So, this is the part where I start wondering if its worth it

1 Aug

So, like the title suggests, after all the work I have put in to pull everything together thus far, and all the countless emails, messages, and posts to get some sponsorship/funding, I have to think…am I flogging a dead Pig?

A recent reply, had said, yes loved the idea of Humanoid pigs, but that 15mm was dead. So is it dead, even with a resurgence of the scale, it might be deemed that this is dead in the water?

I will no doubt still soldier on, but with the lack of funding I am starting to doubt if this project will ever be made flesh (or white metal that is) Maybe I could have made it easier on myself doing the whole thing differently, maybe 25mm might have been a better option, or getting the sculpts done first (so I could pimp them round) That might be a serious mistake as far as letting folks see what they would be getting, hmmm hell it could be an infinite number of things, making a more polished launch as well seemed to better see of my detractors, I did think that by letting everyone see the process at work would have been a good point, but instead I got a bit of a slagging off for my “poor pencil drawings”, well all I can say is “Fuck em”, I guess that sometimes a fuck em all attitude is needed to overcome any negativity one may encounter with any creative challenge.

However, I am not too fussed, I have always thought in my mind, that this whole project was just to see if the thing could be done, not the thing itself. That may seem weird, but until I started, I had no idea how the whole process of manufacture was done or how much it would cost, how a crowdfunding campaign worked, or how affected by apathy people would be toward it. So above everything, its not only been an eyeopener, but a steep learning curve.

Am I bothered? a tad perhaps, but theres still over a month still left on the clock, so everythings still to play.

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines….prepare for round two..


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