The Oggam Back story

2 Aug

So as was suggested to me, a back story for the oggam needs to be put in place to bring a bit of a buzz for the range. I have to agree, my bad once again for my lack of foresight on this bit. I had thought no one would want to know what fluff I had in mind for my psycho piggies, and rather they would preferred to keep them more or less generic for scifi games. Boy was I wrong. After this was raised, almost everyone I asked said that, yes it would help enhance the campaign. Well, its another thing I have learnt during the project.

So I bet you want to know the back story? Well, I’m not going to tell you yet, you’ll have to wait! I have now commenced the guide to the oggam and it will be made available as a pdf here on this blog, on the campaign page, and facebook,  ad infinitum, basically i’m going to pimp it around. It will feature a history of the race, factions and nations, ecology and biology, religions and deities, maps, symbols and loads of new art specially for the PDF, to flesh out them even further, Give me a week or so and I will have it done. Highlights will include info on the major players in the oggam, such as the Great Empire of Og, the largest and best organised faction, The league of Anthracks and their insidious death cult, and others. Watch this space…..


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