Plodding along, paypal and prepaid cards…Oh my….

10 Aug

I sodding hate prepaid creditcards. I really need to get stuff paid all over, my new issued pre paid card is starting to piss me right off. Pardon my french, but when you need to get things done, when its important, everything messes up. Every single card I try has thwarted me. I have limited options left, and Im sure it will be sorted by monday, but I need it now. Sods law in force. Today is what I would class as a mixed bag of frustration.

With the project, I’ll be honest, as much as the indiegogo thang, I can’t wait for it to end. Not the idea and intention. (No matter how poor and unprofessional I appear to be, Oh how bad an example of how to run a crowd funding campaign is that grinning skull chap, scoff scoff…blah blah) I personally think that as much as I first thought It seemed a good idea of raising the cash from nothing, I will have much more chance at begging on a street corner or busking. No, just kidding, I do think I will achieve more by other methods. Yeah I didn’t put too much thought into the ins and outs, my bad. I regret that I had not tried a bit more pre campaign blah, but big deal. Regrets are nothing. I will get it done, make no mistake, I will.

My detractors fail to see what I have achieved behind the campaign, this obviously I cannot let everyone know, nor is it wise for me to tell. let me just add that I will get these figures into production. Remember it always just was an experiment. Everything that I have done thus far is a kind of out loud process, as far as trying to be all industry and big it up, I never have thought I would have offended anyone by whatever I have written or whatever. I seem to have got up a few noses. Something I seem to do, I try and worry about it, no really, I do. I just don’t care. What ever criticism I get, if its a fair point I take on board. Snide little snooty bullshit digs, while I realise that this is the world wide wank, I do expect a fair amount of shit from people, I do know the crack, I do promise to stay open minded and polite, not enter into stupid net based crap arguments or slagging. I will get the job done, even if you don’t like it.

Sharing things with the world, even nice things is a waste when so many who seek to destroy.

I will get the job done, indiegogo or nono.


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