome, unless of course they are shit, then they are not welcome. Its nice to be nice folks!

More later.


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