I hope its not swine flu….

8 Aug

Well, have felt really lousy today, I have a flu, a headache thats lasted a few days now, and my ribs and back hurt from coughing. oh yeah,I feel sick too.

But I did do stuff. about 70% of the writing for the PDF. I have rough maps done, ready to be drawn up, Symbols, places given names, main factions, actual history of the oggam, physiology, and odds and sods.

Left to do will be, religion and lore, important characters, planet ecology, moon descriptions, heraldry and intro (part done) as well as odds and ends. then add the 10 or so pics I have done (plus the maps, icons, and stuff I have already) I reckon its going to be smart.

I have an idea for a cover too, I have to take a bit of time with that though, I would like a nice end result.

All in all about another week of graft and I will have a first draft copy online by then hopefully (if not there will definitely be a part made and put up with what is done for then.) But I reckon I will have it done.


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