Q: When is a grinning skull not a grinning skull? A: when its a concept!

7 Aug

So, I thought i had better make a statement about the validity of what grinning skull is. The whole grinning skull miniatures thing is a concept of what could be given funding. Without the funds it is just a concept that will remain thus. It is no big statement to say I am the big kahuna, nor a claim to being something with physicality. The campaign to me needed a name to say what could be, if it took off. Imagine that any arsehole can get something made, providing they have access to funds. Better to try and start with something thats going to sound the part, than introducing Joe Bloggs and his amazing miniature idea, that to me would act more of a barrier to getting an idea started. I like the name, Grinning Skull, and like the idea of using the brand for any relevent projects that come up. It just sounds right.

If I think about the probability of my success at this first time around, I will admit, I have reservations about the outcome. Jeezuz, I hope that it will work, but with the apathy factor of the net, seriously doubt if the approach is the right one. I do take note that if I continue to work away at it, over time although my concept and methods may change to suit the time, I will achieve success in some form or another,and gain a valuable insight into Do’s and Don’ts for future reference. Not to mention all the valuable networking and infastructure I will have set up by then.

I hope by being at least honest, (Not too honest or it would be heavily peppered with swearing) but read the tag line, “because there is only laughter in the face of adversity”, keep soldiering on and keep smiling. I don’t pretend to change the world in what stuff I do, nor does everyone like my stuff, but I have been doing this kind of crap in many forms for years and can’t really see me doing it any different, just cause its not done “proper” (that usually means, “not the way I’d like it”). Any artist should agree, its what you want, not what they expect. To enlist a “fuck em” attitude, does help when dealing with the IMHO brigade. I on the other hand would like to not take the attitude if I can, but, this is the internet we are talking about!

Grinning Skull is me, laughing back from behind a mask of flesh, it sounds a hell of a lot better than Will Grundy Miniatures or any bollocks like that. Concept is everything. if it don’t ring true and you think its shite, then your not one of the people I wanted to speak to. If it does, my job is done.


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